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    posted a message on Wow that's retarded. Sun rises in North apparently.
    Uhm. Minecraft isn't a planet?

    You're thinking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard about this.
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    posted a message on Lagcraft
    Uhm. From what I can see, it looks like you just took every block, made it one solid color, or one main color with a maximum of 2 other "detail" colors in it.... and called it a texture pack...

    You seriously spent 1 month working on this? For shame.
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    posted a message on [Taking REQS] DeproSkins (Open)
    I'd like to request a skin please!

    Blue Eyes
    Green Shirt
    Brown Hair, looks like this: http://www.latest-hairstyles.com/images/long-cut.jpg But shorter
    Darker-Blue jeans
    Black or Brown shoes
    No hat or glasses
    Light skin, but not pale white.

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    posted a message on [16x] [1.7.3] ParmiPack V0.95 (WIP)
    I WOULD use this pack. If it had 1 minor change.

    If the hotbar didn't have wood in the background. Bright hotbars = Hard on the eyes, difficult to tell what's in the hotbar spaces.

    Other than that, good work. I might even replace the hotbar myself just to use your pack.
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    posted a message on Suggestions for the last adventure update (2.7)
    Quote from someone personal

    I heard that the last adventure update will be 2.7, and i came up with something

    Notch should have players vote on top 5 mods, to add by default into the game (if they are not added and any other updates)

    you're probably thinking "just install the mod idiot!"

    i can't because im on a laptop, and i get a black screen

    So laptop = Blackscreen? Nope nope nope nope nope.

    You didn't install it right. You either didn't delete the META-INF folder, or you intalled a mod that conflicts with other mods.

    Anyway, where did the whole 2.7 thing come from? You realise we're only coming up on 1.8 right now?
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    posted a message on Possibility of getting grass block^
    Quote from Team X Factor

    O MY GOSH!
    O MY GOSH!

    Uhm, you realize that some people like to live underground, and they kind of need areas of Grass for mobs to spawn, like Pigs, for certain essential items?

    Also, it kind of looks nice, maybe?
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    posted a message on Dear Bethesda.
    You can't copyright ONE word, Bethesda, such as Scrolls. Even if the game was called Oblivion, you can't do anything.

    Let me ask you Bethesda, how much did your Elder Scrolls series have to do with scrolls? It didn't have **** to do with scrolls, did it. Just swords and killing rats.

    You're thinking fans will get "confused" with the Elder Scrolls, and Scrolls? No way, idiots. You know very well that everybody refers to your games as their subtitle, such as "Morrowind," "Oblivion," and "Skyrim."

    Now, Skyrim is a unique, new word you made to define your game. If Mojang made a game called Skyrim, you can go ahead and sue their ass off. That's your word. Copyright that ****.

    Now, let's turn the tables, Bethesda. Let's say Ubisoft sues you for using the word "Vegas" in "Fallout: New Vegas." Since Ubisoft first made "Rainbow Six Vegas," would that change ****? Of course not, you'd walk away and Ubisoft would be left humiliated.

    Just because Mojang isn't a huge company and is pretty much "Indie" as of right now, you miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight be able to squeeze a few bucks outta them, just because your a huge company, and your lawyers could probably kick Mojang's lawer's ass. But I doubt it.

    Get your head out of your ass, Bethesda.
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    posted a message on Bethesda, Mojang & "Scrolls"
    You've got to be kidding me. Notch, don't give in. Fight the power!

    Bethesda, Rainbow 6 Vegas didn't sue you when you made Fallout: New Vegas, just for the word Vegas. Pull your head out of your ass now and stop being a jackass
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    posted a message on Strongholds
    It's not like every single user on Minecraft forums has access to loads of secret information on 1.8 and when it will come out. Asking us for a "hint" will probably do nothing, as we're just as informed/uniformed as you.

    Notch or Jeb mentioned they're shooting for sometime in September for 1.8.

    Also, there's a big giant thread about 1.8 on the top of the forum page, and it has every single piece of leaked/speculated/confirmed information about 1.8 on it. No need for a whole new thread.
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    posted a message on [16x][1.7.3] 2kcraft Texture Pack (WIP)
    Looking good so far. Will this be just one of those "change something here and there" texture packs? Or are you planning on retexturing everything? Good work so far
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    posted a message on Chickens should not drop feathers in 1.8
    Uhhmm this is kind of backwards. Shouldn't Zombies be the ones who should stop dropping feathers?

    Unless they're like flying zombies or something. Which they aren't.
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    posted a message on That's it. I'm sick of WIldgrass.
    The original Wildgrass mod was good. It blended in with the grass, it was somewhat tiny, and subtle, and added a nice atmosphere to some biomes.

    Notch's wildgrass is HORRIFIC. It's huge, ugly, and is completely out of place. He rushed to badly implement it into the game, so it's very unpolished. It's not centered onto the block it's sitting on, so it's VERY out of place in the Minecraft world. It can even sometimes hang off of the edge of blocks. Very unprofessional and ugly.

    Now, does ANYBODY have ANY mods that disable Wildgrass from generating, and even could get the old "use a sickle on grass" way of getting seeds back?

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    posted a message on ZenCraft- First Texture Pack
    Uhh.... uhm.... uhh.......

    The moon texture looks good?
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    posted a message on Is this possible?
    Is it possible for a Nether Portal to be naturally generated?

    Like, if it's in one of those areas where water+lava are just pouring out everywhere, could it happen?

    Of course it would require somebody to use some Flint+Steel on it, but could the frame be generated by the terrain?
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    posted a message on The Rarest of the Rare
    Am I the only one who thinks that Pink Sheep are not very rare? I've found at least 7 or 8 of them since they were added.
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