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    posted a message on Guys pls help me :(

    Hey, after a while of looking for answers to your questions, I found these 2 really neat websites that have answers to your question. (And a lot of other questions, too!)
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    posted a message on Minecraft... What Happened To You?
    You're obviously not that old of a player, since you think that the "old Minecraft" involved making BEDS.

    Son, back in my day, we didn't have any fancy schmancy beds, just a cave, some torches and a crafting table! And goddamnit, we LIKED it like that!
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    posted a message on Today I met a friendly enderman.
    I was just busy mining away with 2 of my friends in our SMP server, when all of the sudden somebody lets out a huge scream. A moment later he says "Oh... oh... it's okay guys... he's nice..." Then my other friend said, "Hey! Why not give him a name?" I piped in, "He looks like a Jack to me!" From then on, there were 4 of us. Me, Shadowkan, Shredster7, and Jack the Enderman.

    We had a great time together. We mined several stacks of iron, Jack helped move blocks that were in our way, he even saved me from falling into a ravine once. Jack was a wonderful person.

    Eventually it got a bit late, so Shadowkan had to leave. I was a bit tired as well, so I had the idea of making a room for Jack somewhere down in our mine. I built it out of wood, had nice wool floors, and even had some books and bookshelves for Jack to read if he got bored. I said goodnight to Jack, and then Shredster7 and I logged off for the night.

    Today, I logged back on, and spawned back in the mine. It was just myself, alone. I checked up on Jack's room I built for him. There were 3 blocks missing from where the door used to be. Jack was nowhere to be found. The only clue I had as to where Jack went to was a small note in the middle of the floor. Jack was a (ender)man of few words, and it showed all the way to the end. The note had nothing written on it. Clever, Jack. Very clever.

    I snooped around for a few minutes to see if Jack was just hanging out nearby. I checked back at the ravine that Jack saved me from the night before. Peering down from the ledge, all I saw was a single ender pearl silently laying there.

    RIP Jack, the Enderman who only loved

    Sep. 15 - Sep 16

    Pictures of the Jack the Enderman memorial: (Built my Chicago63 and Shredster7)

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    posted a message on What makes current Terrain Generation ugly?
    (These are all purely my opinions, so if you disagree you don't need to get too offended. :tongue.gif:)

    1. Birch trees. They're ok-ish, but they just seem really out of place in the Minecraft world. The bark is badly textured, and it really doesn't looks good next to any other block in the game. I really haven't seen anybody make anything good-looking out of it without a texture pack. Bleck.

    2. Tall Grass. The original tall grass mod was great. Small, subtle, looked wonderful. Notch's version of this mod? Tall, ugly, non-centered, laggy, and looks like my uncle's hairy, unshaven.... well, you get the point. This is my least favorite update to Minecraft.

    3. Glitchy biomes. Unrealistic biomes are a pain. It definitely ruins the sense of "infinite maps" in Minecraft. Instead of one huge world, it seems more like somebody took 4 worlds, shoved them in a blender, asked their toddler to re-arrange the pieces, and called it a day.

    Those are basically the 3 main points against the current terrain generation that I have. I know Notch and Jens are working hard on the new generation for 1.8, and they're awesome for that. Terrain is just what's been keeping me from un-installing my 1.1.0 backup and giving 1.7 another chance.

    Of course nothing can come close to the original Alpha world generation, that was just purely epic. Biomes were just an absolute huge leap down in terms of terrain.

    Agree? Disagree? Have no idea what I'm talking about because you joined in Beta?
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    posted a message on Which Version is Better?
    Indev, ONLY because

    1. Nostalgia (obviously)
    2. Limited maps. It makes your experience in Minecraft much more... I don't know, "personal?"

    Also, most people who voted Beta have never played pre-Halloween Alpha. Just throwing that out there.
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    posted a message on "Clouds don't go through buildings anymore"
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    posted a message on Squids should have more spawning requirements...
    Seriously now, nobody wants a bunch of squids laying around where you have a miniature 2x2x2 pool....

    I was thinking something like a requirement of the body of water being at least 7 blocks deep, 20 blocks wide?

    This is to prevent the annoying-ness of Squids being everywhere that they shouldn't be, and to prevent Squid-Farmers who just spend all day exploiting Squids' spawning requirements for infinite ink sacs.

    Also so Squids stay in the ocean ONLY, where they belong! (and some fishtanks)
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    posted a message on Question about alpha buying?
    Nope. I know Notch kind of slipped up calling the Xperia Play and Xbox 360 Minecrafts "versions," but that's not what he meant when he said you get all future versions of Minecraft for free.

    He meant that you get all future patch updates for free, and after release, if it has something like a "Modern Expansion Pack," Alpha players get that for free, but not Beta players.
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    posted a message on Endermen may be the second best builders (other than players) in Minecraft.
    Quote from Mrmac23

    *whispers* I think he may be slightly mad.

    *shh, let's just quietly exit through the back. Pretend you're going to the bathroom.*
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    posted a message on Dear Bethesda.
    You can't copyright ONE word, Bethesda, such as Scrolls. Even if the game was called Oblivion, you can't do anything.

    Let me ask you Bethesda, how much did your Elder Scrolls series have to do with scrolls? It didn't have **** to do with scrolls, did it. Just swords and killing rats.

    You're thinking fans will get "confused" with the Elder Scrolls, and Scrolls? No way, idiots. You know very well that everybody refers to your games as their subtitle, such as "Morrowind," "Oblivion," and "Skyrim."

    Now, Skyrim is a unique, new word you made to define your game. If Mojang made a game called Skyrim, you can go ahead and sue their ass off. That's your word. Copyright that ****.

    Now, let's turn the tables, Bethesda. Let's say Ubisoft sues you for using the word "Vegas" in "Fallout: New Vegas." Since Ubisoft first made "Rainbow Six Vegas," would that change ****? Of course not, you'd walk away and Ubisoft would be left humiliated.

    Just because Mojang isn't a huge company and is pretty much "Indie" as of right now, you miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight be able to squeeze a few bucks outta them, just because your a huge company, and your lawyers could probably kick Mojang's lawer's ass. But I doubt it.

    Get your head out of your ass, Bethesda.
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