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    Take a look at one of Minecraft - Pocket Edition's newest mods - The Essentials!

    But what are The Essentials?

    When you use one of the custom items, you receive several things, fitting a theme, such as Griefer Pack or Food Essentials.

    Please remember, this is a beta test. I trust players enough to beta test.

    As of right now, the major update (v1.0) is being worked on. v0.9.1 is the current version, however, these updates will not be released. There is an array bug that will hopefully be fixed. There are many updates, however, we (yes, I have a partner) will release update v0.9.x before v1.0. If you want to download the different versions of the mod (many of them are broken), go ahead, but, I warned you. This will be taken off once v0.9.x/v1.0 is released. Otherwise, you can view the regular forum post right here!
    Go to this link and please enjoy! Take a look at the next version!
    Get all of your downloads here:
    Okay, okay. I know what I did wrong! Just download here and get over with it.
    So, many, updates...just click here.

    In this update, I fix the texture name. The AWESOMESAUCE Essentials will be fixed soon. Now, you can really make it rain!
    In this update, bonus chests are added! Also, a new Essential - AWESOMESAUCE Essentials! It gives you lots of good blocks! And I fadoodled with the Make it Rain! stuff.
    Well, well, well. We meet again. Please download here and have a good day.

    In this update, I add two new amazing things - Make it Rain! and Griefer Pack. Make it Rain! gives you so many things - diamonds, emeralds, gold ingots, and iron ingots. Griefer Pack adds things that will help you - grief. Also, I changed the Essential Powder ID to 341. How simple! Crafting is added for the two things, and, yeah! Enjoy!

    v0.7.1 no longer exists. NOW LEAVE!

    In this update, I fixed a mistake. I messed up an item ID, making the Starter Pack useless - which actually confuses the Miner's Dream with that. Crazy, right?
    Great! I like to see people download my mod. Just go here, and then, uh...have fun - I hope!

    In this update, you no longer can use a stick to get your Essentials. Use the Starter Pack thing. Also, I added Essential Powder. Use it for crafting!
    Please download the mod right here.
    Two new items added with crafting! They are the Miner's Dream and the Food Essentials.
    Please download the mod right here.
    Color added!
    Please download this mod right here. (Was fixed!)
    Initial release.
    You can get help with the mod, and ask me any questions, from distributing the mod to today's weather. I can get you within one or two days, but delays are possible, especially with school and all.
    And, just so we are clear, this mod has no relationship whatsoever with Muggles' Essentials mod for Minecraft on computers. These are two different mods.
    AWESOMESAUCE Essentials - 465
    Starter Pack - 463
    Miner's Dream - 462
    Food Essentials - 461
    Essential Dust - 341
    Griefer Pack - 464
    Make it Rain! - 408
    Let's give a round of applause to...
    Gamer Unity
    This form will help me get to know what you want in this mod. Once finished, your name goes on the Wall of Fame!
    Take a look at the form here (you must have a Google account).
    There are so many ways to support me.
    First of all - download the mod.
    Then upvote and tell me what you think!
    Or make a video! Just always give a link to the mod and I will share your video.
    And best of all - just have fun!
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    Love it, it's just weird when I take Deadpool, feed him some wheat, then feed Psy, a cow appears. Weird, isn't it?

    Oh, and I recommend famous actors and singers. Choose, please!
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    Quote from LDX»
    This is the simplest mod I've ever seen. It's only ten lines.

    Yes - first of all, I don't know how to code. I get help from Connor4898's wiki of ModPE functions. Anyways, this is a beta, so, this isn't as good as I wanted it to be, but I hope to make it much better by v1.0. I mean, as long as you like it...
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