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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Am I the only one who runs this for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then it shuts down because it's "out of memory?"

    Without this mod, Minecraft runs normally, but now it runs out of memory... what..
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    posted a message on Beta VS Alpha generation?
    Alpha. Just a sweet wonderful atmosphere it had.

    I love the Beta colors, updates, etc... but it lacks something.

    There are just way too many trees all over the place, mountains are ugly, a lot of flat walls everywhere... yuck.
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    posted a message on Nerfed Fire is not good
    When you're trying to quickly clear out an area now using Flint/Steel, the recent Fire Nerf has made it a huge pain. It takes a long time for trees to burn all the way down, and large trees are never burnt all the way down. They just leave floating pieces of logs and a few floating leaves. Yuck.

    I took a screenshot but apparently the only way to upload stuff is from a linked URL so, if anybody feels like testing this out. Just go to a forest and set fire to it.
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    posted a message on Jimi Hendrix invented Minecraft!
    Like I said, somebody has probably pointed this out before. I just don't know where. :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Jimi Hendrix invented Minecraft!
    Someone has probably already pointed this out, but I haven't seen any threads about this subject yet so here goes:

    Take a quick look at the lyrics to "Voodoo Child."

    Well, I stand up next to a mountain
    And I chop it down with the edge of my hand
    Well, I pick up all the pieces and make an island
    Might even raise a little sand

    Gasp! And this was about 50 years ago! Notch, you copycat!
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    posted a message on bought minecraft and now it wont work
    Quote from jason5095

    so i bought minecraft a while ago downloaded stuff was good, i was using flatgrass, deleted it re did it. about 3 times.
    if finnaly got a laptop and wasnt aloud to use the main pc, so i installed minecraft on a gig stick put it on the laptop.
    but now on my laptop and main computer it says you arnt using the paid version if you would like to buy it please go to, and then it gives the minecraft page.

    and now i cant install flatgarass anymore?? wtf?

    Wait, instead of re-installing from the Website on your laptop, you decided to put it on a 1GB flashdrive and transferring it to your laptop?

    Also for your problem, paying for the game pays for the ACCOUNT. Not the software. It's possible to download the software before you pay for the game with your account. If your account is all paid for, all you have to do is log in with that and your good.
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    posted a message on Can I fix my world?
    Quote from Witness

    Hey whats up, I had a let's play running on the Lone Isle, I installed some mods on my minecraft and one time opened that world with the mods on. Now everytime I try to open the world without the mods it crashes because of mobs and everything. Is there something I can do to recover my world and make it work again because I don't want mods on that world I just wanted to try them out. Thanks guys.

    Simply open up the Minecraft folder in %appdata, find the folder with your world in it, move it to your desktop or something, then delete your minecraft folder. Re-install minecraft, and all your mods should be gone. Then you can put your world back into the .minecraft/worlds folder, and you're good to go.
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    posted a message on Adventure Update Predictions
    Quote from death180

    First off, those should all say 'possibly' in front of them because none are confirmed.

    Secondly, I don't get the pun. If you are referring to someone who mines, a MINER. Then you spelled it wrong thus it isn't a pun.

    Like I said, this is all speculation.

    And for the Minor/Miner thing... it's called a Homophone.
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    posted a message on Why 360 exclusives?
    Let's put this simply.

    Microsoft approached Mojang about the 360 exclusive Minecraft.

    Sony did not approach Mojang about a PS3 exclusive Minecraft.

    Guess which one is being made.
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    posted a message on Adventure Update Predictions
    - At least 1 new enemy mob
    - Different ores per biome
    - Possibly a new weapon type
    - Possibly a minor (no pun intended) leveling system?

    What are your predictions?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Server Map
    Page not found...
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    posted a message on Looking for a little server...
    I'm looking for a small server with no money, whitelist, factions, build rights, or anything like that.

    Just Minecraft. Mods are okay and everything, just no huge, sprawling city you start in, no 4000 plays online at once or any insane stuff. Something where like 6-7 players are usually online.

    If anybody would kindly help me find a server like this, that'd be great.

    If you can PM me the IP that would be nice. :smile.gif:
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