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    posted a message on [1.7.10] INpure Projects - denoflions mods

    I just want you to know that you are the greatest person ever. I'll probably save 3 years of potentially wasted time searching through NEI now. This mod is like a holy grail for mod packs such as skyfactory2. No longer will I suffer the hell of 22pages of microblocks!!!.

    Thanks for the contribution :)

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    posted a message on | 13+ Games | 100% CUSTOM PANEL | SSDs | Unlimited Slots | DDoS Protection | INSTANT Modpacks | 5 Locations
    Thanks for the email despite the funny typo in the first one, knew I've been forgetting something recently.
    To make this simple and easy for others looking to buy this service here is a breakdown with some scores and info.

    1. Customer Service 10/10- This is by far the most important thing for me, you couldn't pay me to use a service that has bad customer service. The support at NodeCraft has been phenomenal for me compared to other providers I have tried. They have an easy to find live chat, accurate support hours, a ticket system that is actually responded to in a reasonable amount of time, and here's the icing: PHONE SUPPORT. Almost every server provider I have been with has lacked phone support. The support specialists have always been kind to me and prompt to resolve issues.
    2. Another Bonus to their customer support is they actually have information on their server's network status,and their social networking pages are constantly updated with alerts and notices.

    3. Website 9/10- Their website is great, all the information you could want is present and easy to find. It's hard to describe how well it works so go check it out. Two points off due to the following.One for the Login not able to be auto filled with LastPass password manager and work (instead the password has to be copied and pasted).One point off for lack of a forum for the Nodecraft Community to congregate (not to important), and 1 bonus point for having their encryption website wide.
    4. Prices and Services 10/10-I am not going to ding this at all, the prices may look twice as much as other server providers, but when you consider what were paying for I'd say were underpaying. For instance the Asteroid plan is $10.00 for 1GB of RAM, sound bad huh? Now lets take a look at the stuff that is actually important: 1.5GB of SSD space, dedicated IP Address, Instant Setup, 1Gbs DDOS protection, 1-click installs for a variety of updated mod packs, and best of all their custom management panel.
    5. Management 10/10- The NodePanel is so sexy, I will never return to a multicraft panel so long as I live. The panel is fast, filled with eye candy, and functions like a dream that keeps getting better. I enjoy it so much that I love going on to the site just to look at it and see what it can all do. Whereas with the multicraft panel I just wanted to get in and gtfo.
    6. Overall: 9/10- Nothing is perfect there is always room for perfection, but I'd say this is pretty damn close to the ideal for managing a MC server; whats more is they will soon be hosting even other types of game servers :).

      Note: Keep up the good work, you guys are amazing :-(): for days.
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    posted a message on [Surv] The Realm Of Etherion~~
    Great map and all but...Those stars in the mushroom area(southwest of the map do not lead to anything special except for an abandoned mineshaft?)
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    posted a message on Sever wont work... I can join but nobody else!
    On the computer that you are running the server is it

    1.) Using a static Ip address (Meaning you configured it yourself)
    2.)When you did port forwarding, did you make sure you were forwarding the port to the correct ip address (the Ip address of the computer that your server is running on)

    Also why bother with a Domain Name o.O,

    also a screenshot of your current Private IP addressing on the computer hosting the server, and a screenshot of the port forward config would help alot.
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    posted a message on Tekkit Server Crashes Every 5 Minutes
    First of all its not his java or computer causing the issue...just cause it says java in the error doesn't mean updating java will fix it -.-".

    If you updated to the 3.1.3 dev build which im assuming you did, the way I fixed this error was by deleting the advanced machines mod for IC2 on the server and client (however I downgraded my server back to 3.1.2 because I want this mod) so if you don't want to delete the mod or there is another issue besides that just wait until the recommended build of tekkit 3.1.3 is released (News post says a week or so)
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    posted a message on [1.7.5][Adv/Surv] >>"Project: Central"<< [Play time: 3+ Hours] (Real Highschool replica! CHS : Keller, Texas)
    This map is superb, its extremely realistic, great idea recreating an actual massive school. However i found it way to easy, even on hard mode. Way too many loot chests, i found myself over encumbered with potions and got full diamond enchanted armour/weapons (lv20-30) in like 20minutes. the supplies need to be cut down more than half, there is no way you would find this many resources, you should be starving on a day to day basis, and items should be scarce as if others have already raided the area for supplies. It is a very nice map though and can become very nice once you've finished it completely :)
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