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    posted a message on ~!{ New Block (for tools) In the Nether }!~
    Quote from 0_Zippy

    If you get technical, then yes, more hostiles exist in the Overworld. But keep in mind that the Overworld has 7 always-hostile mobs, which include the very rare Silverfish, the sometimes rare Slimes which are very easy to fight and the Spiders that change disposition in the daytime. You could bump that "7" up to a "10" if you count mobs that only get hostile when you provoke them. Yes, the Spider Jockey can be included as a "whole mob", but those are so rare that it doesn't shift the balance of anything.

    Alright, so we have 10 danger-potential mobs in the Overworld, but we also have 9 passive mobs that are completely defenseless and can be ravaged for their drops or tamed - except for one that can be traded with, and another (Snow Golem) that only attacks hostile mobs. Also, these passive mobs can be duplicated forever with the use of breeding, which applies to tamable mobs as well.

    But there's more. Farming and duplicating some foods and other resources is very easy in the Overworld as well, even without Bonemeal. Last but not least, the largest portion of the game's most useful resources are found here.

    All of that is true, but the Overworld's friendly/hostile mob ratio is different to the Nether's:

    • Passive mobs - 8 (Not including the Snow Golem)
    • Hostile mobs - 7 (Not including the ultra rare Spider Jockey)
    • Neutral/Provokable mobs - 3 (One of which can be tamed, and the Iron Golem can be useful but can't be tamed. Lightning striking pigs and turning them into Z. Pigmen is one too, but is painfully rare and not included in the number.)

    • Passive mobs - 0
    • Hostile mobs - 3
    • Neutral/Provokable mobs - 1

    You say you haven't been ignoring posts, but this was a major point that I see no response from you. Perhaps you're just ignoring him because he "writes a book" (full of valid arguments!)?
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    posted a message on We need some more potions, like Jeb and Notch said.
    The stoneskin and invincibility potions are far too overpowered. Considering how easy it is to get enough iron to make an iron block, unless this potion provided at most 30 seconds of reduced damage it would be too much. Once you get more than 3 diamonds, you have a near endless supply of obsidian, so therefore can be even more overpowered than with normal stoneskin potions.

    Ender potion with teleporting: equally outrageous.
    Quote from Phantom_Zelon

    I always like to put in things that are over powered ^_^!

    Well, expect a lot of hate comments on how these ideas would never be added.
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    posted a message on Tripwireing Chests
    I was thinking of something along these lines as some sort of pedestal, posibly showing whatever item it contained. However, I think this chest should only trigger the tripwire if an item is removed, so the player can at least see whatever reward there is for setting off a posibly deadly trap.

    Or maybe it could be some sort of weight-sensitive chest (chest on top of stone pressure plate in crafting grid) where if someone other than its creator alters the contents a redstone current is generated.
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    posted a message on Water in the nether
    This would be too overpowered. I can give two reasons right now:
    1. Blazes, which are essentially pure fire, are hurt by water. This would lead to incredibly overpowered blaze spawner farms.

    2. Turning the lava oceans into obsidian and walking across them. Need I say more?
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    posted a message on Iron Golem Buff!
    I think they already can't drown.

    Yes, they should be fire resistant. I find it pathetic when I can spend several days expanding a village, and get free iron by burning the golem to near death with a bucket of lava. I understand the villagers really aren't advanced beings, but they're better than that.
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    posted a message on New uses for Bedrock
    No. Crafting recipes are pointless if bedrock is unobtainable in survival. If this is for ops only the op could just give himself/herself the armor, tools or pistons. Plus obsidian and bedrock are most definitely never going to be able to be pushed by pistons.

    Finally, why mention PvP if all PvP servers are survival, where these tools are unobtainable?
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    posted a message on idea monster for 1.4
    So the potion of exorcism turns a ghost into a villager, but it kills a player...
    Why would an item only obtainable from a ghost cure the ghost? Why not cure itself?
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    posted a message on New tables
    Quote from Ybone

    What does it do? Why?

    My thoughts exactly. But to me it looks like a slightly retextured Enchantment table, with an ender pear instead of a book.
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    posted a message on They should let you build a rocket and fly to the moon.
    I hear that the airship/zeppelin mod (I don't know which name it goes by) allows you to make flying vehicles out of blocks (although multiplayer with that mod installed would be a pain), so it's not like this sort of thing would be hard to do. The only thing is that I can't really see this fitting Minecraft. The whole modern rockets electronic thing I think of with space travel wouldn't really fit with the somewhat primitive era gameplay of vanilla Minecraft (not that mods that "modernize" Minecraft are bad. I've played Industrialcraft and it is awesome).
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    posted a message on Pistons Pushing Obsidian & Bedrock
    1. Could you stick with a non-cursive text? This is a bit hard to read
    2. This inability to push obsidian and bedrock is intentional,and should never change. It would create a griefer paradise, where no one is safe. Bedrock has to remain immobile and unaffected by the environment.

    I'm sorry, but this is a horrible idea.
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    posted a message on New use for Emeralds and Blaze Rods
    This has been suggested before. My reaction is the same
    1. I think emeralds should be used only for emerald blocks as decoration/compact storage and as currency

    2. While blaze rods sound more durable than sticks, they would be used as HANDLES of tools and weapons, so you would burn your hand, not mobs.
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    posted a message on Add sports...

    Quote from JellyBellyFred

    Plz don't tell me you can get this in a mod or it doesn't fit into minecraft.

    I have to not follow the second part of the statement and say this just doesn't fit. While it would be an amusing thing to see in a Machinima (a game of baseball between players and zombies xD), it sounds like something that honestly is completely unrelated to almost every other aspect of Minecraft. I think Jeb would add tons of other things first to flesh out Minecraft (background noises, Nether/End content, new ores, etc.) before sports

    I just can't see this being added.
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    posted a message on Mobs should suffocate each other
    Quote from Spaceboot1

    Your mob farms might stop working, but I was thinking this would introduce a whole new way to kill mobs. No need for water traps, piston crushers, or lava-fence combos. All you need for a working mob farm is a small enough space for the mobs to suffocate each other. A 2-block hole should do the trick.

    I don't think my suggestion wrecks mob farms, it just introduces a whole new way to make them.

    True if you just want items, but mobs suffocating each other in the same space would ruin xp grinders. (with you not killing the mobs, no xp would drop).
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    posted a message on Expansion Packs
    Quote from FireHawkDelta

    Notch's April Fools update had a fake, very stupid item shop, so there's no chance a real one will ever exist. Also, expansion packs are a way companies like to rip people off.

    About the expansion packs, I believe Notch posted somewhere a while ago before he gave Jeb full control that he didn't like the idea of having in-game real money purchases. Plus, I have to agree with most other people that this would either be made obsolete by the real addition of CTF, or would pointlessly be added at the same time as adding CTF mode.
    Finally, 10 emeralds? The playing as a creeper I could just download the mod and save my emeralds, and flying in survival and being able to fly through blocks should be significantly more than 10 emeralds (I usually get this much from about a half hour or less of farming and selling wheat to villagers.
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    posted a message on Minecart Trains?
    This has been suggested countless times before, so I'm surprised Jeb hasn't added anything like this yet.
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