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    posted a message on New Minecraft server need staff [Please Suggest Server Name] [Ranks Up To Owner Are needed]

    - Able to build in a team: Yes i can, but i dont like to build things that are ugly.
    - Enough experience with building: I have a lote experience in building any tipe of spawn (medieval, Big trees, castles, pvp arenas, etc..). i also know to work in WE very good, builded many things with it.
    - You're able to work fast and efficient: Yeah.
    - Build amazings builds: I can send u some pictures of my buildings that i build on other servers.

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    posted a message on Faction server need lot of staff server is 24/7 and it have 96 slots!!!


    How old are you:
    Im 16 years old.

    Skype (you must have it):

    how active you will be:
    3-4h or if im building something maybe even more.

    How much you can help the server:
    I can build spawns, PvP arenas, castles, big trees... everything u say i will build. I also know to work in WE very good. (i can show u some building i build)

    Why you wana join our staff team:
    Well, i want to build something that everyone can see and say: " Yeah this is so cool!" :)

    Past experience:
    I was builder on many servers, but sadly they stop working :(

    Did you are staff on any other server:
    Im not.

    Past building(just for builders):
    Well, i sad on top. If u need pictures ill send u.

    Other: Im good with people, i can solve they problems in a second, love to build big things (spawns) it was always challenge to me. Also my time zone is (UTC+01:00) , and that will be it. I hope u will accept me! Thanks!

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    posted a message on Destiny Realm RPG Server [Needs Builders]

    IGN: rezendeeviill
    Builder or terraformer: Builder
    Preferred Name:
    Age: Im 16 years old.
    Availability: always ( my time zone is UTC+01:00)
    Skype: jaksa96
    Pictures: down below
    Past Experience: I have a lot experience with WE, building medieval castles, PvP arenas, houses, towers, Big trees, markets...
    Reason why you want to join: Id like to show what i can build to people. Also im good with people i could help them too. Im loyal, trustable, nice guy :)

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    posted a message on >{NEW SERVER>} {<NEEDS BUILDERS>} IP: {<SKYBLOCK SERVER>}

    I want to be an builder on your server. I have a lot of experience with WE, building PvParenas, castles, big trees (i have some pictures of it), markets and many more. Im 16 years old, im from Serbia, time zone: (UTC+01:00). If u need something i can add u on skype.

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    posted a message on CakeCraft NEW MINECRAFT FRIENDLY EXPERIENCE-NEEDS builders/staff/mods/plugin admins, DEDICATED SERVER

    Builder: [/b]
    *Age: Im 16 years old
    *Country: Europe, Serbia
    Building Experience: I have a lot of experiance with WE, i builded many medieval castles, houses, towers, big trees (i have picture of it), markets...
    *Any pictures of your building? Yes ( cant post everything )
    How active can you be? 3-4h

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    posted a message on NEOTECHMC- Limited Staff+Builder Signups!!!
    Thanks do u have skype so i can sand u, i cant upload picture more then 1Gb?
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    IGN - BenStanley3101

    Age (Don't lie your age) - Im 16

    Staff Experience (Where you ever staff?) - Builder

    Can you do plugins/permissions - No...

    Why do you want to be staff - I want to make beautiful landscapes, spawns, pvp, cities, redstone machines..

    Are you a good/creative builder - Yes very good. I know to work in worldedit.

    Skype (Yes or no) (What's your username) - jaksa96

    Where do you live (Country) - Serbia(Europe)

    How long do you play Minecraft each day - 2-3 hours.

    Why should you be accepted - If u want beautiful spawn or bridge or floating island or pvp... ill be that guys who will build u all that :)

    How dedicated will you be to the server - If im satisfied, forever and ever, loyal as a dog xD
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    posted a message on Looking for a good staff.
    Age- Im 16
    Why do you want to be a staff?- To make fantastic building :)
    What type of staff? (redstone,builder,etc)- I can be redstone-builder, i know a lot of redstone engineering, also i know to work in worldedit very well. I can build u spawns, cities, mountains, bridges,pvp, skypvp, landscapes. What ever u need!
    are you a troller,griefer?- Never!
    Are you going to be on a lot?- Yep.
    are you good with players?-Yep, i can make them stay on server, follow the rules.
    Do you follow rules good?- Yes.
    Do you have Skype?- jaksa96
    Do you have a good headset?- maybe if i find them :)
    are you intrested in being in a video?- Of course!
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    posted a message on =Staff Needed=Factions w/ community
    Minecraft Username: BenStanley3101

    Age: Im 17

    How long have you played the server: I have to try server, but on other servers i played are survival.

    Skype (If you do not wish to put it here if you are accepted, please PM it to me) : jaksa96( picture of lich king)

    Why we should accept you: I know to build beautiful landscapes, castles, cities, spawns. I also know to work in //we, very good.

    How many new players could you bring?: 2 ore 3

    What could you bring to the server: As i say beautiful landscapes, castles, cities, spawns, also i can solve players problems, and make them that they stay on server and follow the rules.

    What would you consider your maturity level from a 1/10 please explain your reasoning: 7 ,

    What position and why: Builder or Adin. I want Builder because i know to build very good and admin because i can solve problems make players heppy, make them stay on server .

    Any other information that could help you get accepted: No thats all.

    Thank you for time :)
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    posted a message on ----/----Looking For Staff For Ocelot Factions Server----/----

    You good with WorldEdit? Very good.

    What have you built? I Build spawns, pvp, floating islands, very nice mountains and many more, what ever u ask.

    Building skills 1-10: 8-9

    Skype: jaksa96 (picture of the lich king)

    Age: 16

    Experience: Im playing mc since i was 10 years old, and i love to build!

    Are you good with servers and how there set up?

    Proof of what you have built (Can be sent through Skype)

    How can you promote the server? By makeing it nice looking.

    What can you bring the server? I can bring some player, funny redstone machines, beautiful landscapes.

    Why should we choose you? Im very good with //we, makeing beautiful landscapes, building castles, spawns, pvp...
    IGN: BenStanley3101

    Cant send u all pictures that i made, its more then 1GB :(
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    posted a message on ✦Minedrone✦ ❥Looking ❥For ❥Staff ! Apply now! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ ✔✔✔
    Your name: Aleksa

    Your Minecraft name: BenStanley3101

    Rank you are applying for? Builder or Admin

    Timezone: (UTC+01:00)

    How old are you? Im 16

    How do you think to improve our network? By make very nice buildings, be nice to player so they listen to you and follow the rules.

    Why should we choose you? Im very good at worldedit, also i can solve the problem among players.

    Give us some examples of your work:

    Are you good with plugins? Not so much.

    Can you code? No.

    Can you help us financially? No.

    Some information about yourself: Im 16 years old, Im from Serbia. I know English, little bit of Russian. And im drumer :)

    Your Skype name: jaksa96 (lich king picture on skype)
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    posted a message on NEOTECHMC- Limited Staff+Builder Signups!!!
    What is your name? ING: BenStanley3101
    How old are you? 16
    What is the most impressive thing you have built? I will send u some pictures, hope u will like it! I have some more but cant upload it, it is more then 1 GB. Also i know to work in worldedit very good.
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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    Hey guys I need help with this strange bug. The thing is - when I installed SEUS shader mod it worked well but with this irritating item frames and beacon bug. So here is a screen shot. The same bug is with beacon lasser. My specs are AMD Radeon R7 200 and i have 8Gb Ram.

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    posted a message on Staff need| apply here| big server with 1000 slots
    So when do we start then?
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