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    posted a message on Minecraft scary stories
    Quote from helo1200

    Me and a friend used to play on the same computer before, during a vacation that he stayed at my house.

    So he had this city in the world with some random castles and houses scattered around. So every time he was asleep I would go and make small holes in the buildings, rearrange his chests, remove his torches from caves, set up crappy traps like iron and then a block of lava behind it, or a dark area (map had some overhangs).

    So every time he played I told him "i'm going to the bathroom brb".
    And my room has a completely pointless window pointing to the inside of the house, so I hid behind it and watch my friend **** himself as he got attacked by creeper, kill by lava and complain that "herobrine" destroyed his town and I would be back there with my troll face trying really hard not to burst out laughing.

    Good times :iapprove:

    You're my hero.
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    posted a message on MY MINECRAFT SKIN MADE OUT OF CLOTH
    Crappy looking skin, nice looking structure.

    I'd give it a 7/10
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    posted a message on Optional limited worlds?
    Why not have the option to have limited worlds like in Classic/Indev? You can pick from Small/Medium/Large worlds, and they'll be about the same size as Indev.

    This could help with a lot of things. It'll be a bit more challenging, since if you cut down all your trees, you have to replant them, instead of just sailing over to the other island where there's a big forest.

    Also, lag will be much less of an issue for many users with old or not-up-to-par PCs.

    Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Concerns?
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    posted a message on An igloo. IN THE NETHER.
    You can't explain that!
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    posted a message on Spelunking in the darkness...
    When I'm lost, I usually just dig straight up, and when I'm at the surface I make a tower of dirt to see where my base is.
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    posted a message on Is there's a way to sleep in nether?
    Considering how there's NO day or night in the nether, and the sun isn' visible in the nether, then.... no.
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    posted a message on Bed Safety
    Bed intruder! Hide yo wife, hide yo kids!

    But seriously, don't put your bed in the middle of the room. Put it up against a 2 or 3 block thick wall.
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    posted a message on List your LEAST favorite updates in Minecraft!
    1 -- Squids.

    Kind of okay-ish concept... A little bit creative with the whole Colored Wool coming back, and needing a black dye, but seriously now... they're just badly scripted. They can spawn in VERY shallow water, and tiny pools as well. They're jumpy, ugly, and usually nobody uses them to obtain Black Wool. Often they just use leftover wool taken from black sheep.

    2 -- Fire Nerf

    Okay, I get it. This update is a blessing to many. Griefers have to work a bit harder to burn down your whole house now. Fire is now more easily put out. Yaay. Now the bad part.
    Many adventure maps are now ruined, because Wool can no longer just burn forever and reveal those great secrets hidden in Adventure maps. Also, when quickly clearing an area of trees, the Fire Nerf is nothing but a nuisance. Trees slooooowly burn, and almost every time there are floating chunks of grass/wood just chilling up in the air that you have to clean up yourself. Urk. Good intentions, kind of bad execution.

    3 -- Wolves.

    *prepares for haters* Oh, wolves. Lots of people love them somehow. I guess I can kind of see why. It makes Minecraft a somewhat less lonely, and it makes mining trips a little bit safer if you have a wolfie watching you. Again, the concept is okay, but the execution here is terrible. First of all, Wolfies don't attack mobs until you attack them. That's right, old Sparky there isn't gonna jump on that creeper who's creepin' up behind you. Nope, he's just gonna set there like a dumb dog, as you get blown to smithereens. That's probably my main gripe with wolfies, that they're useless when hunting. There's no Mob that is easier to fight alongside a wolfie. Usually you end up hitting a mob with your hand once, then wait 4 seconds for ol' Skipper to run over and bite him to death. It's always easier just to hit him with your sword until he dies. Again, Wolfies are a good concept, but the execution is flawed.

    This is NOT a hate topic. I love Minecraft and the Minecraft community. It's just that every game has one or two little flaws or useless features in it that just kind of bug you and nag at you. There are a few other things that I don't particularly care for, like the Nether lacking content, no reason to travel to other Biomes, etc. But those are very minor annoyances. And thanks to Minecraft being in the Beta stage of development, Minecraft is free to be changed, updated, and patched. Hopefully in a future patch some of these things will be fixed.

    Anyway, feel free to post things that kind of annoy YOU every now and then!
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    posted a message on New Adventure Update logo secret!
    Erp, sorry. I'm not that active on the forums. :SSSS:
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    posted a message on Who else still has their first world?
    Quote from Fendron

    I don't. INdev is no more.. D:

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    posted a message on New Adventure Update logo secret!
    Notice how Minecraft steve is holding a torch in his right hand, and a sword in his left.

    Clicky here for picture
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    posted a message on Abandoned villages?
    Take a gander at the picture of the NPC village put up.

    Notice how there's no NPCs running around?

    And how the bottom of all the houses is made out of mossy cobble, like it's been neglected for a long time?

    Seems like notch is trying to add a hint of mystery to Minecraft, in the form of abandoned villages and ruins of... random... things.
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    posted a message on [TOOL] Cyborg's Tools - MCNostalgia 1.0.4
    Quote from Bionicscorpion

    I extracted it to a file on my desktop(everything in the .zip) but it says

    'ERROR: Patch files were not found. Patching will not continue.
    Press Enter to continue..."

    Then, I am taken to the main screen.

    I have 1.7.2. Is this the cause?

    That's because you didn't download any previous versions of minecraft and put them in the bin folder.
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    posted a message on First Worlds
    I'm not quite sure, but I think the "first world" feeling only comes with the first world you generated in Minecraft.
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    posted a message on minecraft survival/pvp server
    1. No, I've actually helped crack down on griefers
    2. My old server shut down
    3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, bro
    4. Exploring underground and building cities
    5. Join an existing settlement

    IGN: Chicago63

    My username is different than my IGN, keep that in mind.

    Thanks very much!
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