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    posted a message on pocket mine survival server chickencraft
    IP is and port is 19132
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    posted a message on New Clan Crazy People Only Recruiting
    If you would like to join plz type out a form like this


    Google Email (Skype doesn't work for me we will use this for hangouts)


    Position Desired (positions are you tuber, server creator (we will try to get a well working server since I can't do it), website creator, group moderator, or basic member if you would not like to try any of this)

    Why you would like to join: (not just something like "Cuz I wanna" or whatever)

    Clan Name suggestion: (haven't thought of a good one)
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    posted a message on mcpe server 2
    Port: 33477
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    posted a message on mcpe server
    Survival server IP: port: 30359
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