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    posted a message on Vanilla Survival Server
    IGN: Chicago63

    Age: 19

    Will this be your primary server: If it has good people and is fun!

    Why would you like to join the server: I've had enough of over-protective, plugin-obsessed, over-admin'd, boring servers that are incredibly boring. I just want to play Minecraft with more than one person! That's why I love vanilla servers! :smile.gif:

    Have you ever been kicked/banned from a server (if so, please explain): Nope!

    How long have you been playing minecraft: Even though my MinecraftForums account is relatively new, I've actually been playing since early Alpha. I know all the crafting recipes by heart, and I'm a pretty good builder! :smile.gif:

    Have you read the rules and will you follow them: Of course!
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    posted a message on What makes current Terrain Generation ugly?
    Also, why was this moved to "General Discussion..." I'm talking specifically about the current version of Minecraft, Beta 1.7, so this belongs on the Beta forum. Anyway.

    Also, @Fiarwire, I guess I was just talking in my head when I typed that. If you hear how I meant for it to be read it would make sense. :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Amnesia or Minecraft?
    Amnesia is actually scary in parts.

    Minecraft just has a few jump scares while your mining and you hear a "Clonk!" behind you.
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    posted a message on What makes current Terrain Generation ugly?
    (These are all purely my opinions, so if you disagree you don't need to get too offended. :tongue.gif:)

    1. Birch trees. They're ok-ish, but they just seem really out of place in the Minecraft world. The bark is badly textured, and it really doesn't looks good next to any other block in the game. I really haven't seen anybody make anything good-looking out of it without a texture pack. Bleck.

    2. Tall Grass. The original tall grass mod was great. Small, subtle, looked wonderful. Notch's version of this mod? Tall, ugly, non-centered, laggy, and looks like my uncle's hairy, unshaven.... well, you get the point. This is my least favorite update to Minecraft.

    3. Glitchy biomes. Unrealistic biomes are a pain. It definitely ruins the sense of "infinite maps" in Minecraft. Instead of one huge world, it seems more like somebody took 4 worlds, shoved them in a blender, asked their toddler to re-arrange the pieces, and called it a day.

    Those are basically the 3 main points against the current terrain generation that I have. I know Notch and Jens are working hard on the new generation for 1.8, and they're awesome for that. Terrain is just what's been keeping me from un-installing my 1.1.0 backup and giving 1.7 another chance.

    Of course nothing can come close to the original Alpha world generation, that was just purely epic. Biomes were just an absolute huge leap down in terms of terrain.

    Agree? Disagree? Have no idea what I'm talking about because you joined in Beta?
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    posted a message on Which Version is Better?
    Indev, ONLY because

    1. Nostalgia (obviously)
    2. Limited maps. It makes your experience in Minecraft much more... I don't know, "personal?"

    Also, most people who voted Beta have never played pre-Halloween Alpha. Just throwing that out there.
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    posted a message on Am i the only one...
    "The way it was meant to be played?"

    Son, Minecraft was never meant to be played in one specific way. It plays out however you want it to
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    posted a message on Minecraft on flashdrive
    1. Download Minecraft on the other comp
    2. Put only the save files you want on the flash drive
    3. Move the flash drive to the other comp
    4. Put the saves from the flash drive to your .minecraft folder on your other comp
    5. Play
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    posted a message on "Clouds don't go through buildings anymore"
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    posted a message on Converting a 3D model to building plans
    .... no.... f*cking.... way....

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    posted a message on [1.7.3]BetterBlocks [Delete]
    I'd change the title of the thread if I were you.

    Right now the only feature is Flint 100% of the time, which really isn't that useful.
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    posted a message on Can somebody explain what the heck is this?
    It looks like a pirated copy of Minecraft
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    posted a message on Squids should have more spawning requirements...
    Seriously now, nobody wants a bunch of squids laying around where you have a miniature 2x2x2 pool....

    I was thinking something like a requirement of the body of water being at least 7 blocks deep, 20 blocks wide?

    This is to prevent the annoying-ness of Squids being everywhere that they shouldn't be, and to prevent Squid-Farmers who just spend all day exploiting Squids' spawning requirements for infinite ink sacs.

    Also so Squids stay in the ocean ONLY, where they belong! (and some fishtanks)
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    posted a message on I havent seen any topic about this.
    Nothing. The Nether is very much like my first child.

    Notch created it, then abandoned it, and nobody loves it anymore.
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    posted a message on Question about alpha buying?
    Nope. I know Notch kind of slipped up calling the Xperia Play and Xbox 360 Minecrafts "versions," but that's not what he meant when he said you get all future versions of Minecraft for free.

    He meant that you get all future patch updates for free, and after release, if it has something like a "Modern Expansion Pack," Alpha players get that for free, but not Beta players.
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    posted a message on How do you get through your first day (research)
    -- Find trees.
    -- Cut down enough trees to make a Workbench, some sticks and a Wood Pickaxe
    -- Find an area with coal. Mine up all the coal, then use the rest of the Wood Pickaxe mining cobblestone.
    -- Make some torches, then use up the rest of my sticks on stone tools.
    -- Cut down enough trees to have about 3 to 4 stacks of Planks.
    -- Kill a few sheep for a bed.
    -- When night finally falls, either dig a hole straight down, or burrow into a hill side, hollow it out, then set up a little base. Finish crafting any tools or items I may need later, then go to sleep.

    That's how my first day goes on pretty much all my worlds.
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