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    Quote from Power-Mad »
    To you there is a "truth" in this argument, an ignorantly solid truth that no one may argue. It is the way religion works, argue the "truth" and I am mearly a sinner to you guys. Get it? But I expected no more than a cult from minecraft's own forums, I'll join the normal people across the street for this kind of talk.

    Also, I suggest if your mods want to reply to me, they reply, not childishly edit my posts like that.

    I thought he was just saying "You're preaching to the choir". It's an idiom, and all idioms can be confusing if you never have heard them before. One of the basic principles of an idiom is that it should not be read literally.

    He could have just put it in bold for more emphasis, but instead he expanded it into two complete sentences. I'm pretty sure he was not saying that minecraft is his religion.

    If you think he is treating minecraft as a religion, please just send him a PM, instead of derailing the conversation about the DDOS.
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    I see that they've added a 512MB (memory) plan, and it is really very, very cheap. Has anyone tried it or the 1GB plan?

    For those who have set up a server here, how much have you stressed it, and how has it held up?

    Specifically, how many users have you had at once? How big is your world? How much lag do you have, and how often do you need to reboot?
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