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    This thread has been superseded.

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    posted a message on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Warriors of Light [OOC]

    Before I apply, at which power level are we expected to be at? A ragtag team of newbie adventurers near the first evolutionary stage? Competent adventurers near the second stage? Or experienced adventurers at the final evolutionary stage?

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    posted a message on We need people for our School Rollplay

    The Forum Roleplay section is a subsection made specifically for text-based roleplaying, so Minecraft roleplays are out of the question. If you really need members, you can advertise at the Server Recruitment section.

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    posted a message on EvolutionTrue [Cell] [Abstract RP] [OOC/IC] [Postponed Indefinitely][Not Accepting]
    Quote from Solawind

    The king devours one more of his brood and upon doing so his latent abilities are activated. The king is now huge, much bigger than that red creature. The king copies some of the traits of the Golden and Negative, now he can survive in any temperature. The king can also see the future, he must continue doing his experiments.

    ((Jesus Christ, how horrifying.))

    The Vanar who had gathered the metal quickly returned, clearly shaken by something. It described to the others that the other organisms had developed some frightening evolutions. This prompted the other Vanar to redouble their efforts as quickly as they can. There was no time to lose, after all.

    One of the Vanar evolved Warm Blooded to counteract the heat or cold that the conduits or the nest might create. The other studied harder. Perhaps it could learn something new. The Vanar that had gathered the metal quickly began to expand the nest, particularly using the metal. The newest addition simply danced again.

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    ((Copy pasted from another RP to generally inform the newer populace.

    This is all I can think of off the top of my head, but is definitely not limited to this.

    1. Extremely short posts (1 liners, or a couple of words)
    2. Extremely long posts (not sure what determines whether a post is long or not, but it's there)
    3. Suspicious links going to other websites
    4. Repetitive words or phrases(in a sort of spam kind of way, like spamming the same word over and over)
    5. Two or more posts posted in quick succession(usually, the forum attaches the posts to each other, but it may think you're attempting to DDOS)
    6. Double posting, or posting a reply that seems quite similar to a one that you had previously done.

    By posting 10 times in other subforums that aren't the forum games section(and by extension, the forum roleplay section), the spam filter becomes much more lenient towards you. Though if you have more than 10 posts and the filter keeps killing your posts, you can ask a mod for the details.))

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    posted a message on The Last Days of Elrick Arrowsong (Open)
    ((Unique concept, music being the primary focus. I'm interested. App to follow at some point.))
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    posted a message on [Interest Check] The War of The Gods [Difficult combat Roleplay]
    A combat-oriented RP with focus on taking down a seemingly impossible threat? I'm in. Also, roleplaying a story similar to Diablo will be interesting.
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    posted a message on General Roleplaying Discussion and Information Thread
    It's an interesting power, but it could use a little bit of balance. I've always liked toying with the idea of creating portals to a "pocket" dimension then using said portal for general purposes. But that's where the problem arises, it's too versatile. You could use that to teleport, flee, attack, and defend, all in one ability. Theoretically speaking, an enemy could fire a death ray at the planet, at which point, you could shoot it back at him xD. There are several ways to help alleviate this. You could put a limit on the powers, perhaps the portals would only interact with you and/or allies. Perhaps the power takes a heavy toll on the user and several portal casts would leave the character unable to do so again in a short while, Perhaps the portal takes a (relatively)long time to open, and your character must retain focus on the portal lest risk shutting the portal. There are probably more ways to do this, but it's up to you on how you want to solve it.

    Also, if you get accepted into Rewop Academy, I'll be interested to watch your roleplay mechanics. Currently, I've submitted an app(and it may or may not have been accepted yet) but have not joined yet. However, I am following the roleplay, it has a good story so far and so I believe that there is already someone with the ability to teleport(however, not portals, only personal and allied teleportation). Just some things to consider,
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    posted a message on Horizontal Glass Panes
    Well, I like the idea for horizontal glass panes. It would make for a better roof I guess. It does add more options for builders, and thats always nice.
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    posted a message on Item name changer
    This is a good idea for:
    Roleplaying servers / videos
    Adventure maps
    Players who want a name for their signature / god items

    Its better in my opinion. Less editing of language packs to suit roleplaying needs.
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