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    posted a message on FateMC Recruiting Staff

    Name: Christo Payne
    Nationality: American
    Timezone: Central Standard Time, USA.
    Age: 15
    IGN: Christo3042
    My application will have many different parts, so here it is.
    Part I. Hacks and How I would detect them.
    Let's start with the easiest to detect hacked clients.
    If the player is hacking it is usually very obvious, tho sometimes it is not, here is what I would do to detect a hacked client.
    There are multiple different ways of doing this
    1st Way I would: Tell them to open there %appdata% folder, and then go to versions, if this player has a hacked client in versions, I would know that they were hacking?
    2nd Way. Tell them to close out minecraft and re-open the laucher, if the player was using a hacked client it would show as the last version they selected the last time they launched minecraft:
    3rd Way. Downloads, easily checking downloads would give the person ss'ing the information they need, if a hacked client is in their downloads, they would be hacking, most likley.
    Macros are a bit harder to dectect. I would first tell the person to go to his/her mods folder. If no mod folder was visible, I would ask them to show me their downloads, if that was empty, I would ask them the make and or model number of their keyboard, some keyboards have pre installed macro options.
    Autoclickers are very easy to detect and usually people forget to close them while being ss'ed. I would instruct the person to show me his/her download folder, if that showed an autoclicker, that person is most likley using an autoclicker.
    I would do all the above things ( based on the reports ) to try and proove if the person is hacking or not.
    Part II. Why I would be a good fit for the staff team. (These traits every staff member should have)
    I have many different high-quality character traits that I will list below:
    Obidience: I am a very obidient person and I am willing to listen to anything people tell me, not nesseraly belive them, but listen to them. I am very good at understanding and a very intellegent person. For example, if a staff members tells me do to something, I'll do it. I won't percrastanate any. I am willing to put down lots of effort into being a very succesfull staff member.
    Respect: I am very respectful to everyone, I am a very kind person and I will not be toxic at all. I am a very friendly person and I am very easy to make friends with. This is also because of my obidience, or ability to listen to others and take a honest opinion about the sitution. I will never turn down a player for help unless I simply can't provide what they need, in that situation I would call upon some0one else. Respect also goes along. I will never raise my voice to anyone, that is generally being respectful.
    Patience: I am a very patient person, I am willing to wait any amount of time for either an answer, solution or anything of that sort. Every staff member should have patience, that is a key character trait. Imagine this, I player needs help and msg's me, I will try my best and be very patient with the person and try to get a educated solution to the problem/anything else. I will put fourth a lot of time to the server. Also, If a player reports a hacker, sometimes these player(s) will be frustrated, I would use my patience to let the situation calm down and take care of the hacker/cheater.
    Observation Skills: A good staff member for sure needs some observation skills. If a player is spamming chat, or being sexist, racist, or toxic, my observation skills will pickup on this person, and give them the proper punishment that they deserve. If the player is a hacker, I should be able to tell if that player is hacking or not with ease. I have very good observation skills and these should help me a lot if I get a staff positon as Trial-Helper on the MCWarside. .
    The ability to keep things non-toxic: I am very good at handaling drama related situation, any situation to be honest. (as long as I can do something about it) I will not provoke anyone and will try my best to keep the situation under control, and try and keep it down, not heated.
    Listening: Diffenetly listening, a good staff member needs to be able to listen to players and their opinions. I am a very good listener and like I said, have a lot of time on my hands so I am able to sort out the situation with a educated solution. Also, when being told to do something, I would listen very good to acknowledge what that person/people is saying and do that action right away.
    Those are some of my very good traits thar I will be able to use as a staff member !
    Part 3. My past experience.
    I have been staff on a variety of different servers/gamemods. Factions, skyblock, kitpvp ect. I am very familiar with almost all gamemodes and should be able to tell if anything is going wrong within them. I have owned 3 servers, each a different try with a assortment of plugins. In that time I understood what dealing with a community is about, management, and kindess. I've also learned how to deal with situations that are out of control. I have been in many staff positions, and have learned a lot out of my 3 years playing minecraft. I am a very fast at picking up on schedules, times, dates ect. To sum it up, I have had a lot of past server management/staff experince and hope to increase my knowledge about staff related situations/management. Also, I am very familiar with skype and discord, I have been using both for 2+ years.
    Part 4, What I can contribute:
    I can contribute around 4-8 hours a day. I have taekwondo on Mondays, wensdays and fridays, on those days anywhere from 3-6 hours a day. On tuesdays and thursdays, 4-8 hours. On weekends anywhere from 5-11 hours a day.
    Also, I can contribute my knowledge and skills I listed earlier in my application. These skills should make me a succesfull staff member if I get the postion.
    I can also contribute my hard work, my hard work being helping players, catching hackers, or just generally having fun with players (which is not really work) but it is still interacting with the community, which is a big + for me.
    (If this makes sense) I can also contribute my voice: I am not afraid to speak up and present my opinion produly. My opinion is usually correct, I think about things with a positive outlook and a smart outcome to the situation. This helps me a lot with server suggestions ect.
    I can contribute my positive self. I will try my best to make the community the most positive place possible, I will also be a very positive person, I will be down sometimes, but never negative.
    Part 5, Acomplishments (Im going to list 2)

    1) Gain trust within the community, this is very important witin the community, they should expect me to be right there when they need me.

    2) Be respected, For all the hard work that I will do if I get the postion, and the work that I already do, I should be respected. I always respect the community and I will always love the arkham will all my heart. (You could say this is not an acomplishment, Its just a little extra)

    Part 6.
    Thank you!
    This took me a lot of time to make and I hope you enjoy it !

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