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    Quote from PileGuru

    Obviously you've never been in a jungle biome when it was getting late and trying to find your way out with mobs already chasing you since they tend to survive the day and you just don't quite have the time to stop and take your bearings.

    If it was getting late then it should be obvious to see where the sun is setting and thus anything to the right of it is north. Not very hard.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] 100% Vanilla, Mindcrack Based, 24/7, Whitelist
    IGN: Chickenman216
    Age: 15
    Region: U.S. East Coast
    What makes you want to join this server? It's a brand new, everyone's just beginning, 100% survival server. Just what I'm looking for.
    How long have you played Minecraft? Since roughly 1.2 release.
    Have you been banned from a server before, if so why? No.
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    Its not proven that biome specifics are the only reason its generation is based on per chunk. the world loads per chunk, so ores are generated per chunk
    I haven't seen any proof for the later either.
    EDIT: Well, technically it's true, but ore PLACEMENT isn't determined by chunk.
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    posted a message on what is your favourite youtube minecrafter
    TwoAwesomeGamers. Surprised this didn't come up earlier.
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    Tri-engine passenger planes?

    What is this, 1995?
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    posted a message on Buff Minecarts?
    With the introduction of horses, I fear the minecarts are going to become obsolete. Horses are almost twice as fast, easier to obtain, can jump, and can go anywhere. The only trait minecarts have over horses is in transporting cargo, but even that's debatable since you can get donkeys to transport goods too. Therefore, I suggest a minecart speed buff to make minecarts go at 80% the speed of the fastest horse, up from 50%. This way, the draw of using minecarts is increased because to get a horse faster than them would take a lot of breeding and time. This would mean it would probably be easier to just make a rail system for places close to you, but a bit far to walk. However, horses would still be dominant in traveling to far away places or a large amount of different places. This would cause minecarts and horses to take up a separate niche in Minecraft transportation.
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    Quote from SavoEr
    In my opinion, even a locomotive should be introduced in a very far future version of original MC, just because the minecart would be outrated. Let's say you are ambitious and want to travel a huge distance (30000 blocks) from one place to another. You won't want to ride in a minecart for hours... honestly!
    Of course... anytime a new thing is implemented, the game could become unbalanced until the next update.
    If you wanted to travel ~30,000 blocks, you'd do it through the Nether. Even with fast trains, you'd have to place all the track for it first defeating the whole purpose.
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    Those towers are so suggestive...
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    posted a message on My very first big house in survival mode. (:
    It's nice, but block variation would be nice too.
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    posted a message on What's the most annoying sound in minecraft?
    I'm surprised no one has said rain yet. It's so loud and obnoxious.
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