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    Hello, I am Taken. I enjoy setting up servers, presenting them to the public and creating while also maintaining an amazing community to go along with it. I've recently set out to create a new server, ChillaxMC. This server will be focused around Economy, and Survival. The server is still in development (whitelisted from the public), but I am creating this post to hopefully speed up and finalize the server in order to release. If you are interested in a new/very fresh community and enjoy Minecraft Survival, with quality of life additions, please read on. Thank you for reading this far.

    What puts ChillaxMC above others?
    ChillaxMC is 90% community driven. We strive to create a community that'll enjoy our services. We need our community for feedback, so we can do what they enjoy. We put the community first to ensure that they're getting what they deserve. We try to listen to everyone within our community. Without you, hopefully ;), we wouldn't be able to sustain the positive energy to keep trying to better the server in every possible aspect.

    Active staff. Our server will present a staff team that will be around when times are hard, and easy. While the staff team does have to prioritize their life over a video game, we still strive to assist members as soon as possible. The owner, me, ClickError(Taken), is also active... while I am usually on for the benefit for the server, I still try and interact with everyone. If I do not respond, please do not take it personal! Best way to get in contact with me is via my Discord DMs, or through our discord support system.

    What features can you expect so far?
    [Charms] We have charms that you can open in our server spawn for rewards. The rewards get better as the charm boxes get better.
    So far, there's two types of charms on our server, and you can get the completely free. You can vote for our server via the /vote command and earn up to 5x charms a day. Within the vote charm, you can have a chance to earn the other charm as a reward.

    [Jobs] As mentioned above we are an Economy Survival server. There will be ways to earn money such as our job system. You can join a job upon joining. These jobs will pay you for your every day Minecraft task. Such as Mining, Farmer, Mob Hunting, and so many more. You can increase your job slots by upgrading your rank by voting!

    [Vote Ranks] We offer free ranks that players can get, well, for free, just by voting for our server. There will be a total of 7x ranks that can be achieved. Please keep in mind that these ranks will take several days to achieve as you can only vote up to 5x times in a day.

    [Custom Crafting] We offer many, many different custom crafting recipes. Such as crafting Quartz back into their pre-crafted form, easily crafting wet sponge back into regular sponge, just by putting it in your crafting slot, compressing items that you get in bulk for easier storage and so much more.

    We will have much more to do, and have so much more unlisted.

    If you are interested to stay up to date on the server, get notified of when the server releases, rank giveaways, and much much more, please go ahead and join our official server discord with this link. https://discord.gg/KBScT7bBtj

    Please remember that the server is unreleased right now, this post is to hopefully find members to help out with suggestions, ideas, and also to give players a head start to be one of the first few on the server upon release.

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