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Hi! I am Chitterchatter_ but feel free to call me just Chitter.

I am the owner of a survival server called Explorer's Bay. I am very excited about adventure, it's a great community and I am looking forward to making all sorts of new minecraft friends! You can find us at IP:

I am often part of the "late night" crew in MC as I live in PST time, in Canada. I am just north of Seattle, WA so no I don't live in an igloo!

I been playing MC since 2013. Just like me irl, I love flowers and trees, and everything nature. I love to help people in the game, and go on adventures.

Can't wait to see everyone in game, and have lots of fun! <3


Minecraft, Geocaching, Hiking, Fishing, Camping, Enjoying nature

Location Vancouver, BC

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Minecraft ChitterChatter_ Discord ChitterChatter_#0001 PMC ChitterChatter_

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