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    posted a message on The Color of Infinity
    Hey, i thought your map was really cool, so i did a play through of it on YouTube. I really liked the attention to detail that you put into the map and hope you make more in the future. Also, i hope you don't get to annoyed that i played on peaceful from a misunderstanding. p.s. I recorded the whole map in one go so i'm just waiting to edit the other episodes.

    My Playthrough:
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    posted a message on [1.7.5] Vagossssssssss map series [ADV] [Perfect Vacations is bug free :O NEED FEEDBACK]
    I thought your map was amazing so I've started to do some videos on it.
    I put the trailer in the description like you asked, and i can't wait to play more of it.
    Here's my 1st video. Thanks.

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    posted a message on The Legend of Chaos (Single Player)
    Hi, i liked your map and i thought i'd do a YouTube walkthrough of it. I'm small on YouTube, but i thought it could give people viewing this page a good idea of what the map is like and people from my channel might come and download your map. Thanks! :)

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