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    posted a message on A Claytonia.net Public Server. [No map resets]
    The Claytonia Gaming Minecraft Server.

    The IP is: Minecraft.Claytonia.net
    Check out our website!

    Server Information

    • We have had a Minecraft server online since 2012.
    • The current map has been active since 2014.
    • Spawn moves when there is a major update to keep new players close to new terrain.
    • This is a no-frills, nothing fancy kind of server. There are no ranks, no annoying plugins, and no flashy chat colors.
    • The server is run by a small group of Minecraft enthusiasts who enjoy vanilla Minecraft.
    • Everyone has access to commands like /spawn,/home, and /tpa.
    • Every action on the server is logged so If anything bad happens we can undo it in seconds.
    • Spawn protection is large. You must go 500+ blocks before you can build!
    • Type /einfo in-game for this information and much more, including an updated list of commands available.


    • Essentials – /home, /tpa
    • mcMMO – By popular demand.
    • MinePacks - Backpacks!
    • (Ask in-game or on discord for a complete list. )


    1. Don’t be an ass..
    2. If it’s not yours – Don’t touch. (No griefing or raiding)
    3. PVP is only allowed if both parties agree prior.

    How to join
    Unfortunately, you must now fill out an application. Good news! It's super easy and really short!
    Please reply to this thread with the following information.
    What is your username?
    Can you act like an adult?

    Please give us a few minutes to process the application before attempting to connect. If you feel that It has taken us too long to process your request please feel free to repost.

    On a side note for those of you who care, this is not a pop-up server that will disappear in a month. It is a long-term server that has been paid for by the gracious donors from Claytonia Gaming. We have been online since 2012 and we are not going anywhere anytime soon. Your builds are safe.

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    Quote from NateWW3532008»

    Hi, I would like to join this server if possible, please.
    1)What is your username?
    2) Can you act like an adult?
    3) Tell us about yourself. (I always hated these. This one is not mandatory it's just a community building exercise)

    1) My username is NateWW

    2) Yes

    3) I am 23, live in Colorado, have been playing MC since Beta, have recently gotten back into it. Would like to join a community to make new friendships, learn more about the game, and have fun!

    Thank you very much!




    Quote from dbuck01»

    Having never played SMP before and being completely unfamiliar with all things server related I decided to jump in and give it a try. First, the response to my request to join was super fast so I was able to jump right in. Then I immediately realized that here's a pretty steep learning curve to some elements on the server (compared to single-player) so I had LOTS of questions. Now, after spending a week on the server, I can say that every singe person I've interacted with here has been very helpful and overly-generous in answering questions and giving advice, and just being generally cool to hang out with. I've had some serious fun already and I'm looking forward to spending more time here. I would encourage anyone looking for a low-key, drama-free experience to come on by.

    I'm happy you have found a new home on the server!
    It's been great having you!

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    As per the rules under bullet point 4 subpoint 2 THIS IS MAJOR NEWS.

    We will be using a whitelist to control access to the server after the next scheduled restart.
    You will now need to fill out the application if you would like access to the server.

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    posted a message on ★❄️ ★ WinterCrest ★❄️ ★ RELAXED SURVIVAL 1.14 🎨 ARTMAP🎨 [COMMUNITY] [CRATES] [NO GRIEFING] [SEMI VANILLA]

    I just tried to join using both IPs given and it seems to be offline?

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    posted a message on A Claytonia.net HARDCORE mode server!

    Doesn't seem to be much interest in a hardcore mode survival server...


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    posted a message on Mature Active Survival Server. [Dynmap] [Grief protection] [Voice chat] [Active Community] [Semi-Vanilla]

    What we are about
    We are a semi-vanilla server. We have a very friendly staff and will help in any way possible. They will protect your build on request. We also have a few small shops at spawn for the players who enjoy using an economy. Our community of players is growing and we have a lot of good, mature, people working on a lot of team builds in the server. Our mumble voice chat server is very active. If you want to meet a new minecraft partner or just go off and start a solo build on a new map come check us out. We also have a few mini games including beer pong and a pig race where you can race other members.

    Current Plugins
    Core protect – allows us to roll back grief. Just in case.
    LWC – Provides the players with locked chests.
    World guard – protects areas from unwanted changes. If you have an area you want protected just ask an admin.
    Dynmap - Link on our website to view the map.
    Full list of plugins can be found at Claytonia.net
    More plugins can be installed if requests are made.
    1. Do Not in any way inhibit other players enjoyment of the game. This includes griefing, chat spam, and raiding (Raiding and griefing area allowed in the anarchy world!).
    2. NO cheats or hacked clients.
    3. Keep the world looking nice. No 1X1 towers or floating trees.
    4. Don’t be an ass.
    Connection info
    You can connect to the server using MC.Claytonia.net or Claytonia.servegame.org Minecraft.Claytonia.net
    We also have a voice chat server. Teamspeak 3 can be connected to through ClaytoniaVoice.ServeGame.org(default port)
    Check out out forums at Claytonia.net to apply.
    More information can be found at www.Claytonia.net and on our forums.

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    Claytonia was born in February during the year of 2013 and we have had a minecraft server the entire time. We are running on the Xeon E5v3 @ 2.4 GHz and We have 8gb of RAM. Our average load never goes over .3 and we never use more than half of the RAM so we have plenty of room to grow! Now that we have the hardware to support it custom plugins are in the works.

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    posted a message on A Claytonia.net Public Server. [No map resets]

    The server has been busy with new people joining. Its been great meeting everyone!

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    No griefing. We have zero tolerance towards anyone who steals or touches builds that are not theirs. EVERY thing on the server is logged and can easily be undone. It takes us 30 seconds to undo 30 minutes of griefing .

    We have had a lot of people joining the server lately. About half of them are stealing from a chest that says "please don't steal from me" on it and get banned. So i would like to repost the rules and restate the fact that We have a zero tolerance stance when it comes to griefing and stealing. Our admins are very active and can see every action that has taken place on the server. If you wish to join a server ran by adults for adults please act like one and follow the rules.

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    This post was made by Tslat on the claytonia.net forums. Tslat is our head minecraft admin.


    So because the Minecraft server is now a multiworld, with Semi-Vanilla, Pure Vanilla, and Creative mode in separate worlds; I can toy with events and mob spawns a bit more freely.

    I'm leaving the Vanilla server as pure vanilla, as it should be. On the Semi server however, I will be doing random events, mob spawns, areas, etc.. from time to time.

    The first of which is a bit of test to see how it goes - but basically I've created a small arena that is accessible via the purple tent in the Semi campsite area.

    Killing this boss will give you a small chance of getting loot drops that are otherwise unobtainable in-game.

    I will warn you though, it will take a couple of people with very high tier gear to kill him - so be wary.

    It's nothing flashy, just something I'm trying for now

    This area is extremely high risk, by entering you are assuming that you will die and lose gear.

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