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    posted a message on Remember these?
    Quote from trencheel303

    Get out! I have never heard that one before.

    Hmm that would be really unlikely for performance reasons.. Though if they applied a combo of the grass code and the mushroom code, it'd work.

    I've wondered about and tested more insane things.. I once tore down a dungeon and then rebuilt it exactly in a new spot (same z-level) to see if it would 'spawn' a new mob spawner. It didn't occur to me that if the old dungeon can't regrow a spawner then why would a rebuilt one?

    Still I had friends that were 'terrified' of the rebuilt dungeon so close to town and insisted it be demolished. The same friends made me build a 'safe room' for the nether portal in case things started coming through it. ;p
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    posted a message on Need advice for new gaming PC
    Actually.. if his TV is 1080p HDMI then using for a screen really isn't 'bad'?

    My guess is that if it's HDMI it's at least 720p? .. My second screen on my gaming PC is a 32" 720p and it's very nice to game on. In fact I get higher scores in puzzle games on that screen than I do on the expensive 22" 1080p screen beside it..

    Overclocking is a trade-off, and it makes most sense when you are buying the fastest chip money can buy and still want more speed. You actually have zero option but to overclock, so that then makes sense.

    It also makes sense when a CPU line is heavily 'bin sorted' meaning that a particular CPU will be built to hit 3.2ghz, and then they sort them into bins first by how stable the chip is at higher speeds, but also by the demand for each speed. So if the there's a 2.8ghz and a 2.4ghz version of the same chip, but people only buy the 2.4ghz version, sooner or later the highest rated CPUs in stock will be sold as '2.4ghz'.

    At that point if you have sufficient power and cooling, there's actually little risk of running that 2.4ghz at 3.2ghz speed, since it's the same CPU (and likely was tested up to ~4ghz stable).

    So if the 3.2ghz version of the CPU is $600 and the 2.4ghz version is $260 .. you'd be wise to overclock, assuming you don't blow ~$500 on water cooling and a big power supply.

    EDIT: Aha! Many replies while I was typing! Those builds look good, but I'd be tempted to save a bit on the video card (the 7850 seems like a better/more popular choice for 'general gaming' and it's over $35 cheaper according to that post?) to switch the IDE 1TB for an SSD and still stay under the $1k budget?

    I'm just a HUGE fan of SSD, the load times, boot speed, and knowing that it'll never fail a read op like a HDD will is just too much of a boon to ignore?
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    posted a message on Paragon City (Finally made an update video!)
    I would have been pretty happy with how it was, but your updates are great.

    This could be the largest thing I've seen built in the xbox edition!
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    posted a message on GIRLS VS BOYS

    why quote that. are you saying you've played capture the flag girls vs boys or did you just quote me randomly?

    So I didn't have to write "I have already played capture the flag with boy vs. girl" ?

    I'm a lazy pig.. Git a saddle!
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    posted a message on GIRLS VS BOYS

    my first map is capture the flag. its somewhat big.

    AHAHA! I've already tried this Boy vs. Girl.. It's good times! :Pig:
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    posted a message on TU7 MCXBLA Seeds List
    Quote from CraftyPork

    Does fringe have a Abandon mineshaft? I may use this seed if it does and is the stronghold by the plains villages or the desert one

    I know this was answered already, I just found it funny to load the seed up and this is what I caught with my first screen shot:

    I also could have sworn I saw the lava flowing around as the map rendered?!

    Really good seed find SlippedGear! Thanks!
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    posted a message on Lava growing wheat
    I recall the first time I made a lava based street lamp..

    I left the game running and practically forced a friend to login and 'go look what I did at the blacksmith!'

    The next thing I get from him is: 'uhh that's lame man, why did you do that?'

    So I come back to look and the blacksmith is on fire and I'm dead all over the ground. My friend is logged in but I can't see him, and there's a pool of lava on the ground I didn't put there.

    Suddenly my friend comes floating out of the lava, like some star-trek blob monster.. He'd turned the game to creative/peaceful after seeing my demise and figured he would mock my death. Jerk! :P

    So yeah... lava as a light source is terrible, unless you are living in a stone castle and never go idle near it. Plus it's also a fluid and as such would slow the game down more than a normal light source.

    Better to tinker with water, which DOES work well for harvesting crops into one location.
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    posted a message on Bigger is better? Hm.
    Yeah there's something about villages that I like, but I always get too defensive..

    It starts with fencing, but then I want more safety so I switch to log walls, and now I've got a fort vs. a village..

    So then I start covering the ugly logs with stone, removing the logs as I go, using them to forge smooth stone, then I replace the stone walls with smooth stone walls..

    Oh hey, it's a castle. :)
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    posted a message on Unititled Supercity Update 1
    Very shocking. I'm used to seeing the big complex builds on the PC where it's possible clone things so detail work isn't as tedious.

    The fact that these are pictures sort of up's the authenticity of the images. ;)
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    posted a message on A Roman Kingdom ''Rupilius'' (Updated 12/31/12)
    I like the part that looks like the Mojang logo in the landscape in the background.. ;)

    Honestly though, that's great work. I was just looking at the 'minecraft' section of xboxforums and they desperately need some inspiration like this!

    Do you have anyone else helping with this or is it a solo project?
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    posted a message on Not sure if this is a bug or not?
    Ahhh sweet! I was just about to be cocky and say that this is an easy way to get the 100 day/night cycles achievement, but I guess you still have to 'activate' the bed 100 times and you have to wait around 11 mins each time?
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    posted a message on Manly Mods, Done By Men - Sacheverell Reviews "RedPower2",
    Cool mod and clearly a lot of effort on presenting it. I hate it when really poor presentation steals from the video content, and the same is true with too much emphasis/silly stuff in the presenting of something.

    In this case the mocked up uber-man voice was almost as distracting as the cockney accents from those two brits that keep doing youtube vids.. almost. ;)
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    posted a message on The Downfall of Any Server
    The downfall of any city bus is the smelly guy in the red jacket that sits behind me smelling bad.

    I could move to another seat, catch an earlier/later bus, or just use my bike, but that's clearly the downfall of any city bus. ;P
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    posted a message on Ever Wondered About SMP Server Traffic?
    These things always look so cool but I swear it's always the same animations and they just claim it's from some interesting source?

    Plus whenever I try to see them 'live' they are 'offline'.. If only these projects were as dependable as web-cam pop-ups. ;P
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    posted a message on Beanstalk's $300 Mapping Contest
    No takers? They gave us one more month by pushin' the end date to the 31st of May. I totally want to rock this contest!
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