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Hello and welcome! The name is Chikka. I have temporarily stepped down from my responsibilities as a moderator for the MCX360, MC Playstation, and Pocket Edition forums.

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A bit about me:
I play Minecraft exclusively on Xbox. Currently I only have a Silver subscription to LIVE, so I am unavailable for multiplayer.
I also enjoy Borderlands 1 and 2.
My favorite game of all time is Super Metroid, and I hope to some day beat the world record speedrun time.

I enjoy music a lot. I prefer classic rock, alternative rock, instrumentals, and chiptunes, but I'm okay with just about any genre. Dubstep is an exception, it gives me headaches.

I love puns. More accurately, I love making people groan. I tell jokes more for my own amusement

I'm an aspiring chef. Unfortunately my greatest inspiration is Epic Meal Time. Ask me about my Heart-Attack Chicken.

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