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    Quote from JoyTechnology

    FALL????? we will never fall, the server will one day be 24/7 and when that day that is soon i hope comes.... we will rule mincraftia with a gold fist!

    What is this "gold" you speak of? Both armies (Sky Army and Squid Army) call this "gold" butter.
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    Not to hate on your clan as I am a part of the Sky Army, but I hope to see you grow bigger Squid Army. I would like to see this clan become a worthy advasary of the Sky Army but until then, good luck on expanding and hope to see you in the future.
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    Quote from falloutnuke

    ((Let's all just say that it's some kind of disease that no one knows about and no one can figure out what it is.))

    ((Basically, that is what a zombie infection is, as the study can't be completed either because the scientists died and the outbreak spreads or that the infection is just too complex for us to understand.))
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    Quote from publicenemy002

    Skype (free to make):greenjosh11 (no mic)
    Reason (2-4 full sentences):I absolutely love military clans and I know the old clan was great I was apart of it.I was friends with you Chungshi but i doubt you remember...Please consider my app...thank you.
    Talents:mining,building and pvp
    Branch:Marine Corps.

    I have been with minecraft since 1.2.5 and am a jack of all trades.

    I am skilled with operating a server but cannot host one.
    I have a lot of experience with clans.I was in your old clan Chungshi ^_^
    PvP Experience (scale of 1-10):8-9 I am pretty good.
    I have no military experience except for my old rank which has long since been forgotten.

    "AMCF, a new sunrise."
    • Please be proper, use proper grammar and don't always use slang or abbrevations for your language. Grammar is really important as it can change many things, such as, "helping your Uncle Jack off of a horse," and "helping your uncle jack off of a horse." loved this rule xD
    • Listen to your fellow teammates and superiors(higher ranked members)
    • To be promoted, you will have to show your true loyalty and service(how much time you put into the clan.) For Recruits - Corporal, you will be evaluated on how you follow orders from your superiors. For Sergeants and up, you will be evaluated on how you lead your squad/battalion. For Officers, you will be evaluated on how you deal with certain situations and how you lead.

    Even though you didn't answer the Military and Server Experience, you are still ACCEPTED. Add chungmanshi on Skype, and you are given the rank First Sergeant.
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