About Me

Hi, I'm A Minecraft Player And Always Looking For People To Play With.

I Also Play Some Other Games But Atm I'm Mostly Playing PC Games.

I Was Born In 2007, I Live In The UK I'm Online 3:30pm - At least 8:00pm On School Days And 9:00am - 8:00pm On Days Off.

Discord: ACE MOD 1927#0993

Planet Minecraft: CjTheGod27

Xbox: ACE MOD 1927

Steam: CjTheGod27

Location UK

Profile Information

Minecraft CjTheGod27 Xbox ACE MOD 1927 Steam CjTheGod27 Twitch cjthegod2oo7 Discord ACE MOD 1927#0993 PMC CjTheGod27

Contact Methods

Skype live:.cid.97dabdd7abb0c0