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    Minecraft Username: clxiree

    Discord Name: cl4ire #9344

    Age: 16

    Country: USA

    Tell us about what you like to do on Minecraft: I love building, though i'm not too good at it, and making new friends :)

    Tell us a little about yourself: I've been playing Minecraft off and on since 2012 and i'm looking for a new community to join and assist.

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    posted a message on Small community - Looking for new players

    ign: clxiree

    age: 16


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    posted a message on NOVA [Whitelisted SMP] [1.14.4] [Hermitcraft Datapacks] [16+] Looking for active members!

    Name: Claire
    IGN: Clxiree
    Age: 16
    Location: East Coast USA
    Do you/will you use Discord & Voice Chat: Yes
    Favorite part about Minecraft: I would have to say building.. I never get tired of it. I enjoy collaborating with other people on projects aswell.
    Are you planning on playing long term?: Definitely
    A bit about yourself (the longer/more interesting, the better): I like playing video games in my free time, playing volleyball, and art (specifically water color painting B) )
    Favorite Snack, because why not: kettle corn boom chicka pop


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