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    Circleight-access to animated capes. Also, great mod-
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    I really enjoy how your work is allways to fundamentally groundbreaking in terms of adding new ideas to how to view the fantasy genre. You know exactly how to create a picture that makes people want to be a part of the world they think to look at. The amounts of color allways made me dizzy and the shapes are convincing in a manner that supports expressively what I want to see in it. Do you allways draw the things you make first?
    Thank you, I really appreciate you saying that. I'm glad that you think so, as I try to make every project something of its own identity.
    Sometimes I'll draw, sometimes I wont, it all depends on what comes to me and what direction I'm going in. For this project nothing was drawn out, it all started with a simple idea and a vision. I expanded on that 'vision', a picture of a swamp-like mystical forest where the trees have faces and where fairies can be seen flying around. I had that vision pop up in my head and so I wrote down all the concepts down. If there's ever some kind of pattern and layout that I don't want to forget, I almost always draw it out. Funny enough my recent project that I've recently restarted has gone through several changes and serveral different visions, all of which I forgot to draw :[
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    Quote from Mathy

    Amazing work, truly stunning and inspiring.
    Thank you mathy, i'm happy to hear that. : )
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    Quote from XxPro219xX

    I just joined the Mysidia server, and I have to ask, what is your rank, and how long did you take to get there? (Also, is it possible if you were to guide me in building there? :D )
    Oh nice, what's your ign? I'm one of the founders of the server ,so....yeah xP
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    Quote from XxPro219xX

    Another awesome creation by you Circleight! Just asking, did you build it block by block, or use a special software to aid you in the creating process?
    Hey thanks! ^ . ^ Software? No software was used. I use world edit and sniper to help out with certain things.

    Quote from Jakesta1994age

    How many hours would you spend on this? it looks great! Somehow just looking at the images gave me weird feelings (in a good way) it's really nice on how it looks.
    I'm not sure, probably around 4-5 hours if I'm in the 'build zone' haha. This was a project that I kind of felt uneasy with though. Not because it was hard to create or a challenge, it was more of an experiment for me though. So because of that I wasn't exactly in the 'build zone' too often xP I'm really happy I got the ideas out though, it felt refreshing.
    That's really awesome that they have that sort of effect, you should play the map with the music. The music sets off such an eery feeling.
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    Quote from iLaspus

    Woah! This is insane...how long did it take to make?
    Thanks, took me 19 days : )
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    If you'd like to fly around and just visually see the map itself, visit the project at
    Ip: mysidiaserver.us.to
    using /warp Lunar

    Download: here


    Lunar Awakening is a map that I started December 6th, 2012 and completed on the 24th.
    It was a very spontaneous project that I had no desire to create, but
    unwillingly had a plentiful amount of ideas for. I was originally hoping
    to work on another project but later realized I wasn't ready for it, nor
    in the mood. The ideas for this project came and sparked my interests, which
    I'm happy for. The map in no way displays the ideas I had 100%, and is in no way
    everything that I hope for it to be, because there are some steep paths I
    could have taken this project in. Though I have much more dedication for my
    other projects that are still in the works, and so I did not want to
    take this project deeper than needed. I'm happy to share it now, despite those little
    things, and I hope that it provides some source of fun for people to enjoy.

    When the human's heart becomes controlled by whimsical desires,
    it will search through even the deepest of tunnels.
    Cold, motionless pockets of opportunities, tunneling through the void
    of the Specular's mind, he travels through the unknown.
    Devoid of the 'outside' world, divided in-between, a man who has lost
    himself to the depths, only to discover something beyond himself.
    The desires to go beyond others, to place himself above the rest, the
    petty greeds that choke his memory have confined him to this cavern.
    A treacherous heart, yet this deceit performs a needed cause.
    To make foot on new grounds, a new life, a new lesson. To become connected
    once again.


    1)No breaking Blocks
    2)No placing anything(you may only place lighting torches)
    3)Play on Hard difficulty at all times.

    Music rules:
    *If you want to fully experience the map, there is a soundtrack
    provided with the download. There will be chests around the map
    telling you which track to play. Play them at the correct times. You
    may repeat tracks if you have played them already.*

    1)Collect all of Lola's journal entries.
    2)Discover Pondero the super computer.
    3)Retrieve Pondero's core.
    4)Make it to Bearolgrog's den.
    5)Escape Bearolgrog.
    6)Turn on the Lunar Awakening Device

    Optional Objectives:
    1)Collect glowstone dust.
    2)Retrieve the pig mount.
    3)Find Seal McSeal's special armor set.
    4)Read all the journals in every house.

    1)Collect glowstone dust from hidden chests. These will total your highscore.
    2)Climb the trees! They may have some special items in hidden chests.
    3)Take your time preparing for every battle.

    More images available here: http://imgur.com/a/e62vR
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    Quote from CutthroatBill

    I visited the server. Your build looks amazing. I can't believe you've made all that in less than two months, especially considering all the progress you lost. You must've been very dedicated to this project.
    Thanks a lot! When I was making this it felt so fresh and pure to me, I nearly gave up after losing that progress but there was a speck of hope left in me. I certainly had and still have a lot of passion for this project and what it stands for, and it's great to know that you enjoy it as well :)
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    It is a really detailed build. I just have to ask, did you happen to take any inspiration at all from the circle areas from kingdom hearts opening scene?
    I love your picture of Sheogorath, did you make it? Thank you for the compliment, I did in fact take inspiration from it! A few people have noticed that xD but i'm perfectly fine with being open about that.
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    Quote from ArchangelOfDoom



    Just one question, how big are those circles on the cathedral and the ones representing the gods, they look huge
    I could be wrong, I don't remember entirely, but I believe their radius is 50. As for the cathedral circles, I never had to measure those, so I'm not really sure. I could take a guess and say 20-30.
    Quote from enterthehole

    Without a doubt, the best minecraft build I've ever seen!

    Amazing. :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate such a nice statement like that :)
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    Quote from ajax6893

    I am undeniably AMAZED at this. When I clicked on this I expected something cool but not like... this. /WHAT THE KRAKEN I AM SPEECHLESS face.
    Hey, thanks a lot :)
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    Quote from XxPro219xX

    Simply breath-taking! Completely on a different level when compared to NorthLight. Great work thus far!
    Thanks a lot! And did you mean LastNorth? I've definitely felt more alive working on this than LastNorth, I certainly feel more passion for it :)
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    Quote from Kaval

    If I could construct a perfect string of words to fully express the entirety of my astonishment to this project, I would. Yet words simply escape me as I stare in awe at this while tossing together a slew of unfitting sentences. Truly I say without a doubt in my mind that I have never beheld such a magnificent project before. The details and perfectly interpreted blocks used to mould this fantastic kingdom was done such by an expert crafting god. To say simply I am impressed would be a mockery to the work done here. Please, by the deities above and below’s creed, if you produce more of these ascended builds…post. For the glory of it all, Post!
    Despite your troubles with words, I'm really quite flattered by such a statement. It makes me genuinely smile to see such a nice comment, and it really gives a nice healthy dose of confidence. I'll be more than happy to share my next project, whenever it will be finished, however long it will take, I'll be happy to let you know when I do though :)
    Quote from pizza41

    So amazing Best thing i have seen in such a long time!
    Thank you that's really nice of you!
    Quote from TehBaclava

    Oh... oh my. That is, without a doubt, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in Minecraft. I am actually at a loss for words, something that doesn't happen often. Truly excellent work.
    Thank you so much, im grateful to have so much positivity going on here! <: )
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    Quote from Heartly

    It's been almost an hour, how has no one commented on this yet..? It's amazing, and I lvoe everything about it :D I only wish I could build things like this, heheh. You said you started in October, but lost a lot of the progress, so how long did it take you to make the bulk of the build? And what might you be building next, now that this is finished? :)
    Thanks! Yeah I started October 4th initially and had plans to finish it at the end of the month or early November, of course I would keep going if need be. Though around the end of October I lost a lot of progress, but because I knew what I wanted to do entirely at this point I just went ahead and did that. It does take time to build, it really does, but I think what takes the most time is believing in what you're creating fully and actually being confident in it. It takes me a while to fully finalize thing, so everything took around a month 1/2.
    My next project might just be my biggest project actually. The name of it is Epsilon and it is a government controlled city that is trapped between the despair of a gateway being unlocked, connecting ties with another world, and a war between the government. There's going to be a lot of cinematic effects in the project such as things looking blown up and being built on. I'm not sure how long it will take me but currently I have not even begun to clear out land for the project so I have a long way to go haha :)
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    Quote from Trulph

    This is just... Ridicolous... The level of detail leaves me speechless! Definitly one of the best creations I've ever seen.
    Thank you, I appreciate that :)
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