About Me

I'm basically done with Minecraft, having a serious burn-out on the game.

Consider me retired from the game. I might show up for tech support every now and then, but don't expect much.

I have a Github account too, also under the name CliffracerX.

If Minecraft dies due to Microsoft, try out Terasology or Minetest!

Avoid server hosting companies! Especially Triangle. Seriously. Server hosting companies often just want money, and eventually their greed ends up getting your data lost, your hours of hard work destroyed, and so on.

Because, people might want to know.

I don't get why people give out their personal info/skype name to random people on their profile or ask for a skype team on the MCSG servers and whatnot. :/

Find me on Twitter, and the official Minecraft wiki!


Game development, gaming, open-source stuff.

My favorite game is the meta-game of game development.

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