About Me

We are a medieval high-fantasy D&D based roleplay server with D&D mechanics, set in the year 1338 in the World of Faerun. We run on Java 1.19.4 and have a custom map made of two sizable islands, which we are “placing” west of the Moonshae Isles for some context for you DND veterans. We are working on a custom codex for information gathering and storage for the player, a custom items list, NPC storylines, daily/weekly questlines, and a custom D&D-esque character creation plugin. We will be following the Calendar of Harptos with a 1:3 IRL to IRP days conversion. There will be some active power plays from the Lord’s Alliance involved with their colonization efforts of the island, so there will be some politics established that the players will be able to interact with and direct or change with their roleplay encounters almost immediately.

Location United States East Coast