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    Updated Images For:

    (Intersection 1 Complete) Version
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    Updated Images For:

    (Tutorial Complete) Version
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    This Minecraft CTM Map Was 95% Hand-Built, All By Me (Joel7050). This Is My First Map I Have Ever Created. I've Only Finished Part Of The Map, But I'm Too Excited To Wait Till I Finish Building The Whole Map, So I've Decided To Upload It First. :P Thanks For Playing! I Will Update The Map With Newly Built Additions Every Few Days.

    Please Check It Out And Download It!
    I Will Reply My Own Post With Updated Images Whenever A New Version Of The Map Is Uploaded :)

    (Dungeon 2 Complete)
    Uploaded: 15/8/14 Downloads: 4
    Finally, One Of The Biggest Builds In The Map So Far, The Cursed Tower, Is Complete! It Contains OP Loot So I Highly Recommend You To Not Skip The Chests. Nothing Else Was Changed Besides The Addition Of A Bench Behind The Fish Grill. Now, The Map Officially Has 2 Hidden Easter Egg Chests. Go Find Them!

    (Dungeon 2 Almost Complete)
    Uploaded: 14/8/14 Downloads: 8
    The Next Dungeon Is A Huge "Cursed Tower" So It Took Me A LONG Time To Dig Out Everything, Even With the Aid Of TnT. (Which Was Quite Risky) I Haven't Build The Actual Tower Itself, But I've Prepared The Rest Of The Dungeon, Kits, Pathway And All. Hint: Theres Already A Secret Disc Somewhere, Which Means It Won't Be Part Of The Tower Later…;) That's Not All I Did, I Edited The Wool Monument, Added Some Stuff To The First Dungeon, Made The Orange Wool Much Easier To Find And Edited The Pre-Made Tutorial Base. (Sorry This Update Description Is Very Wordy)

    (Dungeon 1 Complete)
    Uploaded: 13/8/14 Downloads: 4
    WOOH! 2 Updates In One Day! Anyways, I Added Some Finishing Touches To The Tutorial, Adjusted Intersection 1 A Little, Finally Made The Hidden Wool Monument, And Completed The First Dungeon Of The Actual Map!

    (Intersection 1 Complete)
    Uploaded: 13/8/14 Downloads: 5
    I've Made Some Improvements To The Tutorial, Fixed A Few Map Bugs/Problems, Added Some Easter Eggs And Secret Chests, Improved The Tutorial Dungeon And Completed The Next Intersection!

    (Tutorial Complete)
    Uploaded: 12/8/14 Downloads: 3
    I've Made The Lobby, Tutorial Wool Monument, Tutorial Dungeon And Complete Guided Tutorial, But Nothing Else Is Complete Yet.
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