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Well, it's been a while.
Some say the prodigal son has returned.
He himself says he's just dropping by.

Not much has changed over the years.
Uni takes up most of my time now, but I still write. Mostly for myself, sometimes smut for my friends.
Hobbies have changed. Getting more physically fit now, swimming being a requirement for my particular course. Running around is being done less, and music is being dabbled in even lesser quantities still. Writing in particular is still in practice. A rarity, but one must make sure to keep their best tools sharpened at all times. Speech is something in particular that has greatly been used and abused, it's pretty much a rock slicing tool at the moment.

So far life has been pretty boring. Cut off from the internet, and soon enough, communication entirely for the next three months is going to be challenging, but I'll pull through.
I really regret not being able to stick around with my online friends here, as they were some of my better friends throughout my life. I have several more regrets to live with too, but that's none of your business.

I guess I'll cut it off here for now, and leave you with nothing more since there is not much else to give.
Fare thee well on your travels, stranger who read my words.


Things have changed once more, yet some have stayed the same as before. Eating and sleeping are par for the course, teaching, learning, them for fun I find a great source. Sights and travels I shall soon dabble in, and to stay home and entertain is something I could also be observed to have been. Games abound and still I play, shooting, puzzling, any day, on all days.

Ok, enough of that, it's really getting hard to think up of any more lines. Eating, sleeping, teaching, learning, travelling, entertaining various guests of all ages, those are pretty solid on the list this past year. Reading and writing have taken a dip, as has drawing, and sadly music as well. I will return to these interests over time, but for now, I'll take what I can.

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