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    Glad to have you back, just logging in after ages to express my support. It is truly unfortunate what has transpired while you were away...

    Left a reply on Vattic's associated Reddit thread with links to relevant resources: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/riv4tf/comment/hpkejbe/

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    Quote from juniperrrr»

    Hi everyone! Kudos for the easy-to-use macro mod. I have run into a slight problem, but because I don't know much (aka anything) about scripts, I don't know how to fix it. Basically I have an autogreeter set up under Events > onPlayerJoin:

    However, this seems to welcome staff members who go in and out of /vanish. Is there a way to exclude certain usernames from this macro? Ie, if %JOINEDPLAYER% is the username Admin, the macro doesn't execute?

    I'm not the best but this should do it:
    IFELSE((%JOINEDPLAYER% == "Admin")||(%JOINEDPLAUER% == "Moderator")||(%JOINEDPLAYER% == "Helper"));
    ECHO(Welcome Back, %JOINEDPLAYER%!);
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    Whenever clearlag activates it removes my fish bob and it stops working until i manually cast again. can you add something like autocast? when u holding rod and its not cast, it auto casts?

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    Chosen One Adventure Series (Total Downloads as of 3 January 2016: 1188)


    In this series, characters are designed to be able to repeat what they said. Feel free to record my maps, tell me and I will add the link to the video here! If possible, put a link in the description to my map! [Can you find the 7050 Secrets?! They're related to 7050!] [Each map has a few "hidden" 0.o/ O-O/ o-0/ 0.0 Super Golden Apples! They can be very useful!]


    Also check out my TNT Run! Minigame map!


    Pictures as attachments in the Update Logs Announcement post below!

    If you're from Singapore and play Boom Beach then please join Taskforce 70SG50!


    This is how you tell what kind of genre my map is!

    Quest- Contains elements of talking to NPCs

    Venture- Requires going around the map with a specific place in mind

    Inter- Requires significant interaction with the surrounding blocks

    Slash- Requires defending yourself from hostiles while playing the map

    Slay- Requires attacking specific mobs or bosses as part of the storyline

    Boggle- Contains some puzzle elements in the map

    Dash- Contains some parkour elements in the map

    Hoard- Requires specific items to be collected to "complete" the map

    Forage- Requires looking for hidden areas to proceed in the map


    Chosen One 01 (Egoria) Killer Rabbits (Downloads as of 3 January 2016: 1090)

    Type: QuestVenture

    Estimated Playtime: 1 Hour

    You are the Chosen One. This time, in the land of Minecraftia, in a remote area mostly consisting of wilderness, lies a remote village, Egoria. You play the role of an Agent, sent by headquarters to foul Dr. Blaze's plans yet again! Can you stop him?!

    It's my first time doing complex redstone and commands. Had to experiment a lot with Lore, Display, Name, CanDestroy, CanPlaceOn, Ench, Setblock, Clear, Radius, Testfor, § and much, much more! A carefully planned storyline provides a fun, enjoyable experience. Anyone can play! Estimated completion time: June 18 June 5 May 1! Actual completion time: April 29!

    [Most Updated Version!] (1.8.7)


    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/61df5zkj4577otn/

    Downloads: 709

    Info: Removed more snow, fixed a few wrong blocks, added more texts and added a few more signs.

    [V1.0.9] (1.8.6)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xb24rb6lguk9kr4/

    Downloads: 72

    Info: Added a missing sign for Jay's Blockshop, fixed a few Caps errors on some signs and fixed a random glitched fire that mysteriously appeared in the Mines. It could have broken the map if FireTick wasn't false.

    [V1.0.8] (1.8.4)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1z8omx8jw3c84gb/

    Downloads: 50

    Info: Gamerule fixes that help prevent and block a Minecraft 1.8.4 bug. More command blocks added and altered to provide better gameplay and slightly higher fps. A few stray dropped items have been cleared.

    [V1.0.7] (1.8.4)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/rtqxtg0qo6sxake/

    Downloads: 24

    Info: A few adjustments to the Petstore such as allowing you to get out if you fall into the pens on the left. Also removed more path-blocking snow. I'm surprised no one has found the secret cave with all the signs and spawners. HINT: fence wall torch vine name:T

    [V1.0.6] (1.8.4)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ms7rkzjnwhb3wpk/

    Downloads: 71

    Info: I've improved the lighting, made a few block fixes, added more building names, fixed a big bug that broke the item giving sequence at the end of them map and cleared lots of snow left over from when the /weather clear command malfunctioning while building V1.0.5 (It's fixed, realised it when it started snowing). The snow covered an important pathway leading to the Town Hall, ruined the view from Richman's Mansion and got into the Architect's Building.

    [V1.0.5] (1.8.4)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5vrwtn3rf8cw51a/

    Downloads: 4

    Info: V1.0.5, "The Change" Update. Major Improvements!! -Spruced up and re-walling all of Dr. Blaze's Base to cobblestone while improving it's explosiveness and destructiveness. -Better text and delays. Complete redesign and new mechanics for Mutation Laser. -New spawning area and mechanics completed to prevent Sea-Spawning. -Bug fixes, possibly a few added. -Removed Herobrine.

    [V1.0.46] (1.8.4)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/imj9dab4qh7p6ks/

    Downloads: 17

    Info: Quick fix 2: ANOTHER quick fix to revive the Farmer Villager and reset the Farmer's Windmill. Second time this has happened!

    [V1.0.45] (1.8.4)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/975unwd4axv4ppb/

    Downloads: 7

    Info: Quick fix: In V1.0.4, after relinking the appropriate disconnected command blocks, some command blocks were accidentally left linked. This caused an old "There… All done…" message to appear and part of the repeat feature to break. Fixed!

    [V1.0.4] (1.8.4)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ndm1il8s87tj898/

    Downloads: 7

    Info: In V1.0.3 when the tradeable Wizard was implemented, I was completely disconnected the old line of command blocks. I left out important commands that would help continue the storyline, causing a massive plot-hole. That is now fixed. Also, the boat had an extra block and some spare discarded items left on the ground have been cleared.

    [V1.0.3] (1.8.4)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g4lj6jv5jdd07a5/

    Downloads: 30

    Info: The Wizard villager now trades instead of clearing the items via command blocks which caused a loophole where both types of Mana Crystals were accepted. Please report any bugs or ideas to me!

    [V1.0.25] (1.8.4)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/b43x216926tbqmc/

    Downloads: 44

    Info: A quick fix to revive and reset the Farmer and Farmer's Windmill that was damaged and altered when testing the previously fixed commands. Please report any bugs or ideas to me!

    [V1.0.2] (1.8.4)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/t8dtvlpuzqrz8uf/

    Downloads: 2

    Info: Third release of the map! Crucial game breaking fix for Wizard's Speech and repeat feature. Please report any bugs or ideas to me!

    [V1.0.1] (1.8.4)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/a2s5ek7c3p9m66b/

    Downloads: 21

    Info: Second release of the map! Added some decorations and altered the exploding sequence a little. Please report any bugs or ideas to me!

    [V1.0.0] (1.8.4)

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1c4zxgpji6d7x8q/

    Downloads: 32

    Info: First release of the map! Please report any bugs or ideas to me!

    Played on TechWiza MC by TechWiza247:

    Played on Ethan Lee by Gorolden:

    Played on DiamondbackPlays by DiamondbackPlays:

    Reviewed by Maxiemini in his thread! Click Here To Go!

    Rated 20/25, also one of his favourite maps!

    Recorded by TechWiza247

    "This is quite the storyline!"

    Recorded by Gorolden

    "Get reketed"

    Reviewed by MapKiller in a reply to my thread! (Page 7)

    Rated 5 Blocks, "This is this map maker's first attempt at maps but it was well made. The story was solid and directed, the NPCs lifelike in personality, and all in a compact setting."

    Recorded by DiamondbackPlays

    "Jim the baker! The guy who is super unspecific."


    Chosen One 02 (Technio) Traitor (Downloads as of 3 January 2016: 96)

    Type: InterQuestVenture

    Estimated Playtime:

    You are the Chosen One. This time, in the land of Minecraftia, in the heart of a bustling megacity, lies a busy city, Technio. You play the role of just another clerk of TechCorp. However, you are suddenly summoned to the Boss's Office for something you didn't even do! You are falsely accused to be the Traitor, working for Rival company SystemSync and secretly trying to cause the downfall of TechCorp! Can you find the true Traitor of TechCorp and prove your innocence?!

    It's my second time doing a redstone-heavy map. The difference between this map's quality compared to the first map will be huge! Based on the feedback I have received, I am going to try to implement them into this second map of my series. Yet another carefully planned storyline will provide a fun, enjoyable experience. Anyone can play! Estimated completion time: July 18 August 22 December 31!

    [Most Updated Version!] (1.8.7)


    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2cy5tx2lbfi3it5/

    Downloads: 96

    Info: This is an unofficial sneak peak of the Technio 02 Map. The map is working until the part where you enter the first floor. The building is done until the first floor. Do not take the lift or you will be stuck. Use /tp @p ~ ~-8 ~ if so.

    [V..] (..)

    Link: Pending

    Downloads: 0

    Info: -


    Upcoming Chosen One Planned Ideas

    Chosen One 03 (Smogyria) Starvation (Live the tough life of a young miner!)

    Chosen One 04 (Apoclipse) Rising Dead (Join a base, upgrade it, defend it, raid and survive the zombie apocalypse!)

    Chosen One 05 (Technio) Swapped / Change of Plans [name pending] (Back in Technio, play the role of the infiltrator from SystemSync and steal the plans from TechCorp!)

    Chosen One 06 (Java) Little Captive (Inspired from a book I read, will try to bring out the epic experience in it!)


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    Wat. Okay that escalated quickly. You should use your experience to continue making better ones! Nvm it's your choice. But for me, if I sees buttons thens I presses. So yeah.

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    He added screenshots : )

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    Cannot Wait

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    Ermahgerd I found it from logdotzip and its epiiiic!!

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    poor thing… You need more comments to bring your map back to the front page. This looks great, I'm trying it now!

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