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    posted a message on Need Help Updating my Minecraft Server!

    I purchased a server through Hostinger a couple days before the 1.16 launch in hopes to play with a few friends. The server is ran through MultiCraft. Unfortunately, I can not find out how to update to 1.16. When I tried contacting MultiCraft support, they just referred me back to Hostinger.

    Below is an image of the current settings, that I think are relevant. Thanks in advance for any help!

    *Should probably add, that I am trying to just load a vanilla world, no bukkit or spigot if possible.

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    posted a message on ♔ StuziMC Pure Vanilla ♔ [100% Vanilla Survival] [Friendly Community] [Latest 1.15]

    IGN: [/b]Clay_J
    AGE: [/b]21
    LOCATION: [/b] Alabama, USA
    WHY SHOULD WE ALLOW YOU TO JOIN?: [/b]I have been a part of several servers and all have eventually died off. I want to get back into the swing of multiplayer Minecraft and hopefully make some long term friends that I enjoy playing with.

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    posted a message on Secure Kingdoms | Whitelisted Vanilla SMP | 1.14.4 | Long Lasting | Looking for new players again!

    IGN: Clay_J

    Name (First name or nickname): Clay

    Age: 21

    Timezone/Country: USA/CST

    Do you have/use Discord?: Yes.

    Will you follow the rules?: Of course, I will follow the rules!

    Why do you want to join this server?: I have always enjoyed playing Minecraft with friends and have always had a community to play with throughout my years of playing. The community I most recently played with has lost a lot of its active players after around 3 years and 4 seasons so I am looking for more people to play with.

    Do you have a YouTube or Twitch channel?: I have both but don't produce videos or stream regularly but here they are. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxJaN3ZLKrmN9vAgom1uSKg?view_as=subscriber |

    What sort of player are you? (Builder/Minner/PVPer/etc): I like to build but I do not typically produce the best-looking builds (at least I don't think so). I recent worlds, I have been trying to produce a medieval hamlet and have yet to make one that I really like so that's a future build possibility.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since 1.3 (so mid-2012 I think?)

    Do you have any other multiplayer games?: Oh yeah. Minecraft has always been my "core" game. I can always come back to Minecraft and enjoy the game which makes it really special. But in the past year, I have really got into a game called Squad. It is similar to Arma but not as mil-simy (if you look at my YouTube you'll see a few videos of the game). I got involved in a large community in the game and actually became staff for that group for a while now. (here's the link to them if you care to see https://squadops.gg/)

    Anything else you would like to add: Thanks for reading. Hope to hear back soon!

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    posted a message on Lexplex / Vanilla SMP / 1.14.4 / Whitelisted / Looking for active and dedicated players!

    ", times, serif">MC Username: Clay_J

    ", times, serif">Discord Username: Clay_J#8455

    ", times, serif">Why you'd like to join: I've played Minecraft for quite some time and have always been somewhat active in various communities. The community I most recently have been playing with have died down in activity. I played with them for around three years.

    ", times, serif">Your experience with Minecraft: I think I first started playing in 1.3, I have no idea when that was but Minecraft has been a game that I have played for quite some time. It's a game that I can always return to and have fun. I am not much of an extravagant builder but I like to make farms and redstone contraptions.

    ", times, serif">How active will you be on the server: I plan to play daily or as much as I can. I am currently in my senior year of college and work a little bit.

    ", times, serif">Age (optional): 21

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    posted a message on -
    IGN: clayjayy
    Name, or What You Want us to Call You: Clay
    Age(18+): 19
    Birth Year: 1998
    Location: Alabama, USA
    Have You Read and Do You Agree to the Server Rules: Yes sir I do. :D
    How Do You Play Minecraft: Well to compare myself to a Mindcracker, I would say I am most like Pakratt. I am not the most extravagant builder but know a lot about the game. I like to build bases underground with lots of farms and automated machines. Although I know how to build I am not close to the skills of others.
    Why Do You Want to Join Our Server: I have been looking for weeks for a vanilla, whitelisted server. Scanning the forums almost daily searching for a suitable server. This post has caught my eye. It has many responses(which hope doesn't mean I'm too late lol) and also it appears to be a close-knit, mature community of players who share the same passion for minecraft as me! <3
    Tell us About Yourself: I am entering my second year of college this fall at South Alabama. I am in the marching band and love music and sports. I play the saxophone in the band. I love gaming (obviously) I play mostly shooter games like BF1 and CSGO, but I do enjoy sandboxes like MC and Rust. MInecraft is the first pc game I fell in love with. I am originally a console noob starting on the PS2 and progressing though the PlayStation series. Nothing compares the PC master race lol.
    Anything Else?: nah, just Let me in! Please. <3
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    posted a message on NoiseCraft | HermitCraft/Mindcrack-Like Whitelisted Vanilla Server | 18+ | New Server!

    Welcome to NoiseCraft! My name is Clay and I am a staff member on the server. The owner is Wiinberg. Check out the website here -> https://noisecraftmc.wixsite.com/noisecraft

    About the Server

    NoiseCraft was created in April of 2017 by Wiinberg. NoiseCraft is a pure vanilla server seeking to recruit mature and active players who are passionate about the game. We have a strict 18 years or older rule and few exceptions will be made. We currently have four members. Currently the world is not up yet, we are waiting for at least 10 members to join before starting up the server. Discord will be our main way of communicating. You must have a Discord account, it is completely free so set one up if you haven't already. Upon accepting 10 members, we will discuss and share seed ideas. We want everyone's opinion on not only the seed, but every decision that has to be made. We want the members to have as much say as the owner and staff. NoiseCraft is a democracy not a dictatorship. This being said, your opinion is valued highly, we are open to suggestions and comments. We want no one to have more power than anyone else.


    We are a group of mature players. The rules should be obvious, this is probably not the first server you've applied to. All we ask of you is to have fun, sounds kinda cheesy but it our job to do whatever we can to better your experience on the server. Speak up! Your opinion is important to us and will ultimately improve the server.


    -In Game Name?:
    -Where do you live?:
    -Do you have a YouTube channel(LINK)?:
    -How long time have you been playing MC?:
    -How often should I expect to see you online?:
    -Link some screenshots of your buildings if you have any(not required):

    As mentioned before, the server will not start up until we have at least 10 member, so if you get accepted be patient. Come hang out in the Discord while you wait!

    Server IP:

    Thanks for reading and applying!
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    posted a message on Whitelisted vanilla survival server. Looking for players

    Minecraft username: clayjayy

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Timezone: CST

    Why do you want to join?: I have taken around a 3 month break from minecraft and I am ready to jump back into it now that I have a bit of spare time. I loved making friends and playing with others and want to start back. :D

    What can you give to the server?: I have played the game for a long while and know a lot about the game. I am very friendly and will always do my best to have a good time with others. :D

    Anything else you want to say: I am in the process of moving houses and am a senior in high school and I have a job, so I may not be on as much as I would like on the weekdays, but I will be on everyday for at least an hour.

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    posted a message on [closed]The CarbonCraft Server App
    What is your IGN? Clay_J but it was changed to clayjayy[/b]

    Do you go by a nickname? Clay is fine.[/b]

    How old are you? 17[/b]

    What is your Skype(can be sent in private[/i])? clayj908[/b]

    Where are you(to get an idea of your timezone[/i])? Alabama, CST.[/b]

    Are you more of a redstoner or a builder or both? I know a good bit of redstone and know how to build various machines and farms and such. I wouldn't call myself a redstoner, but I know a fair bit. I would label myself as a decent builder, I am not the greatest nor the worst. I tend to make my base or home underground and build above ground rarely, I guess you could compare me to Pakratt from Mindcrack.[/b]

    Why do you think you would be a perfect member of the Hexagon? Well, I am mature, and I think mature players really tie a community together. I am very friendly and kind and love enjoying the game with friends. I have been a member a a lot of previous whitelisted servers and have never been banned. I hope this server is a gateway to making new friends and hope to have fun in the future :D[/b]

    Have you ever been banned(i rarely take this seriously because I experienced horrible admins)? Nurp.[/b]

    Lastly What questions do you have before you are white-listed? How old is the current map? Are we going to start fresh once we have 12 members? (I hope so. )[/b]

    Thanks for your considerations, [/b]
    Clay :D[/b]
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    posted a message on [New 1.8] [Hermitcraft/Mindcrack like] AngelCraft I White-listed Vanilla Server Looking for New Members
    Age: 17

    Country & Timezone: US,Central

    IGN: clayjayy

    Preferred Name: Clay

    What are your specialties in Minecraft: I am an okay redstoner and have a lot of experience in mob farming and traps. I know a lot about the game. I am not the most stupendous builder but I'd say I'm decent.

    How often would you play?: Everyday, longer on weekends

    Why should I let you on the server (What do you bring to the table?): Well I have played minecraft for ages and know a lot about the game. Also, I am very friendly and trustworthy and have been on many servers in the past.

    Why this server appeals to you: After reading the post it seems like this community is dedicated and provides a good cimmunity of players to enjoy the game with.

    How much will you play a week / day?: Maybe 2-3 hours daily. Longer on weekends.

    Will you be able to record other things, with us?: No, sorry

    Do you record, and will you do a YouTube series on this server?: No, sorry

    What is your YouTube user name?: n/a

    Do you have an "urge" to play Minecraft?: I have taken a short break from minecraft due to inactivity on my previous server and have been caught up in other games like CS:GO and Don't Starve, but I am ready to get back into mining and crafting :0

    Not very many people play on this server, is that ok:: As long as there are active, friendly people I don't care

    Will this server be long term / permanent (Will you be 110% dedicated to this server): If there are active players this server will become permanent for me. Hopefully I can make long-termed friend through the use of the server. :)


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    posted a message on Amicus Server [Community] [Whitelisted] [Family]
    Name: Clay Johnson

    IGN: clayjayy

    Age: 17

    Where are you from: Alabama, USA

    What do you enjoy about Minecraft: I have played minecraft since 1.3 and have always enjoyed building and exploring the enviorment, but the thing I most enjoy about the game is the oppurtunities to play with friend. I have played on countless servers and have enjoyed my time on many of them. Making friends in this game is one of the best things about it. Playing alone it not the same as playing with a group of friends. Friends make the game 100x more enjoyable and make the experience so much better.

    What you are looking for in a Minecraft community: Well firstly I look for nice, friendly players to play with. I also hope to find active and mature players that will not limit the experience on the server. I have been on too many servers that were decimated by inactive players and left the active ones in the dry. I hope to find a strong community of people I can enjoy the game with and make many friends.

    A bit about yourself: Well I am in the 11th grade and game too much. I am in the marching band at school and proabaly like music too much which isnt too bad. I started playing games about 10 years ago. I first started on the ps2 playing games like CoD and other fps shooters. I got into pc gaming after seeing minecraft played on Youtube channels. I have been hooked ever since. I have been said to know too much about the game and am defenately a minecraft nerd. :) Recently I have been hooked on CS:GO and other games like Don't Starve.Maybe y'all will play other games as well? I guess thats enough about me. :P oh yeah I am kinda quiet, but I will adjust quickly :D

    Why we should accept you: Well I do have a lot of experience on servers and in the game. I do know a lot about the game and will be a big help to anyone who needs help with anything, but more importantly I am very friendly and nice and will act my age and follow any rules given to me without questions. In the past I have held staff positions on servers and can be trusted. I will be very happy to be accepted to this server due to the organization and all around time put into keeping this community together.
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    posted a message on Help: Skins + Seeds
    I will add you too Dubstep.
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    posted a message on Help: Skins + Seeds
    Changing skins was very difficult. If you want you can play on my world and I can teach you aklmost everything about minecraft. My gamertag is RAMBO_Boyz
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    posted a message on Need A MCPS3 Buddy!
    Quote from MaryP

    *** Nvrmd sorry, im super new and i sorta posted before reading (my bad entirely) im sry :-<

    Thats fine. I will still add you> I can teach you some things about Minecraft if you would like. I just need your gamer tag.
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    posted a message on Need A MCPS3 Buddy!
    Quote from cosmoknot

    add Cosmoknot5486

    I will add you.
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