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Greetings! I've got a passion for videogames, and music. One of these days, I'll be able to release my own game upon its completion; although I've made loads of progress, it's far from finished.

I started my journey in Minecraft on November / 28 / 2010, and at the time it was a revolutionary experience for me. The servers I played on for the following month eventually inspired me to create a server known as The World of Nagura...

It had a lifespan of 13 months, and over 600+ pages on the thread itself. It catered to players looking for an honest vanilla experience without economy, magic, and all that other jibber jabber. It was a big success, but like all good things it eventually came to an end.

The server saw a re-opening between May / 10 / 2013 - June / 10 / 2013. Videos and trailers covering the relaunch were used to gather both old and new players alike to the server.

It worked, as many former players returned and everything seemed to be going great; although the hype quickly ended in a matter of weeks as the player count quickly dwindled to a handful. Mindcrack, hunger games, and MMO servers had become the new fad over vanilla for the year of 2013.

Running the server for a total of 14 months had given me a lot of administrative experience, and a much broader sense of responsibility; although there were bad times, the good always outweighed it. I want to thank everyone who helped me and played on The World of Nagura for the good memories you've left me with. I'll never forget it; knowing that so many of you are long gone from this game, with your accounts collecting dust for more than a year on these forums.

It's pretty emotional typing all this up just thinking about it; especially with the new emotional menu music I'm listening to as I'm typing this, heh.

I'm still around, but my hunt for a server that provides what mine did has been a longshot. Numerous servers offering the vanilla experience are shutdown almost as quickly as they were created. The new generation of Minecrafters is drastically different than it was several years ago. Regardless, I still cling to my standards.

Who knows what the future will hold!
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