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    posted a message on Why Should Girls Be Treated Different in Video Games?! (formerly WROS)
    Ok. i agree that what people are doing to you and other females is unjust. But unfortunately thats something most females are gona have to put up with. You guys got to the internet late and there is just sooo many males on it that females on any other site other than facebook and twitter(and p**n) Probably make up like 15%. Its a sad world we live in. I my self believe women are treated unfairly in everyday society. But it is slowly beginning to die down.

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    posted a message on MAJOR EASTER EGG FOUND!
    Quote from oCrapaCreeper

    Go ahead and post the game code that causes this "Easter Egg".

    No one is really going to believe you if you're unable to do that.

    What yo on about dog. He is simply another user with the default skin. When he has the username link. the skin is automatically changed. Unless this hacked program does that for you, then i dont know how it couldn't be in the code of mc.

    Sorry about goin gangsta on yo ass.
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    posted a message on The rush from killing
    Aww god it feels good. I have just began playing on my favorite PVP server of all time The server was down for a while in the 1.2 stage. But now that it has been updated to 1.3, ive been able to rehearse my pvp skills again. And for the past few months i had completely forgotten that amazing rush from killing an enemy and running off with their diamond gear.
    post you awesome pvp experiences below.
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    posted a message on The Sad Truth of Minecraft
    I predict the opposite. You are implying that the devs are never happy with the game and keep adding. But thats definatly not how the player feels. I for one have been playing minecraft since late alpha. And you know what? i play it twice as much now. Why? Because the stuff being added allows for more happy fun time. And servers dont always go down for good. If yours are, then your playing on the wrong servers. A server i have been playing has been going strong and hard for almost 2 years now. still keeps a player retention of 100 online.
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    posted a message on 200 Reasons to like Minecraft!!
    84. Yogscast
    85. whenever somone posts a number lower than the consecutive number. The posts restart at that number
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    posted a message on Implications of a political and economic simulation on minecraft
    Quote from Ratmancer

    Thanks for the post, I've seen a number of servers with the general idea, the servers I've seen have rigid modifications that dictate factions and I thought this detracted from the experience. Interesting anecdote. How far was the server from vanilla in terms of modifications, for example was there any form of chest protection/block protection?

    Umm. very far. it is riddled with mods
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] My story
    First off. this guy is right^^^
    Second. You just wasted thirty seconds of valuable forum time. Although i can see how this story could devastate you. Its all your fault and you shoudnt be expecting sympathy from others. But parts of this story are fake anyways so.....
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    posted a message on Implications of a political and economic simulation on minecraft
    I understand completely where your coming at. Although this seems like a hard task to accomplish i believe it could be done. Although just for your interest i should state that the closest thing to this idea that has/ is happening in minecraft. Is actually on some of the big PVP servers. I played on a server called thebattlecraft for a LONG time. And over that period of time i saw communitys of people rise and fall. Simply due to new factions and civilisations rising.
    For example. I started a clan that lasted around 4 months. Over that time we wiped 2 other clans off the face of the earth. This meant that the players had to distribute themselves elsewhere and therefore making another clan stronger.
    And to get onto the topic of economics. Every member on the server had the opportunity to establish a small shop in a market(for a small sum of money) in which they could buy and sell materials and resources to other players. This meant that the money in the server really just cycled around and diminished a lot slower than in servers where materials are sold to an "admin shop". And since materials can only be sold to other players. this meant that there was never any large amounts of money introduced into the server (exept for when new players join. in which they gain 500 in-game money).

    Thanks for your time
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    posted a message on Minecraft is always improving!
    Agreed. Good post op.

    Another thing. Im glad that there is finally another person on this planet that understands what an RPG is. The most controversy going on about RPG definition is on the Elder Scrolls forum. And OMG. People seem to think that a RPG needs to be a number crunching game where you have to have an intricate leveling system and a change to the world for every action. In my opinion an RPG is a game where you, the player, assume the role of the character and try to live In the world from their eyes.

    And that brings me back on topic. Assuming my opinion on what an RPG is, is correct. Then i believe minecraft can be an RPG if you want it to. And no that is not a bad thing at all.

    just my opinion. feel free to critic.
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    posted a message on Should I buy premium?
    Think of it this way. If you havent brought minecraft yet then you arent playing minecraft. And stop using illegal software.
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    posted a message on [16x] [MC 1.2.5/12w17a] AuraCraft - The RPG Recension - Books! - 100K DLs!
    WOw. Just wow. This texture pack is flippin amazing. There are no flaws in any of the textures and it really makes the world feel more dark but at the same time more realsitc
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    posted a message on ~ | THE LORD OF THE CRAFT | ~ - ENTER ATHERA - ~ Officially the #1 Minecraft Roleplay Server

    Minecraft Account Name:choco6o666

    How old are you?:18

    Time-Zone/Country of Residence:gmt+12

    Do you have a good grip on the English language/good grammar?:It is my first language. And yes i do

    Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself: Well im currently at uni/college and i have an adept knowledge of minecraft.I love to roleplay and i get along with other people well. I also have a fascination with Elves.

    How much time could you be on the server weekly?:10 hours

    What do you know about Roleplaying? Give a definition of what it means to you:Roleplaying means leaving the real world behind and immersing yourself in the world that you are playing. it means eating that piece of bread to prevent yourself from dyeing even if you dont need to. it means not doing a quest for the sake of it but to do it because it fits your character.

    What experience have you had in Roleplaying, if any?: Played all Elder scrolls (yes, even arena), baldurs gate, avernum 6 and many more.

    In your own Words, define what the act of Meta-Gaming is: it is when a person uses their real life knowledge to influence their self in game.

    In your own Words, define what the act of Power-Gaming is: power gaming is when the player tries to reach a objective as fast as possible. e.g exp, lvls, quest.

    What do you expect this server will be like?:I expect a fantasy world with hopefully lots of lore and emmersion. I hope it will be able to support a in-depth roleplaying for my Elf. I also hope i will be able to make a mark upon it. As this is the way i try to play all my roleplay games. I also hope it will leave minecraft behind and become something new.

    What other server(s) have you played on and why did you leave them?: the battlecraft/Havok and a few other small NZ servers. I left Havok because it simply became riddled with mods that took away from the making a clan aspect.

    Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?:Yes

    Do you promise to abide by said rules, and laws? This includes the Server, Forum, and Teamspeak set Rules:Yes

    How did you hear about us? Did someone refer you?:I have just always known about this server. It is everywhere. I honestly cant remember when i first heard about it

    Have you previously made an Application? If so could you link us to your last Application?:I have. but it was last year. if you would still like me to link you to it after reading then i will try and sift through. but its probably long gone

    Have you posted this application on our minecraft forum thread yet? If not, just finish it up on here and then copy + paste is over there. (░▒▓-the-lord-of-the-craft-▓▒░-enter-the-world-of-asulon-o-f-f-i-c-i-a-l-l-y-t-h-e-n-o-1-r-p-s-e-r-v-e-r/):I have now that you have said it


    Character Name:Folamer

    What Race are you?:Elf

    What Sub-Race are you? (note, you aren’t required to have a sub-race):--

    Biography (Please make this at least 2 paragraphs long. This must include the history of your character and his life as well as age, appearance and personality, etc.):Folamer is a curious yet wise elf. He has blonde hair like his ancestors and a small amount of stubble. many may consider him to be handsome. But he is always in the forests. At the age of 15 the curious boy ventured out into the forests surrounding malinor and tried to survive the night. During a long and restless night he had managed to craft an oak bow and several arrows. He found a keen tree and then waited for any prey or foe to come along. After the night had passed he had encountered nothing. So with dissapointment he went home. When he returned home to his house on the very outskirts of the elven city,he found that his parents had been killed by some of the very few Elven raiders. Instead of trying to find authorities he grabbed his fathers dagger and ran off into the woods again.

    many years had passed and at the age of 50 he had grown to become a mature, skill full and agile hunter. Living off the land inside the forests near malinor he had created a small hut and farm to support himself. Folamer would often venture into the city to sell his hard earned goods and food for coin. But at night he would take upon his bow, dagger and cloak and venture off into the forest to hunt cows and sheep. Folamer is a content soul. he would never try to kill another innocent man, dwarf or orc. But if he needed to he would fire an arrow into their heart before they could sheath their sword.

    At the age of 61 at which folamer is currently aged he was forced to kill a man who was wandering near his home. Folamer saw the man, and went outside to question him on his buisness. as folamer got close to the man, the man pulled out a dagger. So without thinking Folamer quickly whipped out an arrow and fired it. the arrow hit the man in the heart and he died instantly. turns out the man was simply going to pick a rare herb off the ground.

    Folamer continues his life in the forest and continues his life as before. trying to forget the accident. but always being haunted.

    What is your Character's ambitions?: prehapes get tied into a big elven event. But untill that happens he will stay secluded in the forest.

    What is your character’s favorite tool? (sword, pickaxe, shovel, etc):Bow. for hunting animals

    What is one of your Character's most skilled talents?: Archery. definatly archery.

    A screenshot of your skin (must be in proper format):

    Other Information about your Character:He has dark red eyes since the time when he killed the human


    Whilst traveling from the Cloud Temple you see a small halfling, being harassed by two armed warriors. They appear to be trying to steal money from him, how does your character respond?: Takes his bow in hand and puts an arrow in each of the warrior. Then turns away before being thanked

    Your character wanders into Alras, and comes across a small stall, behind which a well dressed man is standing. He’s offering various wares, the merchant turns to you and says in a posh accent " 'ello there, what can I do you for today?" What is your character response?: Silence. Folamer does not speak to those who do not need speaking to.

    Whilst wandering in the wilds, your character comes across a small hut, which looks abandoned. Inside it you see a chest containing a few iron bars, and a golden sword. How would your character respond?: He would take the sword in hand. twirl it around for a bit then. But then simply put it back as he does not believe in stealing.

    Hungry and lost in the wilderness, you stumble across a small trading camp nestled among the forest, they greet you you in the common tongue, how do you respond?: Folamer, food around neck greets the traders and offers to trade half of his food for some coin. he may stay and quietly observe the culture but he would soon turn away and return home.

    You hear word that bandits occupy the road outside the town in which you have been staying. The town guard have gathered, and are asking for assistance to help eliminate them. The leader of the party is offering a reward for any who offer their support. How does your character act on this information?: He will take upon the job as long as it wasnt to stubborn. And when the job is done he would take the reward and return home without any gloating or other menial activities.

    Thanks for your time.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Login Servers Down
    Oh god. Ima already starting to get withdraw symptoms. Don't you just hate it when you cant go play another game whilst waiting for the one you want to play, to work
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    posted a message on What difficulty do you play on?
    I like to play on easy. but if there was the old food system i would probs bump it up to normal.
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    posted a message on Are you honestly scared of Minecraft?
    Quote from A Blind Moron

    I'm not talking jump scares. Everyone gets caught off guard now and again. I mean just this awful dread of going into caves or being caught outside at night without shelter.
    Ohh. then i guess i dont. I go outside at night quite often now. But then i suppose thats because ive got more skillz in killing mobs now
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