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    posted a message on A new use for Furnace Minecarts
    I like this idea, but honestly of I were to use a bucket to collect lava from the lava seas, there would come a time (although it would take a long time if lava burns as many times longer than coal in a furnace as in a powered cart) when annoying currents would form on the surface of the seas, but that would take hours to become a problem, especially given the size of the seas.
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    posted a message on Suggestion for new items!
    I think he's just used to people posting with some form of text that isn't cursive. The oranges part I'm as lost as you probably are.
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    posted a message on Merchants in villages!
    Could you do a search first to see if someone else has posted something similar if not identical before you please?

    I haven't been on these forums for that long and redundant posts are becoming a bit annoying.

    But you seem new and probably didn't know that, so I forgive you.

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    posted a message on Please read before posting mob suggestions!
    Quote from LeMasterTJ

    They are coded in, but you can't get them in Vanilla.

    Anyway, great topic! Needs more credit for the work you put in it! It seems almost like a moderator wrote this.

    Actually, you can enchant a helmet with respiration, increasing the duration of your air meter
    But anyway, I can tell you put significant thought into this. Someone should contact a moderator to see if this can get pinned.
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    posted a message on Enchanting Tables and Breaking Them In
    I think this is a good idea. Perhaps they should keep track of how much eperience (not experience levels) each player uses on an enchanting table, and multiply that by values based on the material enchanted (x1 for wood, x2 for stone, x3.5 for gold, x3 for iron, and maybe x5 for diamond, maybe this should be adjusted, I'm just guessing). And eventually, when you build up enough experience in a specific table, say the equivalent of level 100, you can get a specific enchantment that you want, not just guess and hope for the best.

    The specific value may be too complex to store when you break the table, so perhaps it could work like Ender chests, but instead of accessing your items from any chest, all enchanting tables know hom much experience you spent on enchantments.
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    posted a message on About chicken breeding...
    I support. Considering that in real life chickens lay probably only one egg a day, the current egg drop rate is too overpowered. Maybe one egg every 8-10 minutes instead of 6-8.
    I also agree with throwing seeds on the ground, but would there be some balance where if a chicken has eaten 3 or more seeds he won't eat anymore?
    Also, what are your thoughts on the amusing occurrence of having 4 chicks spawn from one thrown egg which, if you were unaware, can happen in Minecraft? (would this be some mutant egg with 4 yolks?)
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    posted a message on 12w23b Massive Desert
    Note: This world is generated with large biomes.

    Seed: 5698049666745750828

    My brother randomly came upon this seed, and its list of features is very impressive. The wiki states that biomes in large biomes are 4x longer and 4x wider, for a total of 16x bigger. This desert is strong evidence of the scaling up.

    Let's get started with the boring features. Through around a half hour of flying around in creative, I've managed to find not one, but two wells.
    x=97 z=528
    x=77 z=695

    There are, as far as I've seen, two pyramids:
    x=25 z=635
    x=-274 z=1800

    Despite their alternate composition in deserts now (sandstone and smooth sandstone instead of cobble, oak wood, and oak planks), it is still cool to find three medium-sized villages ,especially when one has a blacksmith:
    x=-160 z=1700
    x=-335 z=1375
    x=203 z=793

    There is a skeleton dungeon not too far from the spawn (note that all dungeons I will refer to are surface dungeons):
    x=-213 z=352

    And, for the grand finale, a whopping FOUR zombie dungeons:
    x=10 z=1172 (this one is harder to notice. The rectangular hole is still there, but no cobblestone or mossy cobble is seen without digging down a few blocks)
    x=-186 z=321
    x=132 z=735
    x=-531 z=1570

    Are you wondering what the dungeon/pyramid/village blacksmith loot is? Well that’s for you to find out. (To tell you the truth, I am too lazy to have bothered to raid the chests. I expect you’ll end up with a heard of pig mounts and a full stack of buckets though).

    And yes, the distances from the spawn point are pretty massive. You may want to spend a few days on the edge of the jungle (right next to spawn point) to stock up on wood and food before setting out.
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    posted a message on Should diamonds be renewable?
    Quote from fseftr

    Edit: Off topic, add redstone and lapis blocks while you're at it.

    (also off topic)
    ... There already are lapis blocks.
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    posted a message on Jeb's New Village Trading System (Ender Dragon Egg?)
    It would be cool, but it would have to be very awesome for it to be worth trading the one legitimately obtainable copy of a block in an entire map. But how would pathetic testificates be able to do anything involving controling pigs, let alone a flying mount?
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    posted a message on Premium Minecraft Features(Updated)
    Quote from BlaqCraft

    They should add a donate option instead for people who feel they've gotten more out of mine craft then what they paid or just wanna help out.

    This is probably the only good reply to this post, yet it makes me think of a bizzare for profit-non profit organization (when do companies ask for donations?)

    I can understand the annoying replies. Us humans are, generally, cheap people who want to spend as little as possible for as much as possible. If you're someone who spent less than $20 for it when it was in alpha, and you don't want to "scam" mojang, then go ahead. If you're going to whine that you were promissed free updates indefinetely, then fine.
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    posted a message on Too much cobblestone!
    1) Start making a massive wall around your base. You can make one containing an area 110+ by 110+, 6 blocks high, with a lip to keep out spiders, and STILL have a decent amount left over.

    2) Start making an artificial village around your base, or make massive expansions to a currently existing village. If that bores you, make some walls around it (like above).

    3) Start expanding your house up. You probably have enough to go past the cloud level, wiht part of it being "wasted" to make a cobblestone staircase going all the way up.

    4) Not that it will get rid of much, but make a "forge". It could be a room 5x5, with walls 3 blocks high all furnaces (would be real helpful to have this to smelt some cobblestone into stone if you want to make some huge walls out of stone bricks, assuming you have the coal to fuel such an operation that is).

    5) Throw it in lava as a last resort.
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    posted a message on Stronghold question
    Quote from LtKernelPanic

    Hunt endermen at night. If you're scared pillar up 3 blocks before looking at them.

    On top of this make the pillar out of blocks they can't pick up (like cobblestone).
    For eyes of ender you also need blaze powder, which is found in Nether Fortresses. (To find a fortress you just need to get lucky and find a large, open area in the Nether where one can spawn. )
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    posted a message on Is gold ore a good decoration?
    The ore looks nice, but the gold blocks look nicer
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    posted a message on how do you make gunpowder?
    Quote from Eggzio

    i tried killing creepers it just gives me xp points!!!

    Not to be mean but that would be like saying "I chopped down an oak tree but I got no apples". You need to kill more creepers.
    Better yet, make a hostile mob farm. I made the one in the wiki's mob farm page (modified to be an xp grinder with fall damage), I get one to two dozen mobs a minute, about a third of which are creepers.
    Again, not trying to be mean, but gunpowder, being a mob drop, is a truley infinetely obtainable item. Not getting any would be like not having saplings. I tend to have massive amounts of each and either leave the piles around taking up space, or throwing it in lava.
    I have to agree with predatorx: read the wiki! I haven't been on these forums for too long, but probably 10%+ of the topics in the survival section could have never been created had the user who started it spent 5 MINUTES OR LESS to go on the wiki, look up whatever they need to know about (take gunpowder for example), and, in the first sentence or two of the page:
    Gunpowder, formerly known as Sulphur, is an item that can be obtained by killing Creepers, Ghasts or looting dungeon chests.
    -Minecraft Wiki
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    posted a message on What is the noobiest thing you have ever done in Minecraft?
    Not bringing water in an attempt to start a branch mine. Also jumping into a 2 block deep hole (formerly occupied by redstone ore) D:<
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