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    Minecraft Username: coolman166

    Age: 15 going on 16.

    Definition of meta gaming: Knowing and applying information gained out of character and using said information in character, or IC, to your character's advantage.

    Definition of power gaming: Denying somebody's actions and forcing another without allowing the recipient to react, regardless of the likelihood that they would succeed

    What is your past experience in RP, Fallout or otherwise?: I've had multiple experiences in roleplay. An old server called Crafthammer, another called Avitus, which I was involved in, and another one called Akavir, along with Iliac Bay and Ashes of Our Fathers.


    Name: Jason Wright

    Age: 24

    Appearance: He wears, like always, his Official Vault 21 Jumpsuit. Above it the science lab coat with the pocket on the left. He pulls the sleeves down really low, and always wears the boots that go with the Official Vault 21 Jumpsuit.

    Personality: Jason, like all children coming from Vault 21, has a gambling addiction. He will gamble for anything, even if it's his life. Never been a coward, he is never going to become one. He rarely shies away from an opportunity to make a few caps. Extremely sarcastic, but this proves to get him in trouble sometimes.

    Backstory: The holotape crackles to life in your Pip-boy 3000. It starts with the sound of heavy breathing, and a "plump" sound. A voice starts talking, "What a life yours has been so far, Jason. Tell us aaaaalllll about it." The sound of a switchblade being drawn is heard. The voice continues, "Quickly now, friend. Before any blood is shed."

    A sigh is heard, and who you assume is this 'Jason' fellow starts speaking, "Pablo, my friend, it all started during my birth. As the doctor cut the umbilical cord from my mother's 'ahem' womanly-parts, I started crying. The bright light hurt my eyes, I suppose. During that time I was only an infant, incapable of speaking, of course. I'll skip to my younger years of childhood. My dad, good old dad.." Outside of the little fortification you have made out of spare metal plates you hear a scratching noise. No need to care, though. You continue to listen to the holotape. "Dad taught me all I know about gambling. Especially because his dad was. And so was his dad. And his before him. All gamblers. So he decided to teach me what everybody else in the vault did. If you are too dim, it was gambling." Jason takes a quick breath. "I was about 4 or 5 at the time, so I was more interested in the Fancy Lad Snack Cakes he would reward me with for winning a game against him. I know now that he was letting me win, but it gave me a sense of confidence against other opponents. I knew if I kept my thoughts clear of anything but winning the game and the rewards, I'd do well."

    You are surprised to hear the other man, Pablo, speak again, "You're an ass Jason. You're keep us away from what you know we want."

    "I'll get to that."

    "It's not quick enough."

    "Fine! My teenage years it is then. When I was 14, I was in a very heated session of poker of who had possession of such a beautiful girl. She was quite a sight, that one. But my memory fails me to remember her name now. Sarah? Maybe. I don't care, though. She must be long gone. Anyways, during this poker game- Ouch! Stop poking me with that damn knife you nit-wit!"

    A deep chuckle is heard, "Heh-heh. The boss said I can do what I want to you, and I want to poke you."

    "Whatever! During this poker game, I was clearly winning. My opponent, or should I say, late opponent, failed to keep a calm head. He slammed his balled fists on the table, knocking my cards out of my hand. Showing my winning hand, he slapped me across the face. Despite this, I kept my poker-face, stepped up to him, and knocked him out cold. Unfortunately he held a grudge for many years and attempted to -eh- murder me in my sleep. Failure of an operation that was. He tripped on the baseball I had lying by my bed. I took said bat, and beat him to death with it in the middle of the night. Vault security walks in, and sees me beating somebody with a bat, like *I* was the bad guy here. That was what they though, and kicked me out of the vault. Didn't even let me say good bye to anybody! Just opened the door and pushed me out! There! You happy now, Pablo?"

    Pablo speaks with a now more obvious accent to you, "No. Tell me why you came here."

    A quick cough is heard and Jason continues talking, "Fool, Pablo. You are a fool. You know you have what you want. Let me go."

    "Never! You'll tell your story and die!"

    The snapping of a chair leg is heard and the "OOMPH!" of a man is heard. Gun shots are heard, and the 'click' sound of a holotape shutting off is heard. You fumble around with the second holotape and pop it in and listen. All you hear at first are footsteps and heavy breathing.

    "Fools will never find me. If my Pip-Boy is right, I'm nearing Utah. I think I'm getting close to Salt Lake City... Traveling for weeks, now. If I can get one more traveling caravan to let me stay with them.."

    The holotape makes the broken skipping noise, and clicks back off. After fumbling with it for a few minutes, it remains broken. Oh well. You have more important things to do.

    Tunnel Snakes Rule.
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    Our spawn, from an aerial view.

    We are Royal Tussle! A UK hosted server, but with great ping to most people in America! (I am an American posting on behalf of the owners, just to prove that ping is great no matter where you are.)

    To achieve certain ranks and gain privileges, you must play on the server for a certain amount of hours.

    Newbies: 0 Hours
    Regular: 12 Hours
    Builder: 72 Hours

    Moderator and Admin are able to be acquired through playing often and being a helpful player to others often.


    (And a bunch more boring ones not really worth mentioning.)

    We have Survival, Creative, and a Mining world!


    Survival Games
    Piggy Races (Coming soon!)
    Mob Arena( Coming Soon!)
    Taking suggestions for any more minigames!


    Hope to see you there! :)
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    Mm, I understand. Say that tons of races are at war with eachother and all the Generals/talkers gather in the meeting hall to settle the war?
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    Quote from Homem Pigman

    Unbalanced? Nonsense. Everything is far enough from cities for it to be balanced.

    You know what would be good? If the system was more like Morrowind - no fast travel, but a bunch of other transport (silt striders, guild guides, boats, propylon chambers).
    In Skyrim it could be carriages, guild guides and propylon chambers (horses stand in for one). That way, it isn't boring to travel through the land yet you have immersion.

    I was sorta thinking like, during a carriage ride you would have maybe a 20% chance of being pulled over by bandits and you have to fight them off.
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    I played Oblivion. I still chose Stormcloak though
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    Quote from the0bl1v10n

    Morokei was the first dragon priest I ever fought, since I did the college of winterhold quests early on. I'm surprised so many people had trouble with him. I wasn't even an archer on that save but I hid behind one of the pillars at the top of the stairs and shot him down with arrows. I felt pretty good walking outta their with his mask and the staff of magnus.

    YOU SON OF A- Why did you not use spoilers? Because you just spoiled it for me. Thanks
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    Quote from Homem Pigman

    For me, it's so hard to roleplay as a brutal murderer, because I always think "Noooo that character is awesome I can't kill him!"

    But people that I have no problem killing is what Windhelm is for.

    Huh. I always seem to use Solitude for that exact reason.
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    Quote from Redzos

    1. Obsidian tools and armour (stronger than diamond tools and armour)
    2. Stone armour (A lot weaker than Iron Armour)
    3. Netherrack tools and armour (Stronger than obsidian tools and armour)
    4. Enderpearl tools and armour (stronger than nether rack tools and armour)
    5. Endstone tools and armour (strongest tools and armour you can get on survival)
    6. Bedrock tools and armour (Creative only. Strongest tools and armour you can get in creative)
    7. Bone tools and armour (Made from bones. A little bit stronger than iron armour)

    I have to say one thing. You can't die in creative unless you fall in the void. Bedrock is useless.
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