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    posted a message on Mobs are not spawning frequently?
    Quote from Tails1»

    Welcome to the bedrock edition where everything is reduced so that mobile players can handle the game without performance issues.

    Actually, in a recent Minecraft stream with Helen, I asked her about bumping up the mob density and overall count, to which she stated that too many people are complaining about there being too many mobs in the game. Would really like to know where they are getting their feedback from, as I've seen this type of post countless times here, and the bug tracker is also chock-full of lack of mobs.

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    Pretty much impossible due to the fact that villagers are not shared between villages like in java version.

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    posted a message on Make Minecraft Great Again!!! (Mojang check this out!)

    Ahh boo hoo, someone might have something you don't. get off your lazy butt and work for it, and because your to lazy to construct such a farm your just as happy that no one can construct it, good for you. I'm tired of this crap, and honestly sick of debating this with you. Your only argument is that it unbalanced the game for players. So what java version has been doing it for years and still has the biggest following. Enjoy your 'hard' game with the 1 mob you might run into while caving, real challenge there. Minecraft used to be about staying alive and making it through the night, yeah that's a really hard challenge now I tell ya. Caving used to be dangerous, now the only thing to worry about is a bat jumping out at ya.

    Real fun and challenging game.

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    posted a message on Mob farm doesn't work!

    Tails1 is being a bit vague on this. The truth is that there are a number of bugs that are effecting bedrock edition in respects to mob spawning. If the area around you is relatively lit up and mob spawn proff, in time your farm should work once these bugs are worked out. I just wouldn't hold my breath waiting.

    In respects to mob farms that work on java edition, most should work on bedrock edition as long as the java edition doesn't use quasi-connectivity in any of the redstone that the farm might use, and if it does, there are ways around that as well, but getting off topic.

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    posted a message on "Better Together" update still a complete mess on Xbox

    I keep trying to convert my worlds as each patch arrives, but still haven't gotten any further then around 20% each time. Its was frustrating considering that the beta version did at least convert some worlds, albeit not perfectly, and now it won't convert any of them, at least I have found a few games to tie me over till it works, if it ever does, if not well I'm done with Minecraft.

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    posted a message on Microsoft have KILLED Minecraft

    I'm not sure if you are looking for attention, or someone whom is simply misinformed, or perhaps a complete and utter idiot.

    First the market place is optional, no one, not even Microsoft, is twisting yours or anyone's arm to use it. Its there to use if you so wish. A similar system like this was implemented in steam awhile back, and it failed miserably because it got little to no use. It could be a good thing, hell the biggest complaint I had with 4J's console builds (besides the fact that they never ever play tested any of their builds), was that it lacked good texture packs, this gives me the chance to get some quality packs at a fair price. However I don't even need to really use the market place, as one can just as easilly get TONS of free worlds, texture packs and skins for the bedrock version, (google is your friend).

    If your worried about the PC java build, then you need to not worry so much, as Microsoft has kept their word so far and not interfered with its development, yet its 'their' $$$ that funds its continuing development.

    The bedrock version brings servers to us, some might cost, others will be free, and more so in the future will bring realms to us, which I might add has been a HIGHLY requested feature for many years. Not only that but allows us to meet and play with other people on different platforms. Yes their are things that will require getting used to, such as the new menu systems which i'm not a fan of, but 'we' will get used to them in time. Yes there are many bugs in it right now, but it is after all still a beta.

    If your looking for views, and support I highly doubt your going to get much here, as most see this as a good thing, and you might too if you open your eyes.

    Other platforms do NOT required a paid xbox live account, but more so a free 'xbox live account', as to why, it should be pretty obvious. Its a strong platform, that is very well suited for finding and playing with people that are matched to this game, think of it as the backbone, without it, we all might be running around with the same name, and would need to pass our IP's to people whom want to join our game, not to mention require additional software for voice chatting, messages, ect. Xbox live covers all this and much more.

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    posted a message on The Better Together Update and Microsoft's impact on Minecraft is EVIL

    All gaming companies pretty much use the exact same strategy and that is to pump as much money out of the consumer as possible. This isn't just 'Microsoft'; as you seem to be implying. The truth is we have no one to blame but ourselves, the consumer. If we look at how we buy and manage games today, you will realize just how 'stupid' the consumer really is.

    It all starts with 'preorders'. Might not sound so bad, but it is, and companies profit greatly starting right here. Preorders are usually on average 6 months to a year before the game goes gold, If its a big title meaning tons of preoders, that's a lot of money sitting in a bank somewhere collecting interest for up to a year. The average game goes for around 70$ here in Canada, upon first release. 70$ multiplied by say just half a million is 35 million dollars. The interest on this alone is staggering, and pretty much covers a good part of the development.

    Next we have season passes, which were at one point in time 'reasonable', 15 to 20$, but now they are running almost as much as the game costs, and most times we have no idea what we are going to get in the future. Some games already have DLC already on the game you bought and paid for, but the content is locked till a later date and that you purchase it via the season pass, or the DLC itself.

    Finally we have addons, which is something that is new, and will most likely catch on, its where the developers open the game to modding so to speak to other developers, and 'sell' their content to us consumers. This like the other systems above has one major flaw, at that is if we don't buy it, the system collapses, and won't work, or will stabilize at reasonable prices.

    I can remember years ago when developers used to justify that games were expensive due to so many people bootlegging copies of games, but now a days that's simply not the case, yet games still to this day continue to rise in costs. If we look at the gaming market, its one of the most profitable out there, providing that the company is producing a triple A title.

    Point is, Microsoft isn't doing anything 'harmful' to us, that is 'evil', but rather if the marketplace for Minecraft succeeds, we have NO one to blame but ourselves.

    Other platforms do NOT need a paid xbox live account, like you seem to be stating, but will require a 'free' xbox live membership', keyword there is 'free'. And I can understand the reasoning behind it, the better together update still need a way for us all to reach out and play with each other, and the xbox live account and servers is a solid foundation for allowing just such a thing to take place.

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    posted a message on Broken cave spider spawners?

    If the sound you are hearing is like a empty dispenser click or dropper click then the spawner is working just fine, the issue is that you have reached the mob cap. You like missed some caves that are not lit up around the spawner. Setting the game to peaceful and then back to whatever difficulty you are playing on should trigger them to spawn for a bit at least until the mob cap is reached again.

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    posted a message on Better Together Update and Realms Xbox One

    Personally I can't wait for the update. Yeah there are some things that we will need to do to prepare our worlds, such as gather a few pigs, chickens, and cows, because they will no longer spawn in droves like they used to, and we will need to breed them, like PC users do, but its a big step forward for us. The spawn rates will return to where they were years ago, potions will become so much more useful. No need in worrying about stupid bugs that should have been caught before the release that renders our worlds dead for several weeks on end, not to mention that we will now be pretty much in control of our own limits, with no more limits to villagers, and passive mobs.

    The only disadvantage is the lack of Quasi connectivity, but I can live with that. I've watched another thread where people were upset about this very issue but its not that big of a deal, as panda4994 pointed out in many of his vids there are ways around this very issue where they were debating on removing it from the PC version.

    In my current world right now I'm doing alot of digging, which is really hard on the tools, and i used to use potatoes and carrots farmed by villagers to trade with to repair them, sadly this is currently broken, and I cant stand how long it takes at any mob farm to repair them, even when the farm is clear of 128 blocks around the farm, the spawn rates are just stupidly slow.

    So bring on the new update, and to hell with 4J.

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    posted a message on What The Better Together Update means to Redstoners.

    Its alot of things, and kinda hard to explain, Check out Its a 2 part stream with panda4994 and cubhamster. It covers alot of things related to quasi, and much more, such as ways to work around without quasi. Its very slow paced, but once it gets started quite a ways in it contains alot of information.

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