About Me

student, programmer. minecraft veteran for 7 years.

i made a mod for minecraft forge a few years ago, when i was just a kid. nowadays i make server plugins.

here's all my minecraft-related work:

  • aforementioned Chlod's Mod, circa 2016 and its unfinished reboot. i'm not proud of these two but you gotta start somewhere, right?
  • Boxes, another unfinished mod. again, not proud of it.
  • PandaBundle, a series of plugins we used on our now-defunct server. i've sadly taken its repository private.
  • Verus, an upcoming authentication system that utilizes email confirmation. here's a sneak peek of what you should expect

that's pretty much it.

i have a twitter account if you want to stalk me too.

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Minecraft Chlod Xbox Chlod Aidan Twitch ChlodAlejandro Discord chlod#9493

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