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    posted a message on Time passes while sleeping
    for this to work, you'd need to simulate around 7 minutes of gameplay (the length of night) in a few seconds to appear seamless, otherwise you're better off just staying up. I don't know about you, but I don't think my computer can handle gameplay thats 60x faster.

    Then again, part of it could just be a % chance based on difficulty, regional difficulty, and moon phase to determine if a zombie spawns and starts breaking down your door, something spawns and wakes you up, etc.

    In short, not sure if this would work to the full extent suggested.
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    posted a message on Ideas for the next mc update!
    Quote from Scorpionius

    ...This is Minecraft, not Pokémon. The player should NEVER be able to control mobs to their willing.

    Not to be overly critical, but what about wolves?

    On topic: Would this require a new taming system (like wolves)?
    Would this be different for each monster or the same for all of them?
    Would they be loyal based on color of armor or the person who tamed them?
    What tools are options for customization?
    How can you command these monsters?
    Would the mobs have an internal inventory, or just what they can hold in their hands (if they have hands)?

    Just showing a few questions I got off the top of my head that this thread doesn't answer.

    And while I like the idea of a monster army laying siege to my castle, being swarmed by zombies in diamond armor after just spawning on a pvp server does"t sound fun. I personally think controlling mobs other than wolves (or to some extent cats) is a bit much. I feel that iron and snow golems are more balanced because they're more unpredictable (If anything, their AI makes them a bit underpowered).

    Flesh out your idea, and you might get some support.
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    posted a message on We need better stronghold loot...
    The only thing I'm irked about is that you can only find the weaker golden apple in strongholds (and, as a related note, dungeons). I feel this should have been changed when the stronger version was reintroduced, but maybe a slight reduction in spawning (.5% chance instead of .6% in dungeons, I don't know the rate in strongholds.)
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    posted a message on minecart suggestions
    Added kicker rail (probably could use a better name) to the OP.
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    posted a message on minecart suggestions
    I have been working on this idea for some time, and I now feel that it is ready to be critiqued on these forums. So here goes nothing.

    Improvements/Changes to Minecarts
    1. Connecting Minecarts

    It has finally been confirmed for 1.5 that minecarts will be able to be linked together, a feature I have wanted for some time. I thought that there should be more than one method for connecting minecarts.
    The first method is by using slime balls and iron ingots, in this recipe:


    You get three sticky connector sets. One set is attached to a minecart by shift clicking it while holding the connectors. When two minecarts with stick connectors collide, they are connected. This connection can only be broken when one of the carts is broken.However, perhaps you want connectors that don't have to be reattached to each minecart when you want to reconnect carts. Or perhaps you want couplers that can be disconnected by passing over a powered activator rail. For that, you need couplers.


    This gives you three coupler sets. They are put onto a cart the same way as sticky connectors. Carts connected with couplers can be disconnected by shift-left clicking one of the carts. To avoid them reconnecting, the formerly connected carts slowly move about a half-block apart. And, as mentioned before, powering activator rails can disconnect carts coupled together (which I'm sure could be used to help make a cart sorting yard to some extent).
    2. Propulsion

    So now we can more easily use powered minecarts for transportation (we no longer would have to use powered carts to push an empty cart, let alone stand on the powered cart, facing the direction you want to travel, put in as much (char) coal as you think you'll need, and jump into your cart before it gets too far away). But powered carts still have a couple flaws (at least in my mind):

    -Powered minecarts travel far too slow to be any sort of alternative to powered rails, aside from being far cheaper

    -If you want a train to be able to go in two directions, one must either put a powered minecart on either end, break the powered cart on the front and move it to the back, or put a turn-around loop at the ends of the track

    The first problem should have been solved a long time ago. The top speed of powered minecarts should be increased from the current, meager 3.2 meters a second, to a more reasonable 5 or 6 meters a second. To completely erase both problems however, either powered minecarts need the feature I am going to mention later, or an "enhanced" powered minecart could be added, possibly crafted like this:


    (This may be considered an unnecessary addition, and I'll include an option in the poll about it. If you agree with the thinking that there shouldn't be a second version of a powered minecart, please consider the following information to apply to the currently existing powered minecart).
    Enhanced powered minecarts are superior to "regular" powered minecarts in a couple ways:

    -they have a top speed of 7.5/8 meters a second, compared to my suggested powered minecart top speed of 5/6 meters a second-enhanced powered minecarts,
    -as hinted at by the lever included in their recipe, can push forwards or backwards, determined by either shift clicking them (would that be possible/convenient while riding a cart?) or by including a GUI (would it get in the way of the players field of view? I'll include an option in the poll).

    This enhanced powered cart/powered cart with new features should be pretty awesome in itself, but what if you need several chest worth of storage space in your mining train, or wish to bring your whole herd of cows to your other base, several thousand blocks away? Sure you could use several powered carts, but wouldn't you eventually have too many to easily put fuel in each one? Is 8 meters a second still too slow for you? Then you probably would like your minecart system to include a steam locomotive:


    This recipe may look a bit random, but please wait a minute while I introduce the features of the locomotive:

    -it possesses a top speed of 12(too high?) meters a second, allowing you to complete the "on a rail" achievement in a mere 84 seconds (versus powered rail taking, at best 125 seconds). As a possible compromise for its fast top speed, the locomotive may need to take a few seconds to reach top speed.

    -considering it is a steam locomotive, water should play a part in running it, right? Although it isn't necessary for it to run at top speed, water buckets can be put into the locomotive (this and some of the other features of the locomotive would most likely require a GUI) to travel at 13(if 12 is too high for the standard speed of the locomotive, this would simply be 1 meter a second higher than its normal speed) meters a second ("on a rail" in only 77 seconds!). The locomotive has an internal storage capacity of 5 water buckets worth, with one bucket worth depleted after 1 minute(is this a good length of time?). For further convenience, when a water bucket is shift clicked into this GUI, the emptied bucket moves to another slot in the GUI, to allow for quick filling of the water tank.

    -The glowstone dust included in the recipe does not mean that the locomotive will generate light, a task which would be too much for our current lighting engine. Instead, there would be a part of the locomotive that appears to generate light, allowing it to easily be seen in the dark (like the eyes of spiders/enderman)

    Locomotive recipe explanation

    -the iron door in the recipe is supposed to be a whistle, crafted like this:


    In the locomotive GUI there will be a button. A whistle sound will be played from the locomotive as long as this button is held. Additionally, a whistle is can be placed as a block, and plays the same sound as long as it receives a redstone signal. (The whistle sound scares away mobs within 10 blocks of the whistle block/locomotive)

    -the gold block is really a bell, crafted like this:


    In the locomotive GUI there will be a button separate from the whistle button. A ringing bell sound will be toggled by clicking this button. Additionally, similar to whistles, bells can be placed as a block and plays the same sound for as long as it receives a redstone signal

    -the wooden stairs are really a cowcatcher, crafted like this:[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/b4GzeQ8.png(In case you didn't know what a cowcatcher is, they were triangular wood/metal frames/plows put on the front of some train engines to keep things on the track from de-railing the engine). Cowcatchers would reduce the wind resistance of any cart it is attached to (attached similar to couplers) by 10%. Additionally, the cowcatcher would increase the damage and knockback a cart deals to a player/mob it collides with.cowcatcher mechanics
    Without a cowcatcher, the damage in hit-points (d) of a cart is calculated based on its speed on impact (s) and mass (m; assuming the mass of an empty cart=1; see 4) with:
    d=.8(s-2)m (rounded down to the nearest hit-point)
    And knockback in meters (k) based on the same variables is:
    Based on this, an empty cart would deal 4 hit-points of damage and knock what it hits 1.6 meters back if it collides with a player/mob at 8 meters a second.
    However, with a cowcatcher, damage is calculated with:
    And knockback with:
    Based on this, an empty cart with a cowcatcher would deal 8 hit-points of damage and knock what it hits 2 meters back if it collides with a player/mob at 8 meters a second

    3. Miscellaneous

    So, you have faster propulsion, minecart trains, and new sound blocks. What more could you want from a minecart related thread?Perhaps you view the inclusion of water as a bit of a chore, an annoying method for making the locomotive go faster? If you want a method to remove some of the effort of "watering" your locomotive, then you need a trough:


    This gives you one trough block. When a trough block is placed over an infinite water source, and rails are placed on the trough block, the water meter in a locomotive is refilled by 20% (1 water bucket equivalent) when the locomotive passes over it. Additionally, (if this isn't too overpowered), empty buckets in storage minecarts would be filled with water when they pass over the trough block (assuming they could move to an empty space in the chest inventory). If I wasn't clear enough, it would refil one at a time (with a short delay between refillings to allow the water source block to regenerate below the trough block).

    In case you didn't know, troughs (or track pans, which they were called in America) were real things used in the late 19th century to allow steam locomotives to refill on water without stopping.[/font]

    [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Perhaps you want a way to easily remove players (or, more importantly, mobs) from minecarts. For that, perhaps Mojang could give us something like a “kicker rail”, possibly crafted like this:[/font]


    [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]This recipe gives you 6 kicker rails. Simply enough, this rail removes any mob/player that is in a minecart that passes over it when it receives a redstone signal. This would allow for easier unloading of trains carrying your herd of cattle (where you don’t want to break and replace the minecarts ,especially if you would have to reattach couplers) or the villagers you’re transporting t a new location (where accidentally hitting them could make them hate you, as compared to it doing nothing to your cows).[/font]

    [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]4. Minecart Mass[/font]

    As it stands now, storage and powered minecarts behave the same way as empty carts (they require the same amount of powered rails to maintain top speed, and likewise lose speed at the same rate). I think this should be changed, so that storage carts and powered carts could possibly be differentiated from empty carts. In addition, the new types of carts being added in 1.5 (TNT, Hopper, Dispenser, Spawner) could receive this mass increase as well, and the enhanced powered minecart and locomotive would have even greater masses. This could possibly be useful for a minecart station that automatically disconnects (couplers being disconnected by activator rails) and sorts a train, because (possibly), the strength given off by a detector rail could be based on the mass of the cart that passes over it (or a weighted detector rail crafted with a gold/iron pressure plate could serve this purpose).
    5. Final remarks

    -If you consider that the locomotive is too modern for Minecraft, I can understand where you're coming from. I admit it would seem a bit strange to be fighting off creepers with an iron sword, and then hop in a train and run away. However, minecarts were used in real world mines until the 17th century, and steam locomotives actually came around in the early 1800s (kind of pathetic defense for my part, considering that is about 200 years). It's kind of my favorite part of my idea, but if the public demands that it be removed from this suggestion, I will remove it.
    -If you're going to tell me the recipes are too expensive/cheap, or the locomotive is too fast/slow, please say by how much. I want to be able to improve this suggestion to the best of my ability.
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    posted a message on Gold Rush
    Quote from Panfish5awesome

    Maybe a panning bowl that would only work if you right click it on a dirt or sand block underwater and it would have a 1/5 chance to give you a gold nugget and the durability would be about 150.

    Something like this, because, unless the suggested rate in the OP is lowered, that would be a ton of gold (4 block wide x 30 block long river=120 submerged dirt/sand blocks divided by 15 blocks per minute is 8 gold nuggets every minute. Not to mention longer or wider rivers).

    But I don't think a new bowl would be needed so much as a "panning" animation when using a bowl on water in a river?

    To get back to the OP, maybe the a chunk with "density" could be 5% of all chunks generated in a world?

    As long as "luck" can only be used on naturally generated stone/ores, otherwise you could break a block with it, replace and repeat for unlimited gold with little to no effort.
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    posted a message on Lions and Tigers and Bears? OH MY
    There is no point in adding a horse mob. We already have a saddled pig (albeit the current control method using carrots on a stick discourages using them as battle mounts). And, as mentioned above, I would like to know more details.
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    posted a message on Don't damage anvils, damage hammers
    As seems to be the consensus, I support only the iron and diamond hammers.
    Would enchantments affect hammers, and if so, I have a couple ideas for enchantments:

    Unbreaking (of course, but possibly being more expensive Xp-wise to put on it through the anvil/receive through an enchanting table)

    Efficiency (can't think of better name right now) reduces Xp cost of enchanting by 5/10% per level of enchant, rounded down to nearest do level max level of V

    Experienced (again, name subject to change) each use has a 1% chance, divided by the number of Xp levels used, to cost no Xp. Level I only.
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    posted a message on Hopper suggestion: Catching minecarts/boats
    Just to clarify, I have a couple questions:

    Would the cart only be able to be picked up from the side, not below? If I were to make an unloading area for storage carts, I wouldn't want the carts accidentally getting sucked into the chest where the cobblestone from inside the carts goes

    What would happen if the hopper tried to catch an occupied cart/boat? I think being inside a hopper would be very unpleasant.
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    posted a message on Redstone Microchips
    The following comes from a redstone/programing noob's thoughts on this:

    I don't think a microchip inside a microchip would be reasonable to code, let alone the basic idea of a microchip like this. My reasoning is that how would the circuitry inside the microchip function? It sounds like a lot of work to be done by one block, to replace a 10x10 circuit.

    Furthermore, I think this might defeat some of the purpose (or at least what i think is a purpose) of redstone, which is to be a fairly bulky way to make circuitry. People make redstone computers covering areas of hundreds of blocks, not by putting a few ingredients into the crafting table. Although this microchip idea wouldn't really reduce the material costs (if not increase them) or the process of arranging the materials, part of massive redstone computers is, quite simply, their massiveness.

    While I don't hate the concept (I would love to make even tiny redstone clocks take up less space), I don't know if it will work/fit in the game.
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    posted a message on Redstone Flip-flop block
    76q309 is right. From the wiki:
    You can create a latch by combining two Redstone Repeaters: The first provides input and output, while a second, pointing into the left or right side of the first, provides the latch functionality. When the second repeater is powered, the first is "latched", and will remain on or off even if its input changes. (Visually, the latched repeater's delay switch is replaced by a crossbar.) When the second repeater is turned off, the first one will go back to repeating its input faithfully. Note that this is not simply a matter of powering the first repeater from the side, as redstone dust, levers, etc., will not latch a repeater.
    This provides the equivalent of a Gated D Latch. Two such latches can also be combined to produce a "flip-flop", aka "toggle", circuit.
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    posted a message on Enderman Improvments
    Quote from JohnnyAwesome323

    Thanks for the support guys keep it going so it could be added! Anyway enderman should also be able to have another fix, teleporting upwards they can't teleport up very well, if you are above them they cannot hurt you well

    Yes, this is how I have gotten countless cheap enderpearls in my gaming experiences:
    1. stare at enderman
    2. look away, causing him to teleport to you
    3. When he ends up at your doorstep, not on your roof next to you (really, he couldn't bother teleporting the extra few meters?) proceed to repeatedly hit him with your sword
    4. when he dies, profit on his dropped pearl and laugh at how pathetic his species is at combat
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    posted a message on Enchanted Books Improvement
    Seems like a good idea. my original enjoyment of the enchanting books came from their original ability to be combined with anything (sharpness V clock, fire aspect II porkchop, something that was later removed). I agree that enchanted boks shouldn't be consumed, but the xp cost of transfering the enchantment might have to raised slightly in exchange.

    Any durability for the book itself is unnecessary, considering the anvil can break over time (and isn't too cheap).

    I also agree that "the current magic system is far too random and grindy". The xp collecting part was somewhat improved (xp from breeding, mining, smelting, cheaper enchantments), but it's time the enchants themselves get an upgrade.
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    posted a message on Crafting on the go
    I don't think this would work to load pc constructions on pocket edition or Xbox. This would simply be because the pc save files are more massive than what your mobile device or Xbox could handle. So there might have to be a requirement so you can't load a pc world on the Xbox or pocket edition, or for an Xbox file on the pocket edition (I think Xbox worlds are bigger, but I may be wrong), but you could probably be fine loading your modified Xbox tutorial world on your pc.

    Additionally, I don't think this should be a separate game mode, more so a separate option when you open the game (on pc for instance, the main menu says single player. Multiplayer, etc. there could be a button that says "load worlds from other device").

    Regardless of how it's added, you would probably have to link your pocket edition/Xbox user/world with your pc account in order for this to work.

    To sum it up, I could care less if this was added (I don't have an Xbox and I prefer pc over pocket edition) but other people may want to see this added.
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    posted a message on Solar Power in minecraft!
    I don't think minecraft needs electricity, it should stay in mods that "modernize" the game like industrial craft. And besides, what would this unlimited source of power alow you to do?

    And if this were to be added, unlimited power is pretty OP. In industrial craft, solar panels aren't too cheap, and they can really only compete with burning things like coal to make electricity if you have a lot of them.
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