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    --------- UPDATE -----------

    We have added the Uncrafter mod :)

    This mod add two blocks, the uncrafter and the advanced uncrafter.

    These blocks allow items to be uncrafted.

    The uncrafter allow only one ingredient to be retrieved.

    The advanced uncrafter allow three ingredients and three enchantments (only if the item has enchantments) to be retrieved.

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    Check out our Reddit post as well :)

    Find us on Reddit!

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    Welcome to The Pastlands!
    Here, we offer players a unique and customized gameplay experience with a variety of mods. We pride ourselves on creating a community-oriented server, where players can work together to build and explore.

    Join our Discord, or leave a reply to join the server or get more information!

    I am actively monitoring <3

    Key links:
    Join Our Discord!

    Our Current Mods:
    Our server is designed to cater to all types of players, whether you're a hardcore Minecraft player or just starting out. We have modified our server with a variety of different things:
    - Create
    - Simple Shops
    - Sophisticated Backpacks
    - Security Craft
    - Ultimate Cars

    - Uncrafter
    And much more! We encourage suggestions and feedback :)

    Why should you join?
    In addition to our custom mods, we also offer a player-run economy. Players can trade and sell items with one another through our virtual marketplace!
    Our server is also constantly evolving! We are always adding new mods, and our staff are constantly working to improve the server. We have a dedicated team of moderators who ensure that our server remains a friendly and enjoyable place to play.
    So if you're looking for a unique Minecraft experience, come join us on our modded Minecraft server. The Pastlands is waiting for you!

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