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    posted a message on Need a ton of iron/gold!
    This is in the wrong section.
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    posted a message on Making it harder to go to sleep
    This is a very well thought out suggestion. It looks as if you have put quite a bit of time into this idea.

    Yes, sheep shouldn't drop wool when you kill them. Considering how easy it was for me to start up a hardcore world and survive the first few days thanks to a bed (despite almost starving) something should be changed.

    I'm not so sure about the dropping mutton part, as some might say it would make every passive mob in the game drop food and be a copy of each other (the farmable ones at least, as squid don't count).

    The bed not dropping itself I also support, as a similar concept is what helps keep the ender chest from being too overpowered (dropping 8 obsidian instead of itself).

    PS: when I first read the suggestion title I thought you were suggesting something about the actual process of sleeping in a bed, not the bed itself.
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    posted a message on Ben's revolutionary village ideas!
    1. your ideas have nothing to do with the title. Neither in the griefer npc idea nor the birds idea have anything to do with villages (or each other)

    2. questions galore!! I need more information if you want my support. The following I threw together in about 2 minutes:
    -Human npc:
    Attack strength?
    Spawn rate?
    Do they spawn alone or in groups?
    Can it use tools/gear?
    Would you trade with a gui like villagers?
    Does it use currency or a bartering system?
    How is "ruining your base while your out" "AI more fun than multiplayer"?

    4 breeds of each type or 4 breeds total?
    Health of eagles/hawks and exotic bird?
    With what do you tame the exotic bird?
    Where/ how frequently do they spawn?
    Attack strength of eagle/hawk?
    How can the eagle/hawk attack and be passive at the same time (with passive mobs like pigs NEVER attacking)?
    Is the eagle/hawk defending territory/young or just being a jerk?
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    posted a message on Diseases and thirst in MInecraft
    I cannot see this becoming part of minecraft. Thirst would add another bar to a screen that already can have five, and I think disease exists enough already (food poisoning from eating raw chicken/rotten flesh, which should be changed to include raw beef and pork if anything).

    Plus, every aspect of this (except for doctor villagers I think) has been suggested before on numerous occasions.

    Although it isn't like I have truly enough information to determine my opinion anyway:
    What diseases?
    How do you catch them?
    How do they affect you?
    Will the doctor NPC charge you for his services?
    What will being overly thirsty do to Steve?
    How long will it take for broken bones to wear off, or does it have to be cured by a doctor?
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    posted a message on easy peacful mode
    I would think "very easy" would be a more appropriate name (when I saw this thread's title I thought you were suggesting something easier than peaceful)

    Also, 0.5% is very small, I think you meant 50% (regenerate at half the speed)?

    I'm pretty sure this has been suggested before though.
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    posted a message on Random Item Rarity In Crafting
    Sounds cool, but I think higher qualities of tools should cost experience in addition to a partial random chance. Additionally possibly after making a decent amount of iron swords on a level, the chance could go up. The game already keeps track of number of times something was crafted in the game, so keeping track on a per world basis shouldn't be too different. After all, doesn't it usually take a craftsmen a lot of time and experience to master their craft? How you would craft it with experience I have no idea (alternate use of anvil)?).
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    posted a message on Villagers
    1. To keep them from walking, it isn't that hard to surround them with a fence

    2. To get a specific profession, just keep using spawn eggs until you get a villager you want. It takes less than 2 minutes
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    posted a message on The Cart
    You can buy saddles from butchers for something like 7 emeralds. If you have found a butcher, you have almost certainly found a farmer who buys wheat (~15-21 for 1 emerald) wool (similar rate to wheat) or better yet, the butcher himself buys raw pork or beef (at a similar rate to selling wheat to a farmer. Plus you can make charcoal, which, assuming you have enough saplings, can be just as easy and safer than cave mining. Not to mention that your cart can go a similar speed to a minecart but without the rails and being cheaper than a minecart.

    All in all, this is OP.
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    posted a message on Petition: Librarians Against Animal Cruelty (bring back paperback books)
    My thoughts on this

    1: cows should drop at least 1-3 leather, possibly even 3-5 or 4-7

    2: bookshelves should require 6 wooden slabs instead of planks
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    posted a message on Stone Bricks
    Maybe the better of a pick you use the more "careful". Like breaking stone bricks with a wooden pick give cracked 20%, stone 15%, iron 5% Diamond never, or something. A similar idea is in the renewable resources mod.
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    posted a message on Ghast and pigman interactions
    Maybe they fire a modified projectile that is like the current fireball they shoot but the damage it deals is not explosive damage.
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    posted a message on More Village Protection
    I like it, except for the children mugging you part. But what if you built something in the village (possibly something that clearly isn't a house) after griefing a villager house, an iron golem will walk up to your creation and destroy it. Of course, small villages would still be at the mercy of players (except for denying trading or giving bad deals), so every village should have at least one iron golem.
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    posted a message on Spades, Axes and Hoes on higher tiers. What's the deal? (Added more Hoe Utility!)
    Yes these high level tools deserve additional benefits.

    Btw, making fortune affect clay and silt blocks would be op. you could get more than 4 clay balls and mak a block using just 4 and repeat. It also affects gravel but not by much ( you'd need level 3 I think to get 2 flint).
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    posted a message on make the stones unbreakable by hand
    Besides wouldnt adventure maps be set to adventure mode where everything is unbreakable? But I could understand if you want players to be able to harvest crops but not break through trap-filled temple walls. If so, I think this would be more suited to being a plugin.
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    posted a message on Natural Breeding
    Quote from 0_Zippy

    You can still take advantage of this by just herding animals in an enclosed area, and just keep feeding them wheat every once in a while. I think the automatic natural breeding doesn't exist is so things don't get out of hand and spoil the player a bit too much.

    Yes. Natural breeding would be like a slow version of placing a hacked in pig spawner in a field. THE PIGS ARE TAKING OVER!!!!11!!1!
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