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    posted a message on Solert SMP (15+) (Mindcrack/Hermitcraft/Cube-like server)

    1. What is your IGN: Xidis
    2. Why are you interested in joining this server? I've recently took a break from miencraft to try new games and do new things, but i am back and i've been looking for a server that will last awhile for me both modded and vanilla. This server seems to fit into my criteria and looks like a good group of guys/gals.
    3. Why should we accept you into this server? Im a pretty good guy who respects others and likes to play good old minecraft, building onto the community is also very important for me.
    4. How often will you play on the server? School and work come into conflict with playing on the server but i will be able to put at least 5 hours a week depending on (school/work)
    5. How old are you? 17

    6. How long have you played Minecraft for?My favorite thing about Minecraft is the multiple things you can do in it and create wonderful things. Mojang have created a game which allows you to create your world, with a community to play with it builds to this idea and allows everyone to play together.
    7. What timezone are you in?MST (Mountain Standard Time)
    8. What is your skype? dillpickel7333
    9. If you plan on recording, what is your YouTube: I don't believe i will record, but my views might change in the future.
    10. Any bans? Of course i've been banned for hardcore death ban :P, but no i haven't been banned from a server before.

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    posted a message on The World of Edvarr (Mianite)

    How long you have played Minecraft: Since beta 1.8


    Why we should accept you:Because i love modded minecraft and mianite looks very fun to play with some good people!

    Will you be mature and not complain:Of course, it's just a video game in the end.
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    posted a message on Modded (Bigger Modpack then Infinity) Is not open! 1.7.10 (Fun times)



    Modded History: I played FTB Direwolf20, Modsauce, Crackpack, Bevo Tech Pack, And some other packs.

    Why you want to join:Just want to try a new mod pack that has some different aspects to gameplay.

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    posted a message on New 1.8.3 vanilla minecarft server[16+][8GBRAM][50slots]





    Why would you like to join slipcraft?I want to play on a smp and have fun wit other players

    What is your specialties?Farms of all sorts!

    Tell us a little about yourself:Im in my final year of high school and enjoy playing mc with others

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    posted a message on [Whitelist]Nirvana Minecraft(100% Vanilla) MindCrack inspired! Great Community!

    Why you would like to join:This seems like a good server with good community and I've really wanted to get back into minecraft and play some smp with a pair of awesome peopl!
    What are you best at in Minecraft?:Building automation and and using redstone to create contraptions!
    What are you 3 most favorite foods in the game?:1.Pufferfish 2.steak 3.Golden Carrots
    What kind of player are you?:I like to fool around with redstone and have fun building my base and supplies up. I also like to build different types of farms that are automatic and require redstone knowledge to work around problems!
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    posted a message on [1.8+] SkargnessRPG [GreyListed] || Player Owned Shops|| Mature || Economy || 24/7 [Daily-Jobs] - Open
    Minecraft IGN:Chillin__Dylan
    Age: 17
    What has your experience been on Minecraft: I've played since earl 2012 and have played in many different versions of minecraft. I know most of the mechanics (except some of the new ones) and have learned many ways to use redstone and these mechanics.
    Why do you want to join this server?: I wanna play on a vanilla server that will last a long time for me and that i can enjoy my time playing on. The vanilla server i was most recently on was switched to a modded server so i decided to quit it and try to find a new server to play on and enjoy my time on!
    Have you read & agree on the Rules?:Ive read them and fully agree with these rules
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    posted a message on Brand new whitelisted 1.7.10 modded community server looking for mature 16+ members
    IGN:Chillin__Dylan (Double underscore

    How long have you been playing minecraft?I started playing minecraft when beta 1.8 was just released my brother showed me a guy on youtube named etho of course, and i decided to put the money forward to purchase the game. I fell in love and played this game for awhile. After i was bored of vanilla i decided i should try out some modded survival i played modded for about 3 months then i just wasn't into it. I then quit and started playing other games and just having fun with my friends. I returned to the game in 1.6 update and just fell in love again.


    Have you even been banned from a server and why? Yes iv'e been banned, i disagreed with a young admin about using creative on a survival only server, he did not like me stating my opinion on the matter and i was banned. I hope this doesn't affect my chances on getting on the server.

    Do you record, and what is the name of your youtube channel?No, but i might consider it in the future!

    How good are you at building and redstone? 7 i worked on many different projects involving redstone, with the help of youtube and some other strong redstoner's i was able to futher my understanding of redstone and how it work's.

    Most important one, Do you agree with the rules to the t and understand the consequences if caught?Yes i fully agree with these fair rules.I believe the rules on a server help other players enjoy there time without the griefers destroying a project someone worked very hard on.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Whitelist SMP 24/7 Amplified Mind/Hermit Craft-Based Server
    In game name:Chillin__Dylan (Double underscores)



    Maturity:I am as mature as my age as in i act 17-18 years old, considering im graduating this year i have alot of responsibilities to uphold in my life college, job and what i need to decide to do for the rest of my life!

    Want to do Youtube: Never really been interested in youtube but i might give it a shot, i really like watching videos that hermitcraft youtubers post and enjoy watching some of mindcrack. But ya i could give it a shot!

    Social Skills: I am pretty good with people and love to work on projects together and i like to help them with there personal buildings, I would say im probably a 7/10 when speaking with other players

    Minecraft Pros and Cons:For pros i pretty good at building redstone projects ive learned alot from youtuber's,also i am pretty good at building large scale projects that require alot of blocks placing.I am really bad at staying alive i die alot i don't know why maybe its a curse but i mean i die ALOT.

    How do you feel about community projects/events: I love community projects ideas from others mix and great thing's come from it, people who are good/great at redstone mix with great builders and amazing buildings and projects come from it. Community events are key to a server by having fun with each other and getting together to build a friendship with server members.


    How much time do you have to play: Considering i have schooling which comes first and i work, i would probably be able to (at least} 1 hour a day most likely 2 hours but depends on tests, homework and my job schedule!

    Why would you like to join THIS server, what makes it special: You honestly feel like an awesome owner, which seems very mature and just overall fun to play with. The aspect of amplified terrain just makes me smile with the possibility of stuff we as a sever can do!

    What are your achievements you want to get done if you join?I want to end up building large farms pigman,iron golem,mob and many more. Also building a cool high mountain style fortress would be my main goal for my base. I have a cool idea for it and hope i can create it on your server.

    What are your achievements in minecraft Survival/Creative. I used to play modpacks and completed the moonquest modpack by creating most things in the modpack. For creative i made helms deep off the lord of the rings! I also made a tree house with my friend which turned out amazing! Ive created the iron foundry in my single player and i used Xisuma's overworld gold far on my world.

    What are your feelings about X-Ray, Cheaters, Abusive OP's, Manipulating the game, Griefers, Hackers ETC? I glad that mojang has cracked down on xray because thats cheating and should not be allowed. The 1.8 update made it very hard for hackers and cheaters to use hacked clients to ruin the game for others. As for griefers they are immature people for destroying other players hard work, Like if you really want to "grief" DO IT TO YOUR OWN STUFF!
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    posted a message on Fox Craft Modded || 1.7.10 Hermitcraft Modsauce || Whitelist || NEW IP || DDR4 RAM || Forum ||

    Minecraft username:Chillin__Dylan
    Year of birth:1997
    What will you add to the community:I will add my expertise to the mods using most of them to create great projects and innovation.
    What are you good at?/ Something about yourself: I love games i just have fun playing them and learning about them im addicted to minecraft and league of legends and would love to play some modsauce. Also i love using photoshop to make minecraft and league wallpapers.
    How many other modded servers have you been whitelisted to/ Joined in the past month?:Just a bevo tech pack but modsauce released soon as i got accepted.
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    posted a message on Midcraft Rebooted- Minecraft ModSauce Server. Now accepting new members. [ModSauce][All Optional but Fastcraft]{PvE}{Mature Comm
    • What is your IGN:Chillin__Dylan
    • Age:17
    • Skype (mandatory):dillpickel7333
    • Country/Time Zone:Canada MST
    • What is your greatest achievement in Minecraft: Building the iron foundry within 4 days of starting the world!
    • What is your experience with modded Minecraft:I played yogscast complete,crackpack.moonquest and bevos tech pack (All completed)
    • How often will you play:10-15 hours a week depends on my work.
    • What can you contribute to the server:I am a mature guy just looking for a nice community to play some modsauce with.
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    posted a message on --[Orchid Vanilla]-- -[1.8, The Bountiful Update!]- -[A true vanilla experience!]- -[Peaceful]- -[No PvP]- -[Mature community]-
    Minecraft Username: Chillin__Dylan
    Age/Grade: 17 grade 12
    How did you hear about Orchid?: Just looking for a 1.8 server that's vanilla.
    Favorite Activity in Minecraft (I.E. Building, farming): Building automation and working with redstone
    A brief Description of yourself: I've been playing modded minecraft for awhile now and decided to come back to vanilla.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.8 Need to be disabled for some reasons.
    Ya idk if anyone having problems do you mind putting you computer specs



    Amount of ram:


    Java version:
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.8 Need to be disabled for some reasons.
    I never stated quad core in anyway re-read my post and consider editing your's thank you.
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