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    Quote from ASOT »

    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:
    :cobblestone: :--+: [] [] :--+: :cobblestone:
    :cobblestone: :||||: [] [] :||||: :cobblestone:
    :Water: :soil: [] [] :soil: :Water:
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone: :cobblestone:

    EDIT: BAH! The guy above me did the same damn thing.

    By adding glass, you can see through from one row to another. I adjusted the hue/tint of full-grown wheat so it was easy to see what is ready to harvest:

    Each block of water will supply all dirt within a 9x9x2 block. So you don't really need as much water as I used. Somebody named Hans Lemurson made a good post with a number of designs that make use of that:


    Rows still seem easier to work, though. If you make a lot of rows, you really only need to put water in every other row.

    For trees, there are a lot of other considerations. Some people want tall trees with branches, because there is more wood to harvest, others want to be able to reach all wood from the ground. There's some decent data about methods here:
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    Quote from qwertyz »
    It has been neither confirmed, nor has it been proven false. So, thats a maybe, but NOT a lie, or a truth.

    It is confirmed that he said it:


    Notch hasn't mentioned it since the awards were given. Notch has promised a lot of stuff, and not delivered it yet (for example, we've been waiting for alchemy and mountable horses for 6+ months now).

    Since cake is a simple thing to implement, and there has been a lot of discussion about it, most of us believe that Notch will include it with the first update of 2011. But, there is no confirmation of this.

    It is also a known fact that we have too many threads about it, and that the "cake is a lie" reference is overplayed. Yet, there is nothing that can be done to solve those issues.
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    Quote from _Slacker_ »
    Maybe its a placeholder for a future update.

    I always thought that was the texture placed on glass for a few frames while the glass was breaking. I could be wrong though.
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    Quote from Roughsauce »
    Chezz, I seem to use a similar farming design, but what texture pack are you using?

    Depends on the day and which computer, but in this shot, I have Glimmar's Steampunk (32 bit). I've increased the brightness on some of the basic blocks (like cobblestone & dirt), and tinted the full grown wheat pink so it's easier to notice. I do that with most texture packs that I use.
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    Quote from papajizzme »
    It has been confirmed that Notch will add alchemy to Mine Craft.

    Some people say it's impolite to "necro" an old thread, but this thread should continue to live.

    Notch DID promise alchemy. Papa made some good suggestions on how to do it. It's been 6+ monhts and we are now at beta stage. I want to know when we'll see it.

    I'm hoping to see teleportation elixirs, or something like town portals from Diablo.
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    There's already a clone of minecraft that is on the moon. It's called Moonforge

    It's not very good, but it looks rather nice:

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    Quote from uecasm »
    Quote from deepdisco »
    best farm design of all time:

    I prefer this one (a slight variation).

    Wow, that's similar to what I do. The glass could be any block, but it's important to have something there, so that when you harvest, the product bounces back into your inventory.

    This doesn't work well outside, because chickens can trample anything if they get in (they only need a 1x1x1 to stand). But a perimeter wall easily solves that.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    The torches above the wheat is unnecessary. It just helped me jump start the farm when I started. Now, it grows almost as fast as I can harvest it.
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    My laptop crashes occasionally when it gets too hot. I lost a world that way on Saturday.

    I'm trying to get in the habit of making backups now.
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    Short answer: no

    Medium answer:
    Mobs only spawn on opaque blocks, don't spawn in liquid. Non-blocks, plants and liquid are obviously not opaque. But these are also not opaque:
    leaves (only when graphics are fancy), glass, stone slab, monster spawner, wooden/cobblestone stairs, soil(60), snow, ice, cactus, fence.

    Very long Answer: everything that is known about mob spawning is in this link, or the the locked thread that it refers to:
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    Quote from nathanle »
    ogre thing from the mo' creatures mod, its obvious you are using it.

    Yeah, this is about the 5th post I've seen from someone post pictures from their world with weird structures, and claim that it was something new in the terrain generator. In all others, the person who started the thread came back and said that they were using the Creatures mod.

    The original poster hasn't responded yet, but I'd put money that he's using the creatures mod.
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    The usual way to generate the identical level is to use MineSeeder. Just do a google search to find it. Then you can just post the seed in your thread, without uploading anything.

    I assume MineSeeder extracts the seed from level.dat, but I don't know that for sure.
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    posted a message on Mob Spawning Algorithm Update of Beta (1.1_02)
    Awesome data! I hope this thread stays up to date!
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    A lot of people are saying there's more of this mineral, less of this mineral, etc, about beta.

    The only way to know for sure was to create the same world both in the alpha client and the beta client (single player mode). So, I looked up a program for setting seeds, and found MineSeeder. That site has a few interesting seeds, so I took the very first one, the one with the biome terrain split right at the spawn point:

    I used my laptop that still had the alpha client, and disconnected from the internet, and played offline. My PC has the newest beta client. Both had texture packs installed and the hd terrain fix (although possibly different versions). My PC had Zan's minimap mod. In both cases, I made the new world as "World3", and entered the game for 10 seconds, swiveled the camera, and then exited and saved.

    For both computers, I downloaded the latest version of Cartograph, ran the most basic map, and took the output from the generated text file.

    Preliminary conclusion: It looks like the minerals are about the same. There is considerably more water, ice, trees, and cobblestone in the beta client. The only significant clay field in the larger world must have been beyond the edge of the smaller, so it looks like clay has decreased, but I don't think this result is accurate.

    Both worlds looked identical from the spawn point, so you can be sure that there won't be huge discontinuity areas when updating to beta (like there was with the halloween update)

    The data
    Alpha 1.2.3_01 on the laptop:
    Map surface is: 0 square meters
    Block amounts:
    Air: 8348597
    Stone: 6890031
    Grass: 61882
    Dirt: 677466
    Snow: 56471
    Snow blocks: 0
    Water: 110526
    Ice: 30410
    Lava: 48588
    Obisidian: 363
    Trunk: 1749
    Leaves: 22436
    Wood: 0
    Cactus: 0
    Pumpkin: 12
    Sand: 145691
    Gravel: 199719
    Clay: 189
    Gold Ore: 2961
    Iron Ore: 28722
    Coal Ore: 65110
    Diamond Ore: 1196
    Redstone: 9554
    Cobble: 1436
    Glass: 0
    Cloth: 0
    Gold: 0
    Iron: 0
    Diamond: 0

    Beta 1.1_02 + Zan's minimap mod on PC:
    Map surface is: 0 square meters
    Block amounts:
    Air: 6551673
    Stone: 5433056
    Grass: 52305
    Dirt: 521491
    Snow: 51084
    Snow blocks: 0
    Water: 74458
    Ice: 20467
    Lava: 40419
    Obisidian: 649
    Trunk: 1126
    Leaves: 13222
    Wood: 0
    Cactus: 0
    Pumpkin: 9
    Sand: 117811
    Gravel: 156213
    Clay: 20
    Gold Ore: 2332
    Iron Ore: 22378
    Coal Ore: 51922
    Diamond Ore: 955
    Redstone: 7324
    Cobble: 1079
    Glass: 0
    Cloth: 0
    Gold: 0
    Iron: 0
    Diamond: 0

    If someone wants to compute the actual percentages, that would be best. I gotta leave town to visit family right now. :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from idontank276 »
    Quote from Mrtumnus135 »

    Its not generated by the map. Water and lava is generated by the map. And water and lava makes obsidian.

    This is true :Pig:


    Running water + moving lava = cobblestone
    Static water + moving lava = cobblestone
    Running water + static lava = obsidian

    I've found obsidian many, many times in alpha, and haven't really played beta yet. If there is more now than before, then either there are more lava pools, or water tends to occur closer to lava than before.

    I've heard many people say that lava spawning has increased, especially up near sea-level. So, it makes sense that you will find a lot more obsidian.
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    Quote from lordemperor »
    Quote from ZackDavid »
    Okay, I guess this was pretty self explanitory >.<

    Will the trees still drop saplings and wood after being burnt down?


    Also if you're having performance issues already, have fun running around trying to extinguish all the burning stumps while your computer deals with rendering animated fires everywhere.

    Actually, they will/should drop saplings. That was one of the things added in this update.

    But, the rest of your comment is correct. The tree trunks will remain, and burn. And anything burning will hurt your frame rate as much or more than the leaves do.
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