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    posted a message on NEW Foolcraft Server. 18+ New map will be generated tonight or tomorrow.





    How long have you been playing Mc?:

    5 years in vanilla, only a couple of weeks with modded though.

    What are your strengths and weaknesses in Mc?:

    I enjoy being creative and technical. I'm not a master builder but i'll give anything a go!

    How much time are you willing to commit to the server?:

    I will usually play every day, maybe 1 hour a day as I usually have commitments i.e. sport, TAFE etc.

    Pictures of previous builds?:

    Some of my recent creative and survival builds are attached.

    Are you willing to join the server Discord?:

    Sure! Discord name is Xeraxor

    Tell us about yourself!:

    I'm a young man based in Sydney, Australia and I enjoy interacting with others online, especially through video games such as minecraft.

    I find inspiration from other minecrafters and youtubers such as the hermitcraft members, iskall85 and Xisumavoid (to whom I am subscribed to on twitch).

    I look forward to exploring this new modpack with other players and chilling out together!

    Thanks for reading this applicaiton!

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    posted a message on [1.6.4][Forge] Novamenu - Clean and modern GUI overhaul! [1.1.4]
    Hey dude, this mod is cool and all, but i don't have a 'coremods' folder. I am on a mac, though, and that is probably why it's not there. Anyway, if anyone knows, please reply! :D
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