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    posted a message on Notch Blog: Pistons delayed, complex maps, no modding API?
    Quote from Traviskolber »
    Neutral, as usual.

    Don't care for modding API...

    Unfortunately, getting a solid API for mods is absolutely necessary for Minecraft's long-term viability. I think DaBiggman may be right, though, it may never happen. As "Notch & co." see more and more cool mods, they begin to realize how big the API will need to be.

    Without the API, mods will continue to be flaky. They'll cause continue to cause crashes, and be hard to maintain after updates.
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    posted a message on Sleeping glitch
    From minecraftpedia:

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    posted a message on 1.5_02?
    I don't know anything about the server version, but I know the client updated when I loaded this morning.

    With the new version, rain no longer goes through windows. My house is dry again! I don't know if anything else changed.
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    posted a message on Challenge - Eat cake before dark
    Quote from cookingfat »

    That's cool. I also have shelves full of different Rubik's cubes, it's one of my hobbies. I have the 7x7x7 that is in my avatar too and can also solve it but it takes me about 12 minutes.

    Ditto to everything you said in that paragraph, except for the 12 minutes part. Twisting my v-cube is painful.

    I wonder what the link is between Minecraft and Rubix puzzles.

    Wait, it's no mystery!
    It's the CUBES!
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    posted a message on Is using Cartograph to find huge cave systems cheating?
    Quote from smurfsahoy »
    Quote from SuperZac »
    Quote from suicideking0 »
    For the 99...99th time...

    Sandbox game, You decide what is cheating, play however you want etc. etc.




    Mod edit: Warn issued for spam.
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    posted a message on In Progress - Practical Mob Trap Construction/Ideas
    Awesome trap! This has fallen off the front page, so it needs a bump.

    To find caves, I just did a google search and found this:

    It requires using cartograph with cave mode, so it is cheating in a way.

    If you want to do it without cheating, I saw this diagram that someone made:
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    posted a message on ██ POLL ██ - Should players be able to construct mob farms?
    Allowed by whom?

    Seems like a pointless poll unless you specify whose server it is, what the purpose of the server is, how many admins they have, and how they would stop it.
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    posted a message on My mountain top base
    Embedding youtube is easy:

    Press "Quote" to see how to do it.

    Your texture pack looks nice. What is it?
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    posted a message on SHIFT + F2
    Quote from defiler86 »
    Why the heck would anyone want a screenshot that big!? Try it (on my good comp at work) and got a corrupt file that is 1.7 GB.

    Personally, I believe its a waste of functionality...

    If you make screenshots for printing in a magazine, you need to make them that large.

    When you look through a game magazine and see all those amazing pictures, just realize that you won't get anything that nice when you actually buy and play the game. Usually when a game studio makes a screenshot to be released in a magazine, they put the renderer in a special mode. The screen space is split up into 16 equal regions (or even more), and then the renderer is run in a special mode where it can cache extra verts and do additional lighting passes, and that is done for each of the 16 pieces. It usually takes several minutes of processing just to make one screenshot.

    Most games, they disable that functionality in the released version. Notch must have just left it in.
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    Quote from Chemist98 »
    Spawned 9001 pigs.
    Crashed Minecraft.
    Best mod ever.





    Also: tagged
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    posted a message on Zero punctuation reviews minecraft
    I love all ZP reviews, but knowing his personality, I was pretty sure that by the time he got around to Minecraft, he would rip it to shreds.

    But.... he gave a positive review? Really? Yahtzee actually gave a positive review, and it was to ... Minecraft?

    It makes me wonder what other unbelievable stuff may happen today. Maybe tomorrow we'll read cold fusion has been achieved, or that Obama has struck a peace accord with aliens, or maybe Bruce Pearl will admit that he spliced tape together and fabricated the phone calls while he was the assistant basketball coach at Iowa.
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    posted a message on Beneath Unbreakable Stone?

    Until recently, there were ways through the unbreakable stone. So, we are all very familiar with "the Void".

    As the person above me said, it's a bit obvious you are new. Don't worry, we were all there at some time.
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    posted a message on Half Blocks - Preservation of Matter
    The important thing is that mass is conserved.

    Mass of 1 step = 0 kg.
    Mass of 2 steps = 0 kg.

    So the physics work out!! :biggrin.gif:

    (by the way, I came to the conclusion that they had no mass, because they seem to be unaffected by gravity)
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    posted a message on my house is messed up after long trip, what gives?
    Quote from madrauk »
    thanks for telling me, that sucks tho. too bad backing up takes forever on my computer.

    You don't have to back up your whole computer. I just back up .minecraft/saves/world3/ (or whichever directory it is). I don't transfer it to another computer, I just copy it to some other place on the same hard drive.

    Then, when a chunk error hits me, I can go back to the last saved version.

    Once, my laptop ran out of power and died while I was playing, and the level I had loaded would never load again. There are some serious instability problems with the way the data is written to the drive. You just gotta hope it is fixed before the game is released.
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    posted a message on Why are Mobs not Spawning?
    Quote from Nihilias »
    Quote from Chezz »
    All changes since the game entered beta should be in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=1020&t=117374

    *points at self* that's where i came from, but no one seams to know whats going on there either.

    Oh, sorry, I didn't realize that you had already posted there.

    I've only built a mob spawner once, and it was in multiplayer. I made it quick, and didn't even bother making it over water or ice, so I know that I'm losing spawns to the area below mine. It seems to only work for about 2 day-night cycles before it goes cold, but I assumed it was just because of my hurried building approach.

    It definitely sounds like a bug to me!
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