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    This is pretty awesome. I first got it for the horse stats but then I noticed it has way more than I expected that I would use. I was super surprised on how well it worked on servers, may have to do with me being op ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Besides that I use it for everything as it has everything. This is pretty awesome. I am running this on a 1.8 client with Forge, Optifine, Armor Status (not to big of a fan of the layout of your armor stats), InvTweaks, and VoxelMap. This is a pretty sweet setup. Thank you so much for spending time and effort into making this piece of art.

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    This is for the Chillax Gaming Minecraft Community.
    You will get a Developer Rank on the servers.

    Looking for dedicated developer which knows how to code Java comprehensively and knows decently about Modded Minecraft Servers and how Minecraft mods work. We are willing to pay to the amount of work you do. We can decide on a monthly payment or pay on make basis depending on your knowledge.

    If you are interested please contact me at [email protected].
    If you can not contact me there then do so at [email protected]
    Please do not contact if you are a STARTER DEVELOPER.

    I am unsure if this is allowed on Minecraft Forums but if not please remove it.
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    Chillax Hexxit - Chillax Gaming

    IP: hexxit.chillax-gaming.com
    Website: www.chillax-gaming.com

    Chillax Hexxit is a using the modpack Hexxit.

    What you can do?
    Gear up and set forth on a campaign worthy of legend, for Hexxit has
    been unearthed! Dark dungeons, towering spires, weathered ruins and
    musty tomes lay before you. Lay claim to riches or create your own
    artifacts, tame beasts and carve out your own story in endless wonder.
    Alone or with friends, adventure awaits in Hexxit.
    Hexxit is a new collection of mods for Minecraft that put adventure
    above all else, in the style of old Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.
    Exploration is interesting, the dangers are greater and the sense of
    satisfaction of clearing out a dungeon is intense.

    Why Chillax?
    Chillax's Hexxit server is way better than all other servers you will
    see because we have a community already build, we have a separate PvE
    and PvP Servers attached in one server. You just can go there in one
    command or portal. On our PvP Server you have the ability use factions
    and make your own bases to attack and grief others but for those who
    enjoy no griefing we have a PVE server that lets you use Towny and build
    up towns and have fun with friends with no worries of griefs. Chillax
    doesn't crash as most servers do. We have put in hours and hours in of
    effort to fix all crash issues on our Hexxit Servers and we are still
    working on doing so.

    Hexxit PvE:
    The general PvE Rules. No Griefing, no stealing, no killing, no spamming, and play peacefully!

    Hexxit PvP:
    The general PvP Rules. Greif, Steal, Kill, No Spamming, and Raid.

    Banned Items:
    Coming soon!

    Removed Mods:

    How do I get Hexxit?
    Just download the launcher, login, then select the pack and you are in!

    Screen Shots:
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    Quote from FireHazard128

    In that case, we need a re-count, but this time not counting palette swaps.


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    IP: pixelmon.chillax-mc.com

    Chillax Pixelmon is a pokemon based Minecraft Server. We are a server that uses Forge and Pixelmon Mod (Read at the bottom to learn how to install). You can come here and replay your Pokemon experiences in 3D! This is the ultimate flashback from all those Pokemon games!

    Chillax Pixelmon has a nice remake of the Pokemon map, which is fairly new and in progress, and we also let you go out into the wild and build yourself a house. We are running the plugin Towny as a Grief Prevention plugin as PVP, Griefing, and stealing is NOT allowed!

    This server is very new and in progress! Please come and enjoy yourself!
    Want to become staff? Go apply -> http://chillax-gamin...tions/pixelmon/

    How to play?:
    Step 1: Visit the mod's site http://pixelmonmod.com/ and download the latest version.

    Step 2: Download Minecraft Forge -> Here
    Step 3: Run the Minecraft Forge you rank, install client
    Step 4: Once done open your Minecraft Client on the left side click Profile and click Forge and Run it.
    Step 5: Go to your Minecraft Folder (%appdata%).
    Step 6: Drag/Drop your Pixelmon Zip you downloaded to your Minecraft Folder/mods/
    Step 7: Run Minecraft again on that Profile and join Chillax!
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    Quote from Harry77780

    My server works, just Forge (installed server), with Pixelmon 2.5 in the mods folder, but when I try to ride a Pixelmon, it just crashes the server.

    It's very irritating, not to say you haven't done a great job though!

    Same as this ^

    Same issue, I am trying to host a Pixelmon server and when I ride things it crashes the server for that error.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] ForgeIRC v1.0.18, Soul Shards v2.0.15, and Recipe Remover v1.1 [Updated 1/1/2014]
    My issue is I host a Hexxit Server, Chillax Hexxit, and you can only ban the whole mod instead of just disabling Tier 5 or 4. As those are very laggy for the server.
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    1.IGN: Jasonsj10 and ChillaxOwner
    2.Age: 15
    3.Gender: Male
    4.What time zone are you in: EST
    5.Any former clan experience(name them): Uhh, none?
    6.Rate your Maturity 1-10: 8
    7.Rate your PvP Skill 1-10: 2
    8.What is your Skype(Mandatory): ChillaxOwner
    9.Do you have Team Speak(Not Mandatory): Well, you use MY teamspeak server don't you?
    10.Why do you want to join: Becuase I wanna play in your faction on my alt.
    11.Anything else you want to add: Uhh, I own Chillax but I wont give you free items or special privileges
    12.What is the code phrase: RMMC Private Reporting for duty and post it in your application
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    Quote from iAmMole

    I don't have it. Is is possible for someone to send it so someone else? My username is iAmMole.

    Doubt it mate.


    It says
    "The service is currently in closed alpha and only a select few has been invited so far."

    But what doesn't make sense why I got it then lost it.
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    Quote from will1982

    I have it, I believe everyone else does too.

    Not everyone, and thing is. I shut my Hexxit ModPack and ran a 1.6.2 client and it didn't have it >.<AND NOW ITS GONE! D:
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