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    • What is your IGN: Civilized_Monkey
    • How old are you?: 22
    • What is your time zone?: PST
    • Have you played modpacks before?: yes
    • Have you played the Crack Pack before?: yes
    • Why do you want to join my server? havent played on severs very much and i love the Crack Pack but it not fun single player
    • What do you look forward to doing on this server?: building, testing out all the amazing mods and making some new friends
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    posted a message on NEED SOMEONE TO HELP HOST MY SERVER
    Ok this is my first time posting something on forums and I don’t really know how every works but I need some help
    So my friend had me buy an owned license from multicraft and then he couldn’t host it for me because he is a dumbass so I need someone to host it for me
    The license comes with 2 servers and I only need one so if you are willing to host my server I could give you one has a thank you
    Please contact me if you can help
    Thanks for your time
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