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    Hey everyone! The S&N Server is currently seeking new members!

    - - About the S&N Server - -

    The primary goal of the server is to have fun building together and working together on various projects. A few of the members have active YouTube channels where we like to share videos of the buildings people create. If you have a YouTube channel yourself, that will greatly help your chances of being accepted, but it is not required.The server is run on a multi-core Opteron system with 16 GB RAM. It also has a dedicated 100 MB connection. Backups are performed every few hours to ensure that if something ever happens, we don't lose anything.

    - - Server Rules - -
    1. No griefing. Zero-tolerance policy. You grief, you're gone.
    2. Be polite. Yes, this is an 18+, mature server, but just because it is 18+ doesn't mean it has to be vulgar. A lot of the members on the server are YouTubers who try to keep their YouYube channels family-friendly, so try to keep things fairly clean.
    3. PvP combat must be consensual. Even though pvp is on it does not give you the right to go and kill people randomly. Not every member is into pvping and everything that goes with it. If you want to do it, first make sure it is OKAY with others who will be involved.
    4. Do not mess with other peoples houses or projects without permission. It's great if you want to give everyone a small gift (we encourage it), but either keep it to putting something in their spawn town mailbox, or make it a structure that takes minimal time and effort to take down. Littering structures around someone's land or all over the server is prohibited unless you have approval from the admins beforehand.
    5. Have fun. Seriously, just have fun. :)

    - - Member Perks - -
    • DynMap in HD mode
    • Teamspeak 3 server
    • IRC channel (hosted on esper.net)
      • #snmc : Primary channel
      • #snmc-game : Game channel where you can talk to people logged into the server
    • Forum open to anyone but has a private area for members only (http://www.sn-mc.com)

    - - Video Walkthrough - -
    Server walkthrough by zclay32

    - - Application Information - -
    Please only apply if you are:
    • 18 years old or older
    • Looking to join an active community
    • Are friendly and helpful and know how to get along well with others
    ***NOTE: Our age policy is absolute. Please do not apply if you are younger than 18. :SSSS:Not everyone who applies will be accepted to the server.

    - - How to Apply - -

    1) Add morintor to your Skype contacts and send him a message letting him know you would like to apply
    • If you don't have Skype installed, please install it since we use Skype as a primary means of communication outside the server (along with our forums)
    2) Register on our forums at http://www.sn-mc.com/
    • All members are required to register with our forums since we use that as a primary tool for collaborating on projects and sharing information about builds.
    • ***NOTE: If you have trouble registering or can't find your verification email, please contact Morintor on Skype and he will assist you.
    3) Once you've registered on the S&N forums, find the Access Requests & Applications forum and post a new thread with your application (the application template is pinned in that forum).

    :steve_csi: Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the S&N Server! :steve_csi:
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    Hey everyone! I just wanted to share a single-player LP series I started back in February that I'm updating on a MWF schedule. The series is titled 'Let's Play Minecraft with zclay32' (yes, my originality knows no bounds). I created the series primarily for my 4- and 2-year-old sons who absolutely love watching YouTube videos of Minecraft. However, a LOT of videos out there are not very kid- or family-friendly. So enter my series. :)


    Please check it out, and let me know if you think I need to improve on anything (take more risks, talk more/less, build stuff, etc.). Also, if you have a family-friendly series yourself, please shoot me a message with your videos - I would love to find more series of friendly folks having a fun time in Minecraft. :)

    Thank you, and enjoy!

    Latest Episodes!

    Biome Hunter
    #6 - Alps Conquered!
    Playlist: http://www.youtube.c...u08qAuWJreuNuWV

    ZClay & Family's World
    #108 - Corbin's Spacheship House
    Playlist: http://www.youtube.c...698A67E1E42DCFF

    S&N Server
    #11 - Spawn Town
    Playlist: http://www.youtube.c...1zrNR4nGV5d_-HJ

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    posted a message on [1.4.4 LAN Server Issue Work-Around] Steps on how to connect successfully
    I've seen multiple people posting this problem. Instead of adding this reply to everyone's threads, please point them here. Also, feel free to add other helpful information to this thread if there are other solutions.


    I upgraded to Minecraft 1.4.4, and whenever I try and connect to a LAN game it says "Connection Refused". Also, the IP address appears as "".


    Use Direct Connect on each client machine and connect to the host game using the host's local IP address and the port number the game is being hosted on.

    • Host's local IP address:
    • Port number for LAN game: 49245
    • Direct Connect ->
    If you're unfamiliar with how to get this information, please follow the following steps. If anything is confusing or needs clarification/updating, please don't hesitate to reply to this thread. :)

    Step 1 - Get the host machine's local IP address

    1. Open a new command window
    2. Type the following command: ipconfig
    3. Notice the line marked IPv4 Address. This is your host's local IP address.
    1. Open a new terminal window (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal) (thanks MellyVG257!)
    2. Type the following command: ifconfig |grep inet
    3. Notice the line that starts with inet but is not This is your host's local IP address.
    Linux (untested):
    Thanks IsmAvatar!
    wacossusca34!) If this does not work, try the following instructions.
    1. Try the instructions for the Mac (above) using ifconfig. (thanks
    2. Click on the Network Connection icon
    3. Click Connection Information
    4. Notice the item marked IPv4 IP Address. This is yoiur host's local IP address.
    If you're wondering if you have the correct IP address, the local IP address is usually something like 192.168.0.xxx. Use this number as the [HOST_IP_ADDRESS] in the last step.

    Step 2 - Get the port number the host is using to run the game
    1. On the host machine, notice the IP address it says the game is being hosted at.
    2. The number after the colon ( : ) is the port number.
      • Example: If the host reports the game being run on, then 49245 is the port number
    3. Use this number as the [HOST_PORT_NUMBER] in the last step.
    Step 3 - Connect the clients
    1. On each client machine, in Minecraft go to Multiplayer -> Direct Connect
    2. Enter the address as [HOST_IP_ADDRESS]:[HOST_PORT_NUMBER]
      • Example: If the host's IP address is and the port number is reported as 49245, then you will enter for the address.
    3. Connect! :)
    I hope that helps! This worked for me and my family all running Minecraft 1.4.4.


    EDIT: Updated to include the relevant information for advanced users at the beginning of the solution message.
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    Hey everyone! I've recently been doing some speed-art drawings inspired from the artwork found in the MobTalker mod.

    I will be working on other girls from MobTalker and will eventually compile the pictures into a single picture for use as a desktop background. I'll also be posting the creation of each piece in an upcoming video series on my YouTube channel.

    Warning: The images do not contain any nudity but may still be inappropriate for younger audiences.

    Creeper Girl

    Skeleton Girl

    Zombie Girl





    I also have higher-res versions of the images on my DeviantArt page.

    Let me know what you think, and enjoy! :D
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    Liking this so far! :) Looking forward to more episodes!
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