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    That's it. Everything is legal. Blow up everyone's house and spawn kill to your hearts content. Add Bad WhiteCop and we'll start when we have a few people

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    Okay, first time i played minecraft, i booted up a server. Started mining wood, made some tools, but then night came. I heard a creeper behind me so i panic swung, accidently 3rd personed, and died. My grandmother read what was on the screen outloud which was "You died."

    I went to the title screen and it said "HAHA, LOL."

    Didn't play for 2 months.
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    (Please read the original poem to understand where the name comes from!)

    There once was a woman. She had married a man named Julian,and she got pregnant with a child named Steve. There was a man, a troubled insane human who had stalked this lady for awhile, and eventually kidnapped her and raped her while she was pregnant, and then tortured her because he thought he got her pregnant, which led her to finally die giving birth to the child. Due to the abuse the criminal put on Steve's caretaker, the mother gave birth to a stillborn child, that was found soon after the man had fled from the death of her, as he did not intended to murder. The husband, after finding his dead wife, refused to lose the child of his wife. The baby, named Steve, was then put into a life support machine to keep it alive, but with this, Julian was informed that the child may never gain consciousness and awake from its dream. Years later, Julian had invented a life support system for Steve. It had a program to feed information to the him inside while under the coma. A man named Marcus, possibly a long time friend, modified this system into a code to build a virtual reality that would be created by the AI, and edited by the link to the Steve in the machine, laying hints to his conscious that it was time to "wake up". This code included information Linked to Steve, giving him a basic understanding of language, but cannot understand everything, which is why you cannot understand all words in the poem. Steve needed to first be able to adapt and learn, so he needs to be in this VR long enough to grasp the concept of a reality, and Steve did, and he had possibly came close to waking up before, but the child's mind did not want to leave this world, because it liked it's own aspect of reality better. The poem itself is you (Steve) coming close to reality, and seeing two people speaking through a chat interface, trying to wake you up. Possibly a scientist that is studying the child, and the machines AI. They're basically reading the first signs of the child on the verge of being fully conscience, so they try to convince the child to wake up and experience reality, until Steve's subconscious mind slips back into the program, which is where we currently are since the adventure update.

    EXTRA NOTES: in case someone ever wanted to take this further.
    The idea behind the machine was a horizontal pod, held up by metal braces, similar to like broken legs on a table, all pulled together to one point. The pod was wide open, so that the life support could be hooked to Steve, by a separate, tower like machine, showing his vitals. The AI stored Steve's creations into its database so that Steve can access them at any moment, though the scientists could never see what's going on, only were they able to communicate with the AI to ask what's happening.
    The name minecraft was not intended to be broke into

    Mine (being a miner) craft

    But instead to be just as

    Mine (as in yours) craft, but the AI misinterpreted its codename and generated what the game now is.
    Marcus's team continuously upgrade the AI's intelligence, which lead it from its pre-alpha stage where the code had little to its disposal, to 1.8.1, where the AI and child has grasped the idea of other creatures, villages, the need for food, companionship, and build ideas from the words it knows, so that that Steve understands and applies to the way he wants it.
    The times Steve tried to wake up could have corrupted the program, which then started generating mobs, both from the word bank it had, and the child's imagination. Another realm within this world was also built, (nether) to distract the himself from his goal, and all of this was a result of the child not wanting to leave, so he built these to prevent him from waking up, which explains the level system.
    To wake up, apparently you must be a high enough level. Dying from these mobs gets rid of them, enchanting gets rid of them, and it's all a big distraction. Seeing as it was all sort of leading to nowhere, Marcus and his team manually built a new realm called the end, to intrigue the child into going there, but Steve subconsciously created a creature to prevent an escape from the machine. Upon defeating it however, you collect enough xp to bring you half conscious, and view the chat interface.

    Thanks for reading! Please tell me what you think of this theory!
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