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    posted a message on Problems with BlockLauncher... again
    Quote from TheWaldo145

    I just played 0.9.0, no mods, no BlockLauncher.

    Wait a minute, 0.9.0 never came out yet!
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    posted a message on Tazader 10 APOCALYPSE
    As of today, I was granted permission from user Autotaker to release a map based off of Tazader 10.
    After years and years of war and destruction, Tazader had fallen. It could no longer resist the attacks from several different things. The airstrikes, the nuclear bombs, the elemental creepers - no more. They all left, however, some parts of the city still stand, most of it on fire.

    Would you like to download? Then, download it here! No images. Sorry. However, if you would like to verify with Autotaker that this is a legit map, message him. He knows about this. Anyways, I'm giving credit to him. I used about 15 mods to make this and 3 different apps? So, yeah, please check it out.
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    posted a message on Minecraft PE Flat Map Pack! Includes 10 maps! Over 200 downloads!
    Maps included:
    Lapis Lazuli
    Download here
    No screenshots - yet.
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    posted a message on Hot, hot, hot! The SANDY DESERT is here, so whaddya got?
    Do you ever go to the beach, and then you take off your shoes, and the sand is burning hot and you want to cry?

    Well, now, you don't have to!

    At the Sandy Desert, you can explore the entire desert!

    No wood, no ice, no snow, no stone.

    3,855,897 blocks of sandstone
    451,496 blocks of sand
    701 cactuses (cacti? never heard of it)

    Creative download only (for now) - here
    Want to see pics? Click here!
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    posted a message on Want to relive this year's winter? Head to the POLAR VORTEX!
    This is my second map. My first map, PVP Land, is available on the WIP Maps section.
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    posted a message on Want to relive this year's winter? Head to the POLAR VORTEX!
    If you lived (or have been to) the United States this winter, it was probably snowing.
    Cities have gotten so much snow that it is a blessing to have a 40-degree day this winter.

    Now it's time to relive it.
    At the Polar Vortex, you will experience the brutal and harsh cold, snow, and ice that more than half of the nation has been through.

    You start out with a house that has a bed, chest, crafting table, and furnace. Seems pretty generous, right? Not really.


    There are 3,989,641 blocks of ice (which is 430,175 more blocks than air!)
    There is 1 naturally generated cave
    This was done in less than 24 hours
    I used 3 apps to make this world (Minecraft PE, BlockLauncher Pro, PocketInvEditor Pro)
    There are 9 cows (no other animals)

    Download it here, and look at pictures here!
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    posted a message on [Enchantment Mod!] Features an XP Bar! [Beta testing is now closed!]
    You should do it. Just make the numbers in a Minecraft font. Otherwise, awesome.
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    posted a message on PVP Land - in BETA TESTING!
    PVP Land is a great place to kill one another.
    If you review this map ANYWHERE, you must include a link to this map.
    Please leave your comments below so I can help you make this map better.
    v0.8 - Dropbox Download
    Old downloads:
    v0.1 - Beta Testing 1 - Dropbox Download
    v0.12 - Dropbox Download
    v0.22 - Dropbox Download
    v0.28 - Dropbox Download
    v0.3 - Dropbox Download
    v0.45 - Dropbox Download
    v0.6 - Dropbox Download

    Screenshots of v0.45 can be found here (it will open up in a Dropbox page)

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