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    I decided to make an adventure map based around the latest Legend of Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds. This is my first map, so I am not very experienced but the map was coming along great so I decided to post it. I will not actually post the map until it is actually playable, but you can look at the pics!

    I will update this page often, and by next Wednesday I plan to be at least 95% finished. Thanks!

    Includes as of today, Friday:
    -2 full Worlds, Hyrule and Lorule from the game.
    -3 full Dungeons, with one WIP
    -Playable Story up until Tower of Hera
    -A few secrets

    Will Be Included:
    -At least 7 more Dungeons, different from Link Between Worlds in the sense that the room pattern and gimmicks will differ.
    -Full Story, less RPG and more action!
    -Some More Brushing on the Worlds

    Currently at v0.5 will be posted at v1.0, things got harder than I expected, so release will be delayed until at least next Wed.
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