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    It's finally done! My RMH (Redstone Modern House) 100% MCPE

    Special Features:
    Working lights
    Working Garage Door
    Flushing Toilet
    Fun House Mirror
    Working Shower
    Working Bathtub

    2 Living rooms
    1 Dining Area
    1 Kicthen
    1 Kicthen Table
    1 Garage
    2 Bathrooms
    1 Basement
    1 Working Area
    2 Bedrooms and 1 Parent Room
    1 Swimming pool (adults/kids)

    Make sure only the plastic texture pack and the redstone activated or else the mod will not work.

    1. Using the Androzip unzip the "zipped file"
    2. Install the apk then open blocklauncher pro
    3. tap the wrench on the top then tap "Launcher options" and activate "Manage Addons" Enjoy!

    Note: Just download the Pocket power v1 a.k.a redstone mod and play the map, Don't replace the redstone lamp with glowstone also do not add some stuff to the house.

    Redstone Mod:https://www.dropbox.com/s/m…/PocketPower%20v1%20Release.zip…
    Map download: http://www7.zippyshare.com/v/aGmVpdqt/file.html
    TP: Plastic Texture Pack
    Credits to by Byteandahalf

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